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Moby Dick is a potent sativa marijuana strain made by crossing White Widow with Haze. The result is a strain that will make you feel buzzy and energized. The aroma of Moby Dick is a sweet citrus that gives way to vanilla and eucalyptus notes. Growers love this strain because it has a short flowering period, is resistant to mold and provides a high yield. Moby Dick is originally from Amsterdam. This strain is bred by Dinafem Seeds.


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Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 75:25) created by crossing White Widow, an indica-dominant hybrid, and Haze, a pure sativa. THC levels are high, topping 18% in some tests. CBD values are very low, less than 1%, making this a poor choice for patients who suffer from epilepsy or other conditions that respond to this cannabinoid. The heavy sativa genes create a strongly euphoric, creative high with an upbeat mood. The effects are great in treating depression, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. Moby Dick can also alleviate lack of appetite. The overall effect is clear-headed but relaxing. The dominant smell and flavor when smoking Moby Dick is citrusy. This strain also has an earthy lemon taste and a sweet floral aroma. Dry mouth is the most common side effect, along with bloodshot eyes. Paranoia is also possible. Moby Dick is a relatively popular strain, available on several legal medical marijuana markets. It’s probably easiest to find in Arizona, Colorado, and parts of Europe. This strain gets its name from its massive yields when harvested, as much as 1,500 grams per square meter.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 18%

Common Usage: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Stress

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Uplifting

Weight N/A

Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

27 reviews for Moby Dick AA

  1. Dillon Deyoung (verified owner)

    amazing beautiful gorgeous everything about it fast shipping taste look smell high buy this!

  2. James Maluga

    Pretty good for the price! Always fast shipping & great customer service!

  3. Allie J (verified owner)

    Nice super potent sativa goodness. Great price and the product came really fast. Love thanks guys!

  4. Nicky Dalton (verified owner)

    Really helps with my insomnia nothing else really works!

  5. Irene Jones (verified owner)

    A really great strain that gets you pretty high and the price point is awesome!

  6. Janis V (verified owner)

    Great citrusy flavors that carries onto a smooth potent high this was perfect

  7. Tanner Mccormick (verified owner)

    Super great strain for getting you energized.

  8. Linda Gill (verified owner)

    its a great day time strain gets ya out of ya bed and energized.

  9. Thad Hatfield (verified owner)

    Great buzzing body high with a clear focused energy. I also appreciated that it left me quite functional, well co-ordinated and motivated to get stuff done around the house.

  10. chuck s (verified owner)

    great daytime strain. has a bit of trouble staying lit

  11. deadocmike1 (verified owner)

    Some of my favorite weed when it comes to smell and taste. The high is strong and can make you trip out in large doses and put you in another dimension. Good hybrid high and will make things more enjoyable. Euphoric high.

  12. Claudio Davis (verified owner)

    Smokes really smoothe and is great for daytime users like me. I like this strain because u can smoke it during the day and not get a headache or any paranoia, Just very relaxing type vibe!!

  13. Hailey Connor (verified owner)

    Really good price point the quality is amazing

  14. Joann Downs (verified owner)

    A great hybrid! Relaxed w no couch lock. Nice head high as well. A.M or P.M

  15. Jason Kim (verified owner)

    Nice nugs covered covered in crystals smokes and smells awesome. It’s delicious my gawd.

  16. Hershel Reeves (verified owner)

    One of my all time favs. Energy, laughter, dancing, chatty herb. If you want to put the boogie in your booty this is the one.

  17. Elliot George (verified owner)

    A very pleasant cerebral euphoria that has you in the clouds and makes you smile and talk to everyone. It flows down to your body and lasts a solid 2 hours. Would recommend to any of my friends to help them in the morning or early afternoon.

  18. Kyle (verified owner)

    I wish I had more! I burned through the bag of this strain very quickly

  19. LearnedCarriage (verified owner)

    Perfect for every occasion and any time of the day. Great for sleep and for wake n’ bake!

  20. Nathan Lim (verified owner)

    Really good price point the quality is amazing . Smooth smoke all throughout

  21. LarocheTwist (verified owner)

    Great Strain, a few hits n in in your own world, relaxed mellow, not sleepy, focused, a really smooth high!!, A Good High anytime of the day or night!!

  22. Lisa Wong (verified owner)

    One of the most relaxing highs Ive had , just perfect for just chilling out.

  23. Boyertrew (verified owner)

    A pretty nice strain to smoke when u don’t have much money, but it still gives u a good high. Takes me back to my high school days.

  24. lily Tilley (verified owner)

    One of the best buds ive smoked to help my mood swings, definitely a great value for what you’re getting.

  25. Boyertrew (verified owner)

    Excellent “motivational” pot! Keeps you clearheaded for any project you want to do and makes you want to “get things done” yet delivers a very nice head high. I’m impressed.

  26. Jeff Nc (verified owner)

    High energy buzz This stuff was a blast from start to finish ! definitely ordering more.

  27. Jayson Birch (verified owner)

    For the price the smoke is fantastic , white Ash and potent smell. Give you munchies but also a great buzz. Not a drowsy high , can function great off of this stuff

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