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Rosin is made without using any solvents which is a big advantage over butane hash oil (“shatter”). BHO shatter is made using butane as a solvent and unfortunately in order to remove the butane the product is placed under “vacuum purge” for many hours or even days. The problem is that this very process of “vacuum purging” also boils off the vast majority of the terpenes responsible for taste, smell and overall flavor. The reason that happens is because the boiling points of all types of molecules are reduced greatly when placed under a vacuum, and terpenes have fairly low boiling points to start with! What all this means is that after vacuum purging BHO long enough to contain low enough levels of butane to be considered “safe”, you get a product with little to no remaining natural taste smell or flavor, so BHO extractors often have to resort to adding non cannabis derived food grade terpenes into the product. That is why BHO shatter usually doesn’t smell or taste like natural cannabis and sometimes comes in a wild variety of flavours.

The rosin process by Squish Extracts on the other hand uses no solvent in the first place so there is no need for any vacuum purge. All of the natural terpenes remain in the final concentrate product which means rosin always smells and tastes exactly like the cannabis it was extracted from. Squish Extracts


Cake Crasher, Sundae Driver, UK Cheese, Trophy Wife, Yukon Gold, Punch Breath, White Bermuda, 4 Star General, OG Shark, Grease Monkey, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Haze, Super Mario, Alien Dawg, Mendo Breath, King Tut, Pink Anxiety, Kali Mist, Tuna Kush, Tasty Kush, Romulans Breath, Ice Cream, Fruity Pebbles, Lindsay OG, Violator Kush, Zombie Kush, Darth Vader OG, Bubba Kush, Black Diamond, Death Bubba, Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Haze, Mimosa, MK Ultra, OG Kush, Pink Kush, Strawberry, Tangerine Dream, Watermelon, Wedding Cake, White Castle

7 reviews for Squish Extracts – Solventless Rosin

  1. Paulirwin

    Great stuff , very smooth , very tasty , and it solventless ,just heat n pressure , i had Skywalker, Jack Herer , Dosido and all very good ,thanks for getting this product in as i did request it be sold at Westcoast Cannabis , you guys Rock Thanks

  2. Doobeedoo (verified owner)

    I ordered Weddingcake, Alien Dawg and Tuna Kush, only tried the wedding cake yet, must say im really pleased with the taste and effect, bold, and its really nice to have a solventless option. Wish there was more offer for solventless concentrate. Thanks nonetheless WCC for bringing it up, i also requested it in the discord, amazing that you guys took the time to answer the people demand! WCC rocks!!!!! The best MOM! (**mix and match for this product would be dope!!)

  3. Gary (verified owner)

    I ordered Pink anxiety, tuna kush and King Tut . They look and taste great. The Buzz is awesome. Not a fan of the triangle Silicon. But I’m placing another order soon

  4. mika (verified owner)

    The only downside of this website for me was not having rosin and even so wcc was still my go to. So now I’m really stoked. Better than any rosin from buddies. I got the alien dawg. Ya the packaging is kinda weird like someone said but I get that squish extracts was tryna stand out or whatever. The alien dawg is pretty skunky tasting with some lemony earthiness. It’s all pretty mid range flavors, like not sharp and not deep but a wide range of middle frequency flavors to use music as a metaphor. Feels clean but also unprocessed which is good but hard to describe with words. Consistency is crumbly and a little flaky, not at all oily or shardy. Some of the lightest color rosin I’ve had.

  5. Mage (verified owner)

    All these Squish products are great,solid rosin.
    had 3 thus far gonna be trying as many as I can!
    highly recommend

  6. Sincerely stoned (verified owner)

    Great product. Tried Mendo and king tut so far! Nice to have a solventless option.. would love to see more and possibly some Hash Rosin!

  7. hbg_oui (verified owner)

    That is not good! Don’t buy this product it’s discusting

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