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Mary’s Medibles – Low Dose THC Tincture 750mg


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750mg THC
18.55mg CBD
18.40mg CBN

Don’t be fooled by its name. With 750mg of THC, our Low-Dose THC Tincture still delivers the strong therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis. Thanks to the THC, you’ll feel energized and euphoric, eventually mellowing out to a relaxed state. The CBD and CBN, meanwhile, improve your physical well-being.

The tincture’s carrier oil is grape seed oil, which enables you to take the tincture both orally and topically.

Each bottle contains accurate dosage, maintained and quality-checked by stringent lab tests. The tincture is carefully tipped in durable frosted glass containers and come with a dropper; you can easily control the amount you’re consuming.

Recommended Dosage

Your weight, body type and marijuana tolerance influence the tincture’s effects, so we recommend taking half a dropper initially. If you have a lower body weight, start with around two to four drops. This way, you can gauge how much THC your body can take. Increase or decrease your consumption as you see fit.

In about a quarter of an hour, you should be feeling the effects of the active components. You’ll feel relaxed and relieved of pain. You can also feel a gentle euphoria, which could last for two hours.

Recommended Usage

You can consume our Low-Dose THC Tincture in two ways:

Orally – Place a few drops of the tincture on your food or drink.
Sublingually – Sprinkle a few drops under your tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds. You can also swish them in your mouth before swallowing. Expect quicker results because the THC is absorbed by your bloodstream quickly.
The effects are strong, so we don’t recommend using the tincture if you’re going to drive or operate huge machinery. It’s best for light, daytime activities or when you’re just chilling on your couch.

Alternative Cannabis Tinctures

Our Low-Dose THC Tincture is intended for people who have a low THC tolerance. If you think you need a stronger dose, check out our High-Dose THC Tincture, which contains 1500mg THC.

If you’re not after the psychoactive effects, explore our CBD Tinctures. They give you the medical benefits without the psychoactive sensations. We have High (500mg) and Low-Dose (250mg) options.

2 reviews for Mary’s Medibles – Low Dose THC Tincture 750mg

  1. Daryl

    Great product for a little jolt of energy and uplifting mood. Tried the others but were too strong.

  2. Crystal Hive

    Big fan of Marys products, this low dose is perfect for those uncomfortable or new to oils. eventually you will start upping the dosage but for starters this is great.

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