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The origins and genetics of Huckleberry are under debate, but there is no disputing the strain’s unmistakable berry aroma. The flower is compact, light green in color, and generally covered in orange hairs. Huckleberry plants have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and produce average yields. They might be a bit tricky for the novice grower. The effects of this strain are on the milder side and largely reported as relaxing, cutting through stress without the cloudiness. Undoubtedly, this strain is best known for its intense fruity smell and taste, similar to its relative Blueberry.

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Huckleberry also known as “Ackleberry,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with 26-27% THC content which does not seem to be much at first. Even though little is known about the strain and its origins, it is known for a fact that Huckleberry has been produced by crossing two heavy hitting sativa strains. The buds are beautiful, dense, sticky, and have good trichome coverage. Additionally, you will notice tiny hairs amidst the greens, thus giving it its distinct look. The taste and smell are no different, but one thing is for certain: it is mouthwatering to say the least. The hybrid is specifically known for its berry aroma and taste and will leave a sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time. Unlike other sativa strains, Huckleberry will not put you to sleep. It will in fact awaken you and overcome your senses in a matter of minutes after which you will feel extremely euphoric. It is an uplifting strain nonetheless and you will be able to focus on things more easily. On the other hand, you will not panic easily as the clear-headedness will allow you to overcome any obstacles thrown your way. On the other hand, the strain has several medical applications as well. Huckleberry is most notably used for treating patients suffering from mood disorders, hyperactivity, anorexia, anxiety and migraines as well.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26-27%

Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings, PMS, PTSD

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

71 reviews for Huckle Berry AAAA

  1. apple bottom

    the ultimate stress relief bud for me. aroma is magnificent with a hint of berry. dense sticky buds also.

  2. tobias matthews

    you can definitely smell that strong berry undertone. very sticky and good smoke.

  3. greene amanda (verified owner)

    nothing but good things, legit potency. flavour department is g2g,helps me sleep soundly without waking.

  4. Kris

    This what blueberry wished it looked like – 100% PURPLE. If you like the taste of berry you will love Huckleberry. Be careful this strain is potent. Very relaxing, great for kicking back and watching movies.

  5. spyrly

    Solid strain, a top contender in terms of taste as its also got a nice fruity taste that has your tastebuds singing.

    Quite potent, smells nice, gets me high. What else can i ask for?

  6. luis 420 (verified owner)

    berry strong aroma no pun intended lol, amazing strain!!

  7. Antony (verified owner)

    Oh my Buddha !!! Looks and smells beautiful NO REGRETS ON THIS ONE

  8. jamesmaluga

    My good grape god! I have had all the PURPS but nothing comes close to this! I can’t believe WCC has it as AAA when it’s AAAA! That shows you the truth about there rating system 👊🏻👐🔥

  9. marky Mark (verified owner)

    this is a good stress reliever for me. Legit and g2g. buy it while you can!!

  10. KernalKush (verified owner)

    The aroma this gives off its one heck of a strain. Even though the picture makes it look gassy and earthy its quite fruity

  11. andylopez (verified owner)

    Nice kush smell and a treat to smoke. Nice and easy on the throat and tastes great.

  12. MTLBestWeed

    a bon goût. bonne affaire!!

  13. Vin Farts

    This strain caught my eye from the looks of it. When I got it in person it was was very appealing to the eye that I had to smoke it. This strain was very fruity and I would most definitely get more of this

  14. timmytoonermaze (verified owner)

    Another good deal on this bud. Great weed for after work

  15. Chris Boucher (verified owner)

    Mine sucked and tasted like dirt. I might not order from here again. I legit hated it and now I’m stuck with an Oz of it. You’ll never see this review because they’ll never publish it. Funny, that.

  16. marieroll (verified owner)

    Enjoying a day off and working from home. Smoked a few strains today but am completely loving the Huckleberry, this is the buzz I have been looking for all day. I should have smoked this hours ago!!! Beautiful lift, and nice high! I usually focus more on terpenes but for a nice lifting high this is my new go-to for sure! 😀

  17. Muunchies (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for weed that’s all purple to impress your friends this is the one.

