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Buy Super Nuken Strain AAAA Online Canada

Who’s got that Canada Pride? The Nuken Strain Pheno, Super Nuke is made by merging the genes from Kish (a hybrid of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud. Our Super Nuken strain is a charmer, she is a goddess, and she is so gentle. A Canada design, grown by Canadians and for Canadians.

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Super Nuken Strain

Super Nuken is a limited Indica-Dominant crossbreed weed strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) made with a hybrid of the classic God Bud X Kish strains. With Super Nuken, be ready for a massive, stoney result that will fire both mind and body into the unknown. The Super Nuken high has a pretty massive cerebral start that suddenly takes a clasp of your brain and drives you feeling high and totally elated.

THC levels & Effects From This Weed Strain

As you are preoccupied with your brand-new happiness, this indica dominant strain will provide a strong body buzz high will start to wash over your physical self, dropping you into a massive couch-locked state that leaves you desperately stoned and powerless to move for hours and hours on end. With these results and its high 27% average THC level, Super Nuken is often made to aid conditions such as long-term pain, insomnia, muscle spasms or cramps, and arthritis. This indica dominant strain has a skunky berry flavor with a sign of spicy blueberries and earth upon blow out. The smell is very earthy and pungent with a rich berry connotation that’s sweet and spicy. Super Nuken buds have thick and massive dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with purple undertones, dense and furry, rich amber hairs, and a layer of matching trichomes with sultry sweet resin all over.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 27%

Common Usage: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms

Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting, Body Buzz


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

87 reviews for Super Nuken AAAA

  1. ChristhePro

    Sticky and firm buds. Just at the percfect humidity, felt like it was just grown.
    Smells awesome

  2. gyaldem (verified owner)

    These buds look just like the picture. It smells amazing. It’s like a piney, citrusy, black liquorice-y, sweet fruit smell. And it taste pretty much the same. Bud is perfectly trimmed, super dense and covered in crystal and hairs. Really good high. <3

  3. screamopat

    love that strain will try it real soon with my order 😀

  4. xx.clements900.xx (verified owner)

    Finally got here after the long weekend. Well worth the wait! Great stuff, hits you quick and is a strong high. Def gonna get more when the g’s get back in stock

  5. edb70 (verified owner)

    Best 4A a true pain reliever. Great pricing, quality my go too mom.!!

  6. edb70 (verified owner)

    Big solid nugs with an intoxicating smell and medicating effect! AAAA quality.

  7. monahan (verified owner)

    WOW this is the best i have try from this site the smell & the taste are really good very good quality weed

  8. mntcook (verified owner)

    Great stuff. AAAA goodness.

  9. H82BOUT (verified owner)

    This has the best taste and I love the kick, Super Nuken for sure.

  10. DrGreenThumb (verified owner)

    nice dense nugs great taste!

  11. Insomniac (verified owner)

    SUPER KICK … Hits fast & last. Very tasty. Great bag appeal. Very dense buds! Just enough sativa to keep it functional:-)

  12. Ashley Brockway (verified owner)

    Smells so good and tastes real good. Absolutely love this strain the effects are amazing. Thank you!!! Keep up the amazing job! Much love

  13. joeyadam_57 (verified owner)

    This strain is always a good and mellow session when you want to kick back and play games, etc.

  14. windylake50 (verified owner)

    I usually smoke hash and some oils/distillates sometimes, because I found over the years with my high tolerance to THC growing, I have yet to find a strain of weed that can even get me high, let alone all this talk about “couch-lock”! Having said this, I found this batch of Super Nuken to be a great medicinal benefit – for my anxiety, some minor pains, insomnia etc….. The buds were small popcorn size solid buds, smothered with trichomes, smell is pungent but spicy with a slight medical taste (strong), sticky buds that calmed me down after every vape – I will continue to purchase this product and try some other strong Indica cannabis products!

  15. Eugene Liaskovski (verified owner)

    Have been buying to mix with sativa – very potent!

