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A potent hybrid with unknown parent strains, Mcgrupp tastes like tangy fruit. The buds have a dense, indica-typical structure, with leaves tightly coiled around their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy green and are threaded through with vibrant orange hairs. When properly cured, flowers of McGrupp has a sweet and flowery aroma, with some traces of berry

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McGrupp is an evenly blended hybrid strain with unknown heritage. The buds are quite frosty and expertly manicured. Bright and lime-forward with hints of pine and spice first greet your olfactory. The flavours are sweet earthy lime and citrus bouquet. Overall, the effects are socially balanced and fairly euphoric. Versatile and well-rounded enough that you may enjoy this strain just about any time of day. McGrupp has a solid potency, so you might not want to overdo it.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC Level: 21%

Common Usage: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Happy, Calming, Social


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

25 reviews for McGrupp AAA

  1. dudebuddy

    A nice strain with a sweet cheesy tone through the first half as it fades to more of a toasted cookies profile for the finish! It’s a great balance for either day or evening with even the higher indica ratio for the strain, you can still be productive when called upon! great color throughout the flower with a nice springy feel ..good cute!✌?Excellent again WCC

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    Good smoke, taste good

  3. Akay

    Smoking is nice, light fresh smoke, gorgeous needles. Fucked stepped into full chorez seven or eight minutes. this is the best strangh that I smoked.

  4. Colourfull

    i had some white widow last night and at first i felt relaxed, body was feeling good then it really hit me. My head felt to heavy for my neck and wanted to find a way to make heads detachable to give our necks a break, sooooo yeah definitely do recommend this strain

  5. Vlatko

    Just make sure you have a drink close by, it’ll dry your mouth out real quick

  6. Sunder

    great strain for pain and all day releaf.

  7. ThunderPack

    That being said, it’s good for appetite stimulation, alertness, and pain relief. Just be careful if you plan to use for bed time this one keeps me up for awhile

  8. Neil

    Took my anxiety away, feeling creative. nice mellow high, mind bending

  9. Amyas Ganna

    Well what can I say, this stuff is STRONG! Deep deep into the murky waters with this indica. Body stone is higher than ones I’ve felt before. A little goes a long way, defintily a couch lock and nighttime strain

  10. [email protected]

    Opened the bag and wow smell is there I’ll tell ya. Busted it up and room filled with a fruity aroma. Took one rip and man high is instant and loving it. Says THC 21% I would agree if not a little more

  11. thcguy

    I think I tasted everything from smoked nuts to watermelon when smoking this. Light green buds and wonderful taste along with a nice high.

  12. ohmylanta14

    I got an eight of this for free on my last order i love it. the smell is so powerful tastes amazing burns nice definitely feel the higher thc

  13. gino-7777

    Reçu un 3.5g gratuit de Mcgrupp?? belle surprise ??? thanks Wcc

  14. SteelJunky

    Received a free sample, Thanks WCC… Taste Like Namaste’s Ultra Sour With a flowery and gassy note… Definitively a winner strain…

  15. shaun

    Got this from a free eighth great smell, taste and high

  16. Shane Morgan

    for being only a “AAA” as i have not tried any of their other strains and i received and eighth for free on a concentrates order.. i am very impressed.. good stuff

  17. TomTom88

    very fresh cut of flower with a beautiful nose! High hits you right behind the eyes, relaxing body and mind. Definitely recommend this one to people with anxiety, appetite loss or insomnia.
    Thanks again WCC! stellar delivery and top notch product everytime!

  18. eskatuau

    I’ve tested AAAA Mcgrupp before,and this one is as good if not better.Very fresh,great taste,nice high,this strain is underatted,must try1

  19. Jeremiah

    Nice bud got a 3.5 of mcgrupp for free with my order. It has a really nice flavour and a nice nice!! I have never had mail order cannabis until this and I was not disappointed!

  20. jeremy.hutchison

    Got this as a free eighth awesome 👏 really really enjoyed and the prices are right

  21. merlynledoux01

    Received a free eighth of this strain, thoroughly enjoyed its tangy flavour and relatively high potency. Definitely would buy a larger quantity of this strain in the future! Thanks WCC and Happy Holidays!

  22. Marc Violette

    very good one.

    a strong but easy to handle effects.
    a go to one for me.

    I recommend,
    good for an always come to cannabis.

  23. subaru6x

    got a 1g free sample of this in my order and love it !!!
    really prefer free 1g over the pre-roll thanks WCC

  24. Kyle Buchi (verified owner)

    Smells amazing when you open the bag, the nugs are all super frosty and nice sized, and for a AAA the high is awesome.

  25. Tatkins (verified owner)

    Smoked before playing games the extra alertness made this my go to for when i want a good time.

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