    Looks- 10/10
    Taste- 6/10
    Overall high- 8/10 I found it more uplifting. A good high for sure but could totally still go grocery shopping 🙂

  18. weedkushpot (verified owner)

    A well-balanced high that kept me calm and relaxed the whole time. Definitely recommend 🙌🙌

  19. Chrisf (verified owner)

    Love this strain I just received!!! Thank you Wcc!!! You shall hear from me soon. Never a disappointment!

  20. Tenzo (verified owner)

    Great product and quality is okay taste is good and helpful my knee pain

  21. Sebastian Anderson (verified owner)

    A yummy and relaxing high. My body is tingling. This is a favorite for me.

  22. Andres Stout (verified owner)

    Very nice bud!! Looks great big full buds. Smokes very smooth

  23. Chenai James (verified owner)

    This has a really nice smell and the high was great while going to the movies lasted about 2hrs.

  24. Don Baker (verified owner)

    Beautiful strain. Made me not give one single care in the world, but still coherent enough to do things.

  25. Shelby Dalton (verified owner)

    Def one of my favs. Doesnt make you to tired so you can still get things done. Overall enjoy this!

  26. Tory S (verified owner)

    Very nice. Pleasant with no feelings of paranoia or anxiety. I was able to feel excited and relaxed at the same time.

  27. Joe Santos (verified owner)

    I just smoke this strain today. UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE taste. The taste is the most fruity, sweet and cereal milk like taste I’ve ever had and I’ve smoked a lot of good strains.

  28. Frank4fingers (verified owner)

    Exactly like the picture , awesome flavor and taste , i was not sure , took a chance and god its a good one ! Smooth on the throat too

  29. Neil Krause (verified owner)

    Hands down one of my favorite hybrids! The perfect stone for body and mind

  30. Patricia K (verified owner)

    Very balanced hybrid, the effects overwhelm you soon after smoking. Very uplifted, relaxed, makes you feel on top of the world.

  31. Blake Motts (verified owner)

    This strain is very playful, doesn’t hit you instantly allowing you to ease into the high. However once the high hits, it’s a giggly uplifted high that gives you the munchies hard. Great for relaxing in a talkative environment would recommend.

  32. Pam Wilson (verified owner)

    stress and anxiety killer for sure. instant chill for me. always have to make sure I have some on hand.

  33. Perry Hull (verified owner)

    Cant complain about the results. Aroma, looks and taste are 10/10.

  34. Marta Caldwell (verified owner)

    This strain is great, I have terrible anxiety and almost instantly after smoking I could feel my body being able to relax, I highly recommend this strain for any occasion

  35. Djee.McGovern (verified owner)

    This made me believe in the pictures of WCC, sad I can’t upload a picture of my order with this text because this is no joke, this is purpler than Waluigi, yes purpler.

  36. Djee.McGovern (verified owner)

    This made me believe in the pictures of WCC, sad I can’t upload a picture of my order with this text because this is no joke, this is purpler than Waluigi, yes purpler.

    A little goes a long way, this strain is great will reorder soon

  37. Stewart Glover (verified owner)

    Very relaxing, mellow and helps alot with your focus

  38. Ronald Anderson (verified owner)

    All around amazing strain. very purple and amazing taste. Perfect night time medicine, i would be careful using during the day as it can make you stick to the couch and sleepy. Great pain relief qualities from those long days at work, great hybrid!

  39. Eilidh McNulty (verified owner)

    Amazing! This was everything the last several reviews said. Looks like the pictures, tastes incredible, it’s super smooth, and potent. So happy with my purchase, thanks again WCC.

  40. Emma Duke (verified owner)

    Great taste strong relaxation happy buzz, not to mention how beautiful these buds are.

  41. Rosetta Buchanan (verified owner)

    This really made me focus and I guess sort of jittery because I couldn’t sit still and if I tried, it felt as if a warm blanket was wrapped around me, making me tingle. It was very nice and I love it!

  42. Patrick Roberts (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains. Unfortunately its so hard to find local but I’m glad I stumbled upon it here where it gets delivered to my door.

  43. Sid Herman (verified owner)

    Perfect strain to smoke when you want to get high but have stuff to do. Good for my anxiety too.

  44. Lonny Farrell (verified owner)

    On my second day of smoking & this is a really nice hybrid. rolled a joint and can take 3-4 hits & put it out for a couple hours. smokes nice too

  45. Jim Wonder

    unique flower and i enjoy this alot ever since i tried it. nice good taste with good energy

  46. Max Simpson (verified owner)

    Godlike strain. Will put you into another universe of relaxation. Insane weed right here.. currently blasted off it.