  16. Christopher Savard

    Taste is sweet and peppery, smell is also sweet but not overly dank. Buds are light green, tight, and coated in trichomes. The ounce I purchased was slightly dry, but with a large Boveda pack it was perfect in a couple days. Definitely a potent stain. Happy with my purchase.

  17. Chris McConkey (verified owner)

    This is top Quality Bud . Very impressed with this website. I Have spent many hours looking but cannot find comparable quality and selection for such a good price.

  18. rogerg trawets (verified owner)

    WOW. This is top floor bud.
    This bud is probably the best I’ve tried from WCC.
    THC value helps address my chronic pain due to arthritis, BCTS, nerve damage, etc….
    The smell, look, taste and the reduction of pain to a manageable level instead of using pharmaceuticals is awesome.
    Thx again WCC (The price is awesome too)

  19. Lacadien (verified owner)

    Ses excellentes ses très ferme très goûteux et sa cogne bien là où sa devrait merveilleux je recommande fortement

  20. H82BOUT (verified owner)

    Had this a couple of times, really tight chunky buds, this is my favourite and it, the flavour is different from any other bud I have tried.

  21. Justin Tollenaar

    Big and very dense buds. I found it to be a little bit of a harsh smoke which will make you cough. Put me right to sleep. A solid indica.

  22. William Harvey (verified owner)

    Ordered multipack oz and this was my favorite of those 4 huckleberry, Tom ford and gorilla glue#4

  23. Justin Tollenaar

    Beautiful dense buds. Look just like the picture. This will Make you cough and put you to sleep

  24. Kirby Munro (verified owner)

    Tried for first time. Will definitely reorder

  25. ryanp (verified owner)

    Good s**t!!

  26. cory.conrad (verified owner)

    I love this one ..hard nugs ,nice colour , beautiful smell !!AAAA for sure

  27. Sophie Coupland (verified owner)

    Nice bag appeal and great smell. Definitely a night time smoke for me.

  28. Diez (verified owner)

    Basically what everyone has said about it. Cannot go wrong with this one. Got it in a mix and match and was by far my favorite. Good job WCC!
    Vraiment à essayer, vous ne vous trompez pas avec celle-ci.

  29. Julien (verified owner)

    My first order was a 3.5g of this weed. It smells fucking good in my car when I open it. First, Oh damn, this weed smells good. I can’t describe the smells of it easy, but I feel like I would smoke it in the wood, in a camping roadtrip. It remember me the forest. Seconde, Damn, 27% of Thc AAAA, It don’t need a lot of weed to get high, and 3 taff I was fucking high. to finish, damn I feel good right now. This is the best Indica I have ever tried. Also, It came whith the perfect humidity. Great Quality. I love it and I recommend it a lot !

    J’ai commendé un 3.5g pour ma première commande sur ce site, et je suis loin d’être déçu. De un, il sent vraiment bon. Quand j’ai ouvert le paquet dans mon auto, ça empestait une odeur exquise de Super Nuken. J’aurais de la misère à décrire l’odeur, mais j’ai l’impression que j’en fumerais dans la forêt pendant un camping-trip avec mes chummy. Ce weeb me rappelle la forêt. Ensuite, What the fuck, ce weed est à 27% de Tch. C’est énorme pour moi, ça m’en prend pas beaucoup pour être high, alors c’est très rentable. Sinon, je me sens tellement trop bien dans mon corps en ce moment. Meilleur effet de Indica que j’ai jamais essayé, j’adore. Les cocottes que j’avais était humidifié à la perfection. Très bonne qualité, je recommande fortement !

  30. jp.viens (verified owner)

    delicious sweet and spicy aroma. extremely dense hard nugs with orange hairs. really strong indica hybrid. great high. great taste. a great reminder of why Nuken is one of my fav strains and why i will always reorder when available.

  31. Ayreal Oakes (verified owner)

    Awesome bud. Very tight and covered in crystal. I got this as 3.5 mix n match and I would definitely recommend picking up a large amount when available.


  32. meowwcatss (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain. The bud is super dense and breaks up beautifully. The smell and taste is strong but really pleasant. One of my new favourites.

  33. Kyle Herman (verified owner)

    Goof stuff love the taste an high buy some more for sure..

