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Sesh hash joints are hand rolled with 1g of AAAA flower and high quality hash.

48 reviews for Sesh Hash Joints – Indica

  1. handsomecow (verified owner)

    Have had this joint a bunch of times while having friends over. Found it helped with conversation flow without any drowsiness, paranoia, or anxiety.

  2. skippypants (verified owner)

    Really nice and packed the pre-roll was which is nice for a change. The bud had a very heavy-hitting smoke that you could feel in the lungs and the hash just makes it even better! Great stress reliever I found personally. 🙂

  3. animelover (verified owner)

    Wow, I’m impressed with this pre-roll and how smooth it was to smoke. You could definitely taste the hash and see it. Overall, the smoke, taste and high were all great, I will order this again and recommend it to friends !

  4. sausageparty (verified owner)

    Honestly a great pre-roll for yourself or your friends. It burned evenly and the high was dank I will order this again

  5. BigWeedBoi (verified owner)

    the pre-roll is very nicely rolled, burns well, and hits hard

  6. Blazeit420guy (verified owner)

    super nice high and well-rolled joint, the hash is a nice touch

  7. lindasparling420 (verified owner)

    Smokes really good! I love the taste of the hash and it burns for a while

  8. JordanDrunks (verified owner)

    Wow you really get a great value for these joints, they’re rolled well and burn well. You can taste the hash and the potency is great I got pretty baked off one joint and the high lasts for several hours

  9. StrokeFromDank (verified owner)

    great pre-roll for the price you can definitely taste the hash in it which adds a kick to the potency. Super nice stuff I will be ordering more

  10. black mountain

    i tried every sesh product, so far i have no regret smoking it.
    good quality weed and rolled perfect, burns nice.

    recommend 100@

  11. 832Denz king (verified owner)

    im so impressed with the quality and strength.
    love this product so much and i will order them again
    Perfect product

  12. Ethan Gray (verified owner)

    Very relaxing, could sit down and not want to get up if you continued to smoke this stuff. Definitely not morning weed if you have stuff to do! All in all would recommend

  13. smokedrink (verified owner)

    it has been amazing experience with this one.
    thank you

  14. Luke Jordan (verified owner)

    Good stuff for pain, aides in sleeping and is a great smoke

  15. Brad Basman (verified owner)

    best joint ever hands down

  16. Elsie-Rose Mills (verified owner)

    Excellent pre rolls! Really good indica. Nice positive euphoric high without a bad burnout. My friend came by who smokes alot more than I do and even said it was amazing. So i’m ordering more now. Burns nice, well rolled, no complaints

  17. Frankie Dawson (verified owner)

    Same high every time great taste of hash and scent. Super potent pre-rolled joint

  18. Johnathan Williams (verified owner)

    after smoking this, i dont think i can smoke other ones..

  19. Get high (verified owner)

    super strong high and very nice taste,

  20. Derrick Paul (verified owner)

    joint or blunt, all top quality and very nice high

  21. Stoner4Life (verified owner)

    One of these bad boys left a group of me and my friends really baked. Nothing bad to say would buy this again.

  22. Toby Collins (verified owner)

    Very happy and relaxed. I really enjoy this hash joint and the flavor.

  23. virgin Kim (verified owner)

    lets go SESH!!!! love the product and i order SESH every time i order from WCC

  24. top quality (verified owner)

    top grade joint with great flower. high is amazing

  25. Spencer Richardson (verified owner)

    I struggle heavily with anxiety. This hash pre-roll erases it!! I’m so grateful. If you are a nervous, anxious, panicky person, please give this one a whirl!

  26. tony shark (verified owner)

    best joint you can try by far, great quality

  27. Luca Baxter (verified owner)

    One of the most consistent highs you can expect time after time!

  28. Blake Thompson (verified owner)

    Major relief from chronic severe pain. Unpained, euphoric and blissful a couple of hours. Good for sleep too .

  29. Aydan Klein (verified owner)

    Very good and the taste is awsome ! Perfect before heading to the bed 😁

  30. Harley Sutton (verified owner)

    Great for pain and insomnia, very fast acting.

  31. Tyler Murray (verified owner)

    Definitely a body chill, to go along with the head chill. Though I can still function. Very nice high and smoke.

  32. shred chaos


  33. Angel Stone (verified owner)

    I’ve had this specific pre-roll several times in the past couple months and I’m never disappointed very relaxing and it relieves pain.

  34. Patrick Rogers (verified owner)

    One of the best pre-rolls for insomnia I have ever smoked. Great long lasting body high and calming effect.

  35. tomkurowski8443 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pre-roll! It’s perfect for relaxing at the end of the day and just melting into your couch.

  36. ysmith494 (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite flavor!! Taste great, hits smooth and my favorite pre roll to relax and watch a movie.

  37. davidhpruden (verified owner)

    This is amazing for stress, pain and depression. Slowly and comfortably makes you feel like the marijuana God’s wrapped you in a blanket of happiness and sunshine.

  38. jmreasor10 (verified owner)

    No creeper here just smooth come sail away effects. good taste and super flavor in a good water bong is a must.

  39. mitchellrichardson6166 (verified owner)

    I struggle heavily with anxiety. This pre-roll erases it!! I’m so grateful. If you are a nervous, anxious, panicky person, please give this one a whirl!

  40. nudetaynehatwobble (verified owner)

    High hits very fast. I suffer from PTSD so my anxiety is typically very high. I felt immediate relief and an overall relaxed filling. Work great if you have trouble sleeping.

  41. BringBackStoning (verified owner)

    Pain relief is excellent! Incredible smoking experience

  42. timdumoulin2576 (verified owner)

    Really 100% Indica. Maybe that is why I smoke through it so fast. But Hey, I feel quite well, ty!

  43. DanHD04 (verified owner)

    Awesome pre roll!!! Strongest I’ve tested in a long time! 100% would recommend buying this, the kiief is a nice touch.

  44. just_d3gree30 (verified owner)

    The taste is amazing and the high is as good as its smells and taste… Has to be my favor flower so far….

  45. stinkfinger630 (verified owner)

    Amazing ! One of the best pre-rolls I have ever smoked. The taste is amazing. If you want a great night time bud, this is it.

  46. Connor Gray (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorite nighttime pre rolls. Helps my otherwise frequent insomnia. Highly recommend.

  47. traceyhunter3638 (verified owner)

    Great buzz that allows you to keep hitting it and hitting it and keeping a nice happy and giggly roll

  48. ShakingAlto (verified owner)

    Loved this one. Perfect balance between body calming and mind relaxing for mental stimulation and creativity

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