  47. Len Cook (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking for about 4 years now, and this is without doubt my favourite so far. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice, relaxed, chilled high.

  48. Amber Jordan (verified owner)

    I love this strain. I can get work done and if I’m in the mood to just relax, I’m able to do that also.

  49. Tim baker (verified owner)

    great hybrid strain and it performs amazingly. love the quality!!

  50. Daren David (verified owner)

    Very hard and mind faded buzz. Great for parties and kinda feels like you are in a Wiz Khalifa music video.

  51. David Lefebvre (verified owner)

    Wasnt sure at first since its sooo purple. But went with reviews and after smoking it. Im nlt dissapointed.
    Its very good. Potent enough but nothing that will stop you from going on with your day.
    Tastes good. Burns clean.
    Light both the flower and how it burns.
    I recommend

  52. Sydney Hunter (verified owner)

    Great strain overall it is great for whenever your feeling a little under the weather or overwhelmed. This strain keeps you happy and gives you a positive attitude all day long. I would recommend smoking this earlier in the day so you can have the whole experience.

  53. Barton Kerr (verified owner)

    Packed a fat bowl, smoked through bong. Instant head high, and nice body relaxation. Potent and tasty. Nice indica and sativa strain.

  54. Jacob Harmon (verified owner)

    Very uplifting, no anxiety or paranoia. Great taste. Very smooth to smoke. Great sleep afterwards.

  55. Marija-Ana💞AddicTHC (verified owner)

    Not to bad at all, decent mellow buzzz with an absolute mouthwatering berries type taste, Good shit for sure 👍

  56. Cal (verified owner)

    A personal favorite, strong smell of berry and the most colorful purple nugs I’ve ever seen in person. Tastes wonderful and with it’s potency lasted much longer for me.

  57. Landon (verified owner)

    I’m so glad this one is back in stock. I always find myself picking this one. Thanks WCC. Amazing bud!

  58. Sandy Conway (verified owner)

    nice mellow high followed by a strong berry taste. straight deliciousness.

  59. Jody Michael (verified owner)

    Weirdly, in a good way, tastes just like how it looks. Great high, bud is covered in trichomes.

  60. Chong G (verified owner)

    Allowed me to sleep comfortably without actually making me with the overwhelming sensation to sleep.

  61. Arian Grimes (verified owner)

    It was euphoric, energetic and relaxing at the same time and my body was relaxed but mind didn’t get sleepy

  62. Bruce T (verified owner)

    I smoked some today for the first time and I liked it a lot! it gave me a calming euphoria but at the same time it wasn’t so calming to the point were I wouldn’t even want to stand up. The buds are super purple and dense too!

  63. Joy Blanken (verified owner)

    amazing strain very fun to smoke with friends and tastes amazing kind of like a fruity berry taste and usually very dense

  64. Toby Richardson (verified owner)

    It was euphoric, energetic and relaxing at the same time and my body was relaxed but mind didn’t get sleepy, I love that and I highly recommend this strain.

  65. River Burke (verified owner)

    It’s definitely a good strain for me, will not put me to sleep but does help the arthritis. For the reviews I read on this they are so right very little pain now. Nice strain for relaxing also.

  66. Reece Brooks (verified owner)

    I gave it 4 stars because it will serve its purpose for those who seek it. high tolerance or not….and I recommend it to those who like to get rocked, and I solute you.

  67. Marisa Owen (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors on this bud. This strain gives a nice and chill to head, taking the stress off and replacing with shits and giggles.

  68. Rory Dodson (verified owner)

    Really great strain that I can’t say enough good thing about. Gentle but firm high that puts a smile on your face, without making you a silly mess. Great for stress/anxiety relief.

  69. Cindy Zhang (verified owner)

    One of my top strains that I’ll never pass up. It’s very relaxing but you are still able to go about your day.

  70. Zyanne (verified owner)

    Flowers even better looking than the picture.
    Beautiful, incredible good taste and so nice high!
    Love it

  71. Ervin T (verified owner)

    I love this strain. Just had my first session with huckleberry and it’s been a very positive one. Nice, calming high, not very paranoia-inducing, and very uplifting funny high.

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