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Shrooms – Great White Monster


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The origins of this magic mushroom strain are unknown. The “Great White Monster” is a mutant cubensis strain that is leucistic.

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The origins of this magic mushroom strain are unknown. The “Great White Monster” is a mutant cubensis strain that is leucistic.

Characteristics: Known for high potency, and strong hallucinogenic effects.

Dosage guide
The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, and it depends on your tolerance level. It’s recommended to start off with a lower dosage and work your way up.


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

16 reviews for Shrooms – Great White Monster

  1. Green Pill Theory (verified owner)

    These are proper psychedelics.
    Highly recommended.

  2. johnlundiejr (verified owner)

    Very beautiful and potent strain, very potent and strong visuals with this would recommend buying and starting with an eighth

  3. Dragon (verified owner)

    Absolutely what I had hoped for out of these fun guys lol

    I picked these up as a to treat my PTSD and insane depression.

    I took 3.5 grams and did a lemon tech with the mushrooms (let them sit in lemon juice for about 20 minutes to break down some of the psilocybin into psilocin instead of my stomach doing all the work. I also made it into tea.

    Within about 10 minutes I was feeling the effects. Was out for a smoke and looking at my phone when the white background of a website suddenly appeared greenish and then blueish and then back to white.

    Back to watch movie and within the next 15 minutes I was experiencing quite a lot of time warping. 5 minutes feeling like 3 hours and an hour feeling like 5 minutes.

    After the movie, played an Astrix set and smoked some weed to kick things up a notch.

    These mushrooms brought me to a very spiritual place. A place where I was able to communicate and put my trust in faith back in Jesus and God and repair major spiritual fracturing that had happened to my soul causing my mental health issues.

    I then proceeded to go through ego death. Not as bad as I have ever had it, but strong enough that I had to hold on and keep my mind from going negative.

    Overall, the trip lasted about 5 hours with the last hour to the 6th being my wind down to sleep.

    Nice visuals, nothing extreme in terms of it being unbearable and the way the visuals worked remind me of how the caps look up close. Like the bumps and ridges are flowing like clouds. Very earthy feel and I would imagine they would be great to do in nature.

    Very enjoyable body high and nothing overly intense with the exception of some feeling my body digesting and things having a hard time moving along. A few minutes of body tuning and problem solved.

    If you are looking to heal or for a spiritual journey, these are 100% the mushrooms to take. Not the most intense high I have had, but certainly wonderful and exactly what you hope for out of them.

    Also, I could not stop smiling and laughing at points. Something I have not done with consistency in over 6 months.

    Would absolutely purchase them again!

  4. mononothanks (verified owner)

    Took just 1.5 for a chill trip and couldn’t have been happier! Did some yoga and went for a walk, super giggly and positive!

  5. Hovey (verified owner)

    Now these ones, very good strain, Took me on one of the best colourful trips ive ever had, i probably ate around 4-5 grams, Ones are one of my favs strains i’ve tried so far.

  6. neeko (verified owner)

    lmao fire had it with some chicken curry in rice, didnt even taste it lol bless should dose but if you dont definitely some visuals uhm this is for more novice users i think first timers should try something else.

  7. Mike Montroy (verified owner)

    The guy 3 a head of me said it best…I can’t top that, well done

  8. Jason Adair (verified owner)

    Good for daytime activities, happy and positive vibes from this strain.

  9. Jesse Dawson (verified owner)

    Ordered a oz of these baby’s, split them with a buddy over a few beers. Lots of visuals followed by the giggles then finally self reflection. One of my new fav strains will deff be stocking up before they are gone! Recommend these to anyone!

  10. Marshall (verified owner)

    Ate 5 grams and had a blast on these bad boys
    Alot of visuals and auditory distortions. Just looking at on of my paintings started breathing than warping in swirls of color. Would highly recommend for advance phsyconauts at high doses and for begginers at small doses

  11. James00 (verified owner)

    Me and my friends love it, so high

  12. Raymond.Tom (verified owner)

    the first time i tried it, omg so high, it would be my fav from now

  13. Bramg (verified owner)

    perfect for me. highly recommend

  14. Pascal (verified owner)

    Je suis allé un peu fort avec une dose de 12 grammes, c’était comme dans un rêve, une autre dimension. J’ai vu mon âme.
    J’ai vécu l’euphorie extrême, la joie, une peur effroyable, des angoisses !! c’était terrible. Ce champignon est extrêmement puissant et psychédélique, un monde que vous ne pouvez même pas imaginez. J’ai vu le paradis et l’enfer !

  15. Jeff (verified owner)

    I had not done shrooms in 17 years. I ate 2.25 g and was tripping really nice. Next time I had 2.5 g. Tomorrow I might bump it up to 3 – 3.5 g. Enjoy with some extra hash or something. Really nice visuals 😎

  16. julessgb (verified owner)

    3.2 knocked me on my ass! Wish i had more visuals but i had a lot of fun

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