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Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, this spicy, pine-scented strain has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency. Many breeders have attempted to cultivate this staple strain themselves in sunny or Mediterranean climates, and indoor growers should wait 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower.


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Jack Herer is easily one of the best-known strains in America. Originating in California, this sativa honors the memory of Jack Herer the man, a longtime local cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. It’s not quite as strong as its popularity might suggest, but the high is heady and distinctive. Jack Herer has a unique loamy smell and taste with hints of pine and trees. The sativa high is happy, bubbly, and euphoric, spurring energy and creativity. Jack Herer is ideal for errands and other daytime activities. This strain is effective for patients with mental or neurological disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and ADHD. Dry mouth and red eyes are common, along with occasional dizziness and paranoia. Jack Herer is popular throughout the United States, but, like many other strains, it’s most popular in the West.


THC: 23%, CBN: 1%

Common Usage: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Effects: Body High, Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Happy

Weight N/A

1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

35 reviews for Jack Herer AAA

  1. fhng0908

    This is my morning go-to strain now. Fruity taste and awesome smoke

  2. zyion_39

    this is my faveeeeee! some might say it’s quite strong, but this is definitely the number one on my list

  3. leyre54

    It is a really good strain and relaxing yet you can still move.

  4. helga313

    I can’t imagine myself working out whenever I smoke, but i just did. Guess what why?

  5. UnableCellist3

    I went to the market, got some groceries, cleaned my house, cooked a nice meal and damn i’m still high. great job

  6. henhen66

    Very smooth, love the smell

  7. bunny29

    Please do yourself a favor and get your self a g or a may a pound.

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Looks even better in person .Smokes exactly like a high quality Jack Herer should. Great weed , worth every dollar and then some. Never anything but from wcc. Also my Q of assorted samples was almost a gram over in total. Packaging was discrete as always . unbelievable products , best online dispenser for quality and value hands down . Thanks again.

  9. mathhew

    I don’t really know what to look for in a strain so I just blindly buy whatever I see, but the descriptions aren’t misleading. Great job WCC!

  10. lladira07

    All time fave glad you have some

  11. titdent666 (verified owner)

    vraiment bon gout et tres bon pourles douleur cronique

  12. Maeve Powers (verified owner)

    I was all ready a big fan of Jach Herer, after i tried this kind it became one of my top three strains

  13. Riley Lovell (verified owner)

    Great taste. No burnout or sleepiness
    Love this bud.

  14. stewie1962 (verified owner)

    one of the best 3 star bud you can buy. second time around and just as good.

  15. Tommy Foster (verified owner)

    It help to relax me, it help to take down the chronic pain that I endure every day .

  16. Omar H (verified owner)

    The effects are top-notch and last for a pretty decent amount of time with only a few hits. It’s good for a quick mood boost and a calming body high

  17. Tyler C (verified owner)

    tried this out for a wake and bake and chefs kiss…. new morning favourite.

  18. Yez Uen (verified owner)

    Perfect for this strain, highly recommend
    Best product in this website
    I’ll buy it again

  19. David J (verified owner)

    I really like it
    smell so so good for me

  20. Adrian Mcfarland (verified owner)

    One of my favourite AAA on the site so tasty I had a great time

  21. Andrew Kemp (verified owner)

    Great draw on this bud. Nugs are amazing quality too

  22. Lena Vasquez (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product! It gives you the best daytime buzz. You will wanna get up and start moving. I felt instantly more inclined to finish my errands and clean my apartment.

  23. James Marshall (verified owner)

    One of the best strains I have found for my arthritis in my lower legs. Leaves you feeling legitimately relaxed and pressure free.

  24. Jonathan Hayes (verified owner)

    Absolute classic, and I completely understand why. This strain is amazing for me, i love the taste and the high is honestly one-of-a kind. It’s got that gassy, diesel smell and taste with a hint of something fruity.

  25. Jayrey (verified owner)

    Da bomb…Da! :P:)

  26. Jared Frye (verified owner)

    recommended I can literally feel it repairing my brain highly recommend

  27. Isaac Booth (verified owner)

    taste is very good but not as tasty like MAC1 & is uplifting, silky buzz…nevertheless, highly recommend, a terrific & true sativa

  28. Jack Richards (verified owner)

    Nice uplifting effects, not too intense like some sativas. The taste is gassy and a little sweet.

  29. Joseph Ryan (verified owner)

    I Love this strain. I use it in a cart. It really starts my day off good, & I carry it with me for a booster every now & then.

  30. Taylor Cheezo (verified owner)

    Mellow / euphoric buzz , good to smoke before going outside

  31. Philomena (verified owner)

    Excellent after a long day. Very relaxing

  32. Raymond (verified owner)

    Smokes very well, tastes really sweet and smells so good.

  33. Jayrey (verified owner)

    Disappointing batch. I know it’s AAA grade but still. Dry buds, not much taste to it, provides buzz, not high.

  34. Albert Castel (verified owner)

    Usually spark up twice but with jack herer, only need to once. You can again if you’re going for an insane trip. Stuff is already strong enough

  35. Randall Lalonde (verified owner)

    Tried Jack Herer a long time ago, and it was average. But saw it on wcc and bought it a week ago. It blew my mind!! Don’t know what it is but it is a lot stronger than I remember. The bag appeal is fire too. Wcc proves once again, they are the best MoM on the market

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