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Sesh hash joints are hand rolled with 1g of AAAA flower and high quality hash.

32 reviews for Sesh Hash Joints – Sativa

  1. handsomecow (verified owner)

    Excellent tasing, awesome looking, and fabulous smoking Joint. I will definitely buy this again!

  2. dojarockie (verified owner)

    Great pre-roll, really impressed with the quality. The hash just makes it 10x better. Would recommend! Great high and good for any day of the week. 5/5

  3. sausageparty (verified owner)

    Potent yet smooth pre-roll, you can definitely taste the hash 5/5

  4. idrinkismoke (verified owner)

    wow was blown away by this pre-roll it burned evenly, and the smell was incredible. The “Sesh” lasted around 8 minutes between me and my friends. It got us pretty baked, will be ordering again 🙂

  5. BigWeedBoi (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by this pre-roll, I will definitely be ordering more.

  6. Blazeit420guy (verified owner)

    the aroma and high I get from this is great will buy again on my next purchase

  7. lindasparling420 (verified owner)

    Great quality you can tell it’s rolled with care, smokes well and gets you pretty baked what more could you want from a pre-roll

  8. JordanDrunks (verified owner)

    great value I would buy again and recommend it to friends!!

  9. king kong89

    best joint ever, super strong and gets me up there high for long time. love the product.

  10. Rudy Richards (verified owner)

    Almost the perfect buzz for all day smoking. Potent, clear headed buzz. Uplifting, a slight bit of energizing but no excess jittery feeling. The aroma definitely has a nice hash hint. Overall, great smoke great joint.

  11. Debbie (verified owner)

    so amazed with the product, 4A flowers for real and other products they used in the joint is also top grade
    nice one

  12. Shaw Lee (verified owner)

    taste like 4A products all mixed perfectly.
    thumbs up

  13. Jessica Simpson (verified owner)

    there is whole lot of flower and good product in one joint, best time ever when i smoke this

  14. Colm Clements (verified owner)

    These pre rolls are nicely rolled and packaging is cool. Sesh is my favourite so far!

  15. Frankie Dawson (verified owner)

    I had my first experience with this pre-roll several days ago and I am very happy with it. Gives me a lasting head buzz and doesn’t make me sleepy, very smooth.

  16. Joe Berry (verified owner)

    real nice feeling smoking this, smooth like butter

  17. Performance (verified owner)

    super smooth and very good quality, nice and nice

  18. Pacers (verified owner)

    very well made product, just ordered all sesh joints!

  19. Toby Collins (verified owner)

    I use this best for wake and bakes, the hash flavor definitely comes through and tastes great. A nice euphoric high which will jump start your day. Definitely will be ordering more

  20. JT Smith (verified owner)

    watching sports, need nice joint and this will do just fine

  21. Jacob Davies (verified owner)

    Always a good time long lived high!

  22. Justin Black (verified owner)

    to the moon!!! wow this sash joints are always impressive

  23. Spencer Richardson (verified owner)

    Highly energizing and creative. The buzz will make the most mundane tasks fly by with ease, while energizing you to take on new projects. The buzz really kicks in about 30 minutes after smoking and intesifies hanging around for several hours.

  24. Tommy Moore (verified owner)

    Damn! This will get your day started. Veteran smokers this will leave an impression I stumbled upon this pre-roll randomly and I haven’t looked back since. Awesome smoke!!

  25. Luca Baxter (verified owner)

    Classic. This bud will keep you awake all night. It tastes and smells wonderful. Top shelf sativa. Can safely say this is one to get every time hands down.

  26. Chris Montgomery (verified owner)

    The smell and taste is delicious . The effect comes with a delay. Relaxing but with a noticeable sativa effect in

  27. Gabby Smith (verified owner)

    Gotta say, I read up on this strain and reviews. The reviews helped. Took one hit .more than that , pretty sure would have been too much , for me. But I have a lower tolerance now. Im in utter bliss, right now

  28. Franky Stewart (verified owner)

    Hits pretty good didn’t leave me to cloudy in the head. Taste was awesome. Would get again.

  29. Cameron Morris (verified owner)

    Simply the best strain for creativity hands down, A single hit from this pre-roll will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on any challenges you’ll face throughout the day. 10/10

  30. Sebastian Harvey (verified owner)

    It’s strong weed it smells amazing the high is good for creativity and clear head as well

  31. Bodhi Shields (verified owner)

    It’s perfect in the way that it offers a great uplifting sativa high without the heavy tiredness of Indica yet also doesn’t make my mind race with overly anxious

  32. Thomas Ellis (verified owner)

    Helped me through anxiety, I’d never know this would help like that, I was in peace with the whole world, everything seemed so joyful, the sound, the view, just like in a dream

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