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A spiritual classic that has been around for ages. The psychedelic journey on these mushrooms are known to have a profound impact. Mungus Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms gets its name because of the very long stalks, just like the legs of the famous spider. The Daddy Long Leg magic mushroom is a home grown special variety from the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia Canada. It is one of the new homegrown strains that we offer. It is a consistently well-reviewed strain which elicits strong visual stimulation, feelings of euphoria, love, and unity, deep vibration felt throughout the body. This makes it a great strain to enjoy with friends.


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The Daddy Long Leg magic mushroom is a homegrown mushroom strain originated from the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. And as the name suggests it has long stalks similar to a spider legs. We have recently started offering this homegrown strain and it is really loved by the consumers. It is a consistently well-reviewed magic mushroom strain which evokes strong visual hallucinations, feelings of joy, love, relaxation, euphoria, unity, and deep buzzing throughout the body. All the more why you should pick it when hanging out with friends.

Dosage guide
The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, and it depends on your tolerance level. It’s recommended to start off with a lower dosage and work your way up.


1g, 1Lb (448grams), Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz)

7 reviews for Shrooms – Daddy Long Legs

  1. Blair Lischeron (verified owner)

    This was a nice mellow high on 1g. Lots of laughing and smiling. Nice mushroom when you want to chill and go on nice happy ride.

  2. Sebastian Fardin

    I usually need to take a lot when I’m trying a new one, but a gram was plenty enough for me to feel something noticeable. So it was easy for me to determine how much I needed for what kind of night I plan on having. Would recommend for anyone that is unsure and want to try something good

  3. Benjamin Currie (verified owner)

    Nice vibe, mellow with happy mood. Not as potent as I had hoped though I have a high tolerance. Did 4g and wasn’t let down for the price.

  4. jaydaville514 (verified owner)

    Idk if its just me, but these things had me ultra-high with 8-bit pixelated visuals and intense euphoria after about 2G. Highly recommend

  5. Pandasteak (verified owner)

    Maaaan what great price for this. Definitely work – I was skeptics but was skeptical but was pleasantly surprised.

  6. Evan (verified owner)

    Night and mellow on a low doseage. Great for the price, came packaged well very giggley

  7. Evan (verified owner)

    Nice and mellow on a low doseage. Great for the price, came packaged well very giggley

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