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2 oz jar – 250 MG THC : 15 MG CBD
4 oz jar – 500 MG THC : 30 MG CBD


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2 oz jar – 250 MG THC : 15 MG CBD
4 oz jar – 500 MG THC : 30 MG CBD
The recent discovery of cannabinoid receptors in human skin opened an exciting new chapter in annals of cannabis based treatments. Our topical cannabis ointment soothes with the finest ingredients including organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon and lavender. Decarboxylated cannabis releases activated THC and CBD to the skin. Developed for the treatment of arthritis, muscle pain, eczema and dry skin.

Muscle Pain | Nerve Pain | Arthritis | Eczema | Dry Skin | Migraines | Relaxing


2oz, 4oz

9 reviews for MOTA – Green Balm

  1. Lawrence B (verified owner)

    Works fairly well for arthritis and muscle pain. Next time I would definitely up it to the 500 mg thc/ 30mg cbd. Smells like mental/ vaporub.

  2. Therese Tessier

    Only had it for 2 days, but so far I am liking it.

  3. Shadow

    Have been using for chronic joint pain. Took a bad fall today and laundered square on both knees at work. Got home and applied some balm to both knees and the relief was almost immediate. Worked faster than it does on the joint pain. Highly recommend!

  4. Lauralavel

    I’ve been trying different brands just to switch things up, but I always end up reverting back to this one. Its a stable for my aging body and joints

  5. Grease Monkey (verified owner)

    Received the 500mg and she’s a beautiful product. A little goes a long way which is nice and it smells and fells fantastic. MOTA has always made top notch gear. I miss their cotton candy machine madness 👿🍬🍬
    The pineapple was the best 🔥🔥

    I bought the green balm, green cream, yoni soothe, and Buddha Buddah and this green balm is my favourite next to the Buddah. has a cute website 🤩

    MOTA we love you 💋
    Missenvy we love you 2 ❤️❤️
    WCC has so much love it’s ridiculous at this point.❤️💋🤩😘😍🥰💞💕💔💚💙💛💜🖤🧡🤗😗😻

    The samples on today’s menu 💝
    2g Durban Poison
    2 Prerolls
    MOTA Chocolate Cherry Lip Balm

    Thank you WCC

  6. thprison

    so listen, this is 10/10 for muscle pain

    i would say 7.5/10 for joint pain

    overrallll FRICKEN great product not to mention any types of skin breakouts, rash, this stuff helps like a prescribed cream would, slightly less effective as ud have to re apply mroe often but still works when you apply it, but muscle pain it takes it away for hours. reallly good product. almost numbs your skin i wonder if it would be good to use before getttin a tattoo to numb the skin a bit?

  7. InsideUpsideDown

    The ONLY product that relieves my back pain!!!! I have Denerative
    Lumbar Disk desease, and this balm immediately takes the pain away when its acute, and continues to work with the chronic pain, when l cover the treated area with Saran Wrap, and lay on a heating pad for awhile. Pain gone without horrible, side effect laiden, drugs!

  8. Kaos (verified owner)

    I use the 500mg for my eczema and joint pain, and it’s great. The smell is soooo nice with a hint of cinnamon 😀

  9. Nancy (verified owner)

    I have really bad arthritis in my knees and a condition called complex regional pain syndrome. Basically small injuries hurt more than they should. I used to pride myself on my pain tolerance before this happened. I have tried all kinds of creams and this one is by far the best. I rub on my knees before bed so I can sleep and I use this to take any muscle pain away, including headaches. The smell to me is quite nice so I don’t worry about going out after I have applied it

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