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1g Pre-Rolls


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1g Pre-rolls


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38 reviews for Pre-Rolls

  1. johne

    Got this as a sample. Great product. Excellent pre rolls.

  2. ChristhePro

    Got it as a sample. Tasted great for the first half but could’nt draw more after. The herb seemed grinded so fine , like dust, it all clogged.
    Better luck next time 🙂

  3. Maryann

    Nice pre rolls, but i had a hard time puffing it, had to reroll some of them, but they all weighed over 1G which is alot better then most other sites out there, really enjoyable high!!

  4. screamopat

    its okey for a free joint baldy roll. i smoked maby 3 puff out of it.. all the reste fall on the floor LOL was prety funny i was high from the joint before 😛 lydsay lohan shit is goood stuff haha

  5. sean hopps (verified owner)

    got 10 of these just to hand out, love them. nice smooth taste, near perfect burn, awesome sativa buzz. only complaint is i didnt order enough. 100% ordering again, but way more. great product, perfect packaging, and the best customer service ive seen. great job guys, will be getting way more soon.

  6. Philip Blake (verified owner)

    These are really good, nice and smooth. Good high. Definitely ordering again

  7. Alex Chavuson

    Presently surprised to find it in my order. Want to hire the person that rolled it as it makes my rolls look like a rookie all day long. Very tasty and great high as the wife an I only got through half of it so far.

    Would like to have seen a note with the gift with regards to the strain and a quick blurb about the free sample as we were a little cautious for a few seconds but smoked it anyways. Nonetheless appreciative of the kind gesture.


  8. Benoit Roy

    Like most people here I got these a few times for a “treat” in my order. Really great company with all my dealings.


  9. beaudet01

    Got 1 as sample… nice pre-roll.. taste great.. i always enjoys free stuff 🙂

  10. winterwhitefox

    Got one for free due to a deal. Started fine but clogged up after the half way point. But all in all I had a fine time smoking it. Thanks and stay high!


    Perfect purchase for someone who doesn’t feel like rolling, they burn evenly and slowly. Good weed as well despite being a pre-roll, they certainly get you baked.

  12. Tyson pothier

    My first time ordering online got some zigzag hash. Getting a free 8 and a pre roll can’t wait to try the product out but I like the way the business is ran so far been watching my order the whole way so far love it thanks and will keep buying for you wcc.

  13. Richard Caissie

    Love these pre roll but would like to have it labeled as to what’s the strain

  14. Tanya

    Fantastic product! I have ordered 3 times now and will continue to order. Super fast shipping.

  15. lorey Brown

    wow… great preroll, enjoyed the smoke, not hard tasting, or dry like some ive had, this is my first time ordering from Westcoast and I can say it definitely wont be my last, very very impressed with the products I purchased, and I cant wait to place my next order with you…so so happy I found you guys….very professional and the way the products were packaged was just beautiful, I d give them a 10 stars if I could…very very happy customer here!!!! Thank YOU!

  16. kingsloudblueberryog (verified owner)

    Love the high. Got one for free and i bought one more. These joints get you so high and relaxed.
    Ordering more soon!

  17. Fahriya Haque (verified owner)

    Been getting these as samples and it’s perfect. I think I was told it’s rolled with the Girl Scout cookies strain( could be wrong) but I am here for it. This time I got 6 free thanks to their 1 free per order and 5 free promotion. The quality and pull from the roll is always on point and consistent.

  18. Fahriya Haque (verified owner)

    These are perfect for those lazy times you can’t be bothered to prepare your own smoke. Perfectly rolled. Sometimes the rolls a lil too fatty but I say that as a compliment. Just received my first 10 pre rolls today. They are packed so nicely and completely hygienic. The rolls themselves smell good and are massive in size. Whoever’s hands are rolling these, bless them ?

  19. Asexual420 (verified owner)

    I bought a five pack to give them a try, the quality of bud was great, but it was grinded so fine, and pack tight, it was hard to smoke. I ended up using it to pack some bowls and it worked great.

  20. lil_nas_jr

    Il give it 5 stars cuz it was free and got me buzzed, tho it was over grinded and didnt smoke well, i would still smoke it again lol 🙂

  21. vitchgarden

    they gave me a coupon for free prerolls and i decided to try. just smoked one in the middle of the night, it was great. i havent smoked joints in a long time so it took me back. the type of high from different ingestion methods vary wildly. the vape pen high is very different from a smoked joint high which is very different from a edible high. i think my joint high is my favourite

  22. awe_cookies (verified owner)

    Got one as a free gift and also ordered 5 of them. Pretty goof high, pulled great. Good to pass around. Good price as well.

  23. Claire Ghanem

    Definitely a j to smoke on your own. I shared it with my boyfriend and we barely made it to buzzed. Very cute roll though and even burn. It was really nice to smoke I just wish it was a stronger weed

  24. SirCharles (verified owner)

    Love it.

  25. July18

    It’s ok because it’s free but i’m not gonna pay for that. But the AAA and AAAA popcorn Buds are really good and worth the Price!

  26. Andrew Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Size of the joints are nice. I give this a 5 star because it is very quick having them pre rolled. Now I can smoke without having the hassle of grinding up bud.

  27. Valcooked (verified owner)

    I never liked rolling my own joints and they have a free coupon for more? Sign me up!

  28. Matthieu Wilson

    Received them as freebie , very practical nice buzz

  29. shawn

    worth it!

  30. IcyJ (verified owner)

    These pre roll can get you pretty high. Nice smooth tasting too!! Got it as a freebie but will be ordering more .

  31. Carol Jacob (verified owner)

    I don’t like these. They are so hard to puff on because it is powder, the taste is not good and no high. I will not be buying these again. I’m really disappointed.

  32. Vincezo (verified owner)

    Quality of the bud in the joint was great but weed in it was really grinded up. Ended up opening it and using it for bong rippers! Cant complain since it was a freebie.

  33. FatsoT (verified owner)

    Not bad but not great for a freebie. But in the end it does its job and this stuff can get you really ripped.

  34. CuldyLiddy (verified owner)

    Solid doobie for the price. Nice burn, really uplifting high and also nicely rolled =D

  35. Arlena Kim (verified owner)

    Very uplifting and giggly. Made me feel happy and energetic. Will buy again

  36. Logan Evans (verified owner)

    ordered 5 been through 1 already great burn and taste nicely rolled and had a good high, got here within under a week.

  37. Christopher Schmidt (verified owner)

    These are great for on the go or if you’re just having a lazy moment. The only 2 complaints I have are is that they a vacuum sealed in a weed bag and squished all to f#%$ when you buy a 20 pack or more. I am sure there is a better way. Also it would be sweet if they came in sativa, indica and hybrid option. Other than that nice smoke for the lazy dayz.

  38. Al

    So far I’ve had three and can’t complain. Even though it seems like it’s grounded up fine they’ve all puffed well, didn’t taste old and didn’t burn super fast which i expected them too. Overall id recommend them.

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