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Live/Resin – Jolly Rancher (Hybrid)


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Premium House Brand Live Resin/Rosin

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Named after everyone’s favorite hard candy, Jolly rancher is a well-balanced hybrid with sativa-leaning effects. Popular in West Coast cannabis markets and used to spin off crossbreeds like tasty Purple Jolly Rancher, this bud’s own lineage is shrouded in mystery. Whatever its backstory, though, Jolly Rancher is notable for its tart and fruity flavor, as well as its subtly stimulating high. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 11% and 20%.

Jolly Rancher offers a complex, multi-faceted odor when properly cured. The flowers may smell sweet at first, but successive sniffing may reveal some more sour, possibly unpleasant notes. Grinding up these dense buds gives off pungent fumes of skunk and diesel, possibly hinting at Sour Diesel in Jolly Rancher’s background. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, these flowers burn with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes like sour berries with a slight hint of grape on the exhale. Notably, Jolly Rancher’s grape flavor is coincidental to its purple coloring — this is because the strains’ aroma is determined by terpenes, chemical compounds that are distinct from its pigmentation.


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10 reviews for Live/Resin – Jolly Rancher (Hybrid)

  1. Fintan Rahman (verified owner)

    I recommend for heavy smokers only, keep calm and concentrate

  2. Earl Allison (verified owner)

    Nice stuff smooth an tasty !! I’ll be back for more !!

  3. Payton Cruz (verified owner)

    great sour taste , and the high was exceptionally good.

  4. Mika Tan (verified owner)

    Quite an uplfting and physical stimulating high. Loved this one.

  5. Kyla Revita (verified owner)

    Big fan of this resin, Just burns beautifully and smokes easily. High was amazing.

  6. Mariah Greene

    WOwww I love this jolly rancher concentrate! Nice and easy to work with, burns real good too

  7. Sarah Finna (verified owner)

    Who doesnt love jolly ranchers? This shit is da killz

  8. Samuel Lion (verified owner)

    The stimulation of this high was quite enjoyable and not too hard. Perfect

  9. Rex L (verified owner)

    Smells good, looks good, high is good. Its all good!!!! lol

  10. Duane Carr (verified owner)

    Love it can really taste the fruit. Just small amount last for all day.

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