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Live/Resin – OG Kush (Sativa)


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Premium House Brand Live Resin/Rosin

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OG Kush, also known as “OGK,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (55% sativa/45% indica) with unknown parentage due to breeder secrecy, although it is thought to be a cross of the iconic Chemdawg X Hindu Kush strains. Probably the most famous strain in the world of medicinal marijuana, OG Kush is the perfect hybrid for any indica or sativa lover. It starts almost as soon as you exhale, filling your brain with an uplifted sense of unfocused happiness and ease. You’ll find yourself feeling sociable and outgoing, chatting with anyone and everyone around you, although you may fall in and out of fits of the giggles at times. A pang of hunger comes next, leaving you with a heavy case of the munchies and reaching for anything in sight to snack on. Combined with its high 20-26% average THC level, these effects make OG Kush a great choice for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings or depression, appetite loss or nausea and migraines or headaches. This bud has a classic sour citrusy flavor with hints of woody pine. The aroma is very similar, with a spicy kushy overtone that’s accented by sour citrus, woody pine and pungent dank. OG Kush buds have fat grape-shaped forest green nugs with long, thin orange hairs, golden undertones and a coating of tiny, golden-white crystal trichomes.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

22 reviews for Live/Resin – OG Kush (Sativa)

  1. Chris Wilkins (verified owner)

    Great social smoke that you can enjoy anytime , just make sure you have lots of snacks because you will get hungry pretty quick after smoking this

  2. Jane Abas (verified owner)

    A favorite amongst me and my crew, highy satisfying and the dabs were nice and smooth

  3. Lyle Kent (verified owner)

    Just mae sure you have tons of snacks on hand before enjoying this! such a smooth clean smoke that will leave you wanting more

  4. Valarie Hayes (verified owner)

    Tried this Live Resin for the first time and I am never going back to dabbing anything else. Terpene profile on OG Kush was something I never experienced before. I don’t think I can smoke shatter anymore.

  5. Siobhan Davey (verified owner)

    This product has exceeded my expectations and needs. HIGHLY recommended. Really nice texture, smooth smoke and great high. will buy again

  6. Audrey Talley (verified owner)

    Nice product. It’s so tasty and stoneworthy. Also it really help my pain. Really like it

  7. Alessandra Maino (verified owner)

    Beautiful taste. Would love to get this in bud form

  8. Walter Chekov

    ….Careful with this amazing product, super dope but also got that majorrrr munchies xD

  9. Kasey Teller (verified owner)

    Really great to help with calming that anxious mind !

  10. Pow Wow (verified owner)

    good product to smoke when your stressed out or cant focus. it will relax you mind and give you nice focus as well

  11. Jorge Modelo (verified owner)

    So happy about this product! Thanks WCC for this og kush concentrate <3333

  12. Molly Luu (verified owner)

    Gotta love this live resin, super clean and easy to dab with

  13. Fatima Unsan (verified owner)

    This cross is dope!!!

  14. Shay Marin (verified owner)

    OG Kush is so good, nothing but a good time with some nice vibes

  15. Angela Lowes (verified owner)

    Its like a party in my mouth, so full of flavours that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

  16. Chris Ho (verified owner)

    In my opinion this is the best sativa strain to get you moving!l House has never been so clean ?

  17. Ellen Hatosy (verified owner)

    Top quality live resin, thanks wcc

  18. Bianca Heart (verified owner)

    Easy stress reliever herb 🙂

  19. Rihannon Franklin (verified owner)

    Honestly was just over with writing my damn paper, so decided to smoke this and chill out… instead it gave me motivation to keep going and it didnt turn out bad either haha

  20. Helena Vu (verified owner)

    This is a nice product! Burned really well on my rig

  21. Daria V (verified owner)

    no complaints from me, alll good stuff

  22. Victoria Y (verified owner)

    made me feel real good and all i cared was about good vibes !!

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