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Mystery AAA/AAAA – Cannabis Pack Oz (Popcorn Nugs)


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Buy Mystery AAA/AAAA – Cannabis Pack Oz (Popcorn Nugs) at Wccannabis Online Shop

AAA/AAAA Grade Popcorn Nug Cannabis! Each Package comes with 28g AAA/AAAA Popcorn Nugs

Product Bud Size is Small to Pop Corn

**All sales are final. No exchangeable or refunds.

Due to popular demand Wccannabis now offers AAA/AAAA grade Popcorn Nugs. Get the same medical effects at a discounted price!

Product Bud Size is Small to Pop Corn

**All sales are final. No exchangeable or refunds.

While Supplies Last!!!


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

27 reviews for Mystery AAA/AAAA – Cannabis Pack Oz (Popcorn Nugs)

  1. Elizar (verified owner)

    If anyone was wondering what mystery tastes like, its a sweet strain, gassy and earthy. Overall pretty potent. Worth a try at this price.

  2. Ricky Mercer (verified owner)

    Tried 2 oz of this was a very good bud nice sour gas smell to it all around a nice smooth smoke I would recommend this to anyone

  3. Jay M (verified owner)

    great deal for a consistent batch of cheap bud. would recommend for those who are looking for the best bang for the buck rather than those who shop only for top shelf stuff – and budget isnt an issue

  4. Andrew Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Mystery alright. Has a sour smell to it and the high was insane. Im going to load up on this for sure.

  5. peilander

    Bought a ‘mystery oz for 80 bucks, and the bag says mystery on it lol I thought at first it was an unknown, but it must be this strain here. It’s probably the most stalk I’ve ever seen in a bag from this sites products, but the weed is wicked, and for 80 bucks, I’ll still not complain. Definitely would buy again! A 5☆ if not for the stalk.

  6. Fila (verified owner)

    I am smoking it right now and for me it’s good

  7. stewie1962 (verified owner)

    Tiny nugs with great taste and a good kick. Buying another tout suite.

  8. nvezina

    Awesome stuff.
    Give it a try.

  9. Katt

    Bought an ounce of the mystery pack and it was a pleasant surprise, decent size nugs and an extremely smooth smoke. Highly recommend it to both newcomers and experienced smokers! Will be ordering again!

  10. Cassandra M (verified owner)

    Great mix! my mix was a bit stemm-ey but for the price cant complain! Will order again

  11. eskatuau (verified owner)

    Amazing deal,taste really good,very potent,long lasting and well balanced effects!Thanks WCC

  12. Hercules4orth

    Great price for its worth! Wasn’t too concerned about the size or look, but it smoked well worth its price

  13. TooSoonJr (verified owner)

    Great price for pretty decent stuff, recommend anyone looking to get their moneys worth.

  14. Jin.L (verified owner)

    Decent stuff for its price. What i would recommend is getting some kIef and sprinkle it on to make it more potent. just my two cent.

  15. OmegaStoner (verified owner)

    Like how these popcorn buds barely comes with any steam and smoke pretty good. 80/Oz cant ask for much better.

  16. steffen werner (verified owner)

    Great stuff good high

  17. steffen werner (verified owner)

    Great stuff good high A++++++++

  18. Megamind (verified owner)

    Very nice smell(gassy) and smoke very sweet(light on the throat). Some decent quality with these popcorn buds! would buy again!

  19. Eric Laplante (verified owner)

    Weighed 28.8g – 1.1g of small branch. A little dry (53%). the terpene level must be high, nice ash, burns well, good flavor. I felt like I smoked a variety of ‘Sour OG’ The high is light and pleasant.

  20. K2High (verified owner)

    Order 2 Oz of this stuff, looked pretty much the same type of strain. Nugs were pretty decent size wouldn’t call them “popcorn”. High was on the lighter side guessing more sativa. Smoking it was very smooth and a sweet taste to it.

  21. Kyle (verified owner)

    Very good, would definately buy again

  22. Alf (verified owner)

    Vary good strain

  23. Alf (verified owner)

    Vary good strain would definitely get it again

  24. faulkner450r (verified owner)

    the price is there, the potency is not.

  25. kobakgb74 (verified owner)

    This is my goto buy on the site, $80 for an oz is so good. It’s a great smoke and does the job of getting me high. The nugs are dense and moist .

  26. Leaf (verified owner)

    In the same order I got this and my favourite AAAA strain. My favourite strain was great. This was even better. If only I knew what it was!

  27. Carlos (verified owner)

    Thank you Wcc For delicious Cannabis of exceptional quality at incredible low prices. May God Bless you. Amen

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