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Peach Runtz is one of the latest strains to drop in 2021 from esteemed up and coming UK breeder Spitfire Genetics. It’s a cross using the highly sought-after and often imitated Runtz cut from Cali that they’ve then hit with pollen from the Peach Cubez keeper male also bred by Spitfire Genetics.

The Runtz cut is undoubtedly one of the biggest or possibly even the biggest strain in cannabis today thanks to its popularity in music and popular culture; it boasts a terp profile that has a wicked array of candy, gas and fruity sherbert notes. The phenotypes found in the Peach Runtz vary significantly, the smaller phenos will tend to be Runtz leaning and produce excellent frost from the heavy trichome coverage, whilst the larger phenos are more vigorous and present a better mix of parents. The larger phenos will provide super-dense flowers and large yields, and with a blend of Runtz, Peach, and Zkittlez terps all around this is another sure winner.

The Peach Cubez father that Spitfire Genetics has used for their breeding projects selected for its vigour, exotic terpene potential and resin production. The Peach Cubez is a cross between the infamous Peach Ozz cut that made waves around Northern UK early in the Zkittlez era, now known as the @Greenbacks_grows cut, crossed with the Zcube from Dying Breed Seeds. The Peach Cubez has a lovely of sweet, overripe peaches and soapy, candied Fragrant Z terps. The original Peach Ozz had a poor yield and flimsy flowers, but the Z cube added more vigour, heavy yields and healthy growing traits as well as providing more potential for Z terps thanks to the Zkittlez genetics throughout the lineage. Like Z terps on steroids with a broader spectrum of terps from the Peach Cubez.


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7 reviews for Live/Resin – Peach Runtz (Hybrid)

  1. Phillip Stein (verified owner)

    I loved the terps on this… goddamn it was one of the best resins i’ve ever bought from this site. The buzz was phenomenal

  2. Richardo Lopez

    Loved this hybrid. It definitely held in its flavour as you can smell the peaches out of this. It’s got that great sweetness to it too.

  3. Darryl V (verified owner)

    This was an amazing strain it held in its terpenes so well so your tastebuds will enjoy the peachy sweetness to it the high on the other hand was also amazing as the effects will get you pretty quick

  4. Jerome Tellobo (verified owner)

    Amazing smell, that had a instant buzz within minutes, great hybrid

  5. Gdawg (verified owner)

    The right amount of strength to feel in the heady and body

  6. Mary Kane (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best value live rosin I’ve seen on the market to date.

  7. Allison Naughton (verified owner)

    A guaranteed feel good strain, can improve your mental health greatly

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