  34. Carleton Crysler (verified owner)

    Yummmm ?????

  35. ismokedaily420 (verified owner)

    Tastes really good, and is a heavy hitting indica. Only complaint is really bad dry mouth with this one, so make sure you have your fluids at hand.

  36. marco gaumond

    Very good stuff that make me high and go to sleep very well . Is one of the best i smoke from westcoast

  37. Brandon

    My favorite strain before bed! Helps with insomnia too! I find it a bit expensive compared to other strains I use, but it’s all worth it in the end.

  38. Lecque

    This is a very great strain, Perfect for going on a walk or being in nature. This weed makes me feel like a young kid

  39. Bruno

    Great tasting strain, a real dark piney smell with a lick of pungent/skunky/earthiness. Even with a high tolerance this sedating indica literally melts me in place (body and mind). Great smoke for movie night with a fine lady worthy of the king

  40. ThomasMu

    Makes me very happy. I love the high. Only downside is that I get a little tired.

  41. Shane

    My all time favourite strain. The perfect blend of sativa and indica. The perfect balanced hybrid. I feel like I’m at an equilibrium. I’m going to bed now.

  42. MarkCuban

    over all a great strain worked great with pain and phantom limb pain.

  43. mikearnld (verified owner)

    Very hard 5 stars! Just like the buds, hard and tight 🙂 I got a 1/4 in the multi oz. Super bag smell. Taste is pretty good. Stone is nice. And what I rrrreally like was my /4 was 2 buds, 5.6 & 1.5g. Definitely a top fav. Be getting again next multi pack

  44. Zakster (verified owner)

    One of my most Favourite strains WCC provides! The quality is fantastic! And the taste, smell, and the high are super deadly. They should change the name to Super Deadly Nuken!!

  45. Bradentony

    Classic strain, always a good time. Picked up a pre-roll of this and was not disappointed. Good heavy buzz, great for winding down a long day

  46. arnepabst (verified owner)

    What you see and read on here is what you get Potent head and body fairly smooth in pipe and paper clean burning. Tried 8 strains from here quality has been consistently awesome and like I stated earlier what you see and read is what you get… far
    Thank WCC

  47. GrosseRoche (verified owner)

    Magnifique produit, les fleurs sont compactes, cristallisées et odorante à souhait. Ce strain fait parti de mon top 10

  48. Brooks

    Where my whole world has come to a halt, everything was clear, and the clouds were beutiful.

  49. Alexander Woods (verified owner)

    nice look and a beautiful smell love it

  50. jonathanlewis1983 (verified owner)

    I ordered a nuken vape cartridge and I loved the taste so I ordered this strain and it tastes the same thing. What a draw guys and gals very potent will definitely be ordering this strain again. Thanks WCC.?

  51. nathaniron (verified owner)

    Best smell ever as you grind it up just moist bro and after you grind it just wonderful to your nose 5/5 wcc

  52. pellts (verified owner)

    First-time buyer, here…I’m a longtime buyer elsewhere and consumer for 25+yrs. I was expecting greatness, and I was given just that. Supreme nuggs. Trimmed beautifully. Great smell, feel, grind, and best of all; AMAZING smoke. Tasty, powerful and smooth. I will be ordering again. THANK YOU WCC!!

  53. Adam (verified owner)

    I love love love this strain. Very dense, amazing smelling buds. Helps with my anxiety and insomnia – I’ve ordered and had close to 20 different strains from WCC (friends and my own orders) and this is hands down my favourite strain. …Blueberry Cheesecake is my favourite daytime strain.

  54. Kanash

    If you like nice indicas that gets you High and taste a lil spicy this is your go to

  55. Jeremy Johnson (verified owner)

    This stuff hits like a freight train really nice long lasting buzz. The bag appeal lacked a bit compared to the other strains I ordered but the smoke makes up for the looks.

  56. ThaGodMike (verified owner)

    Saw the great reviews on this and had to try it! I got 7Gs in a multi pack and I love that they always come with a hydro pack! I didn’t get the super strong smell that I see some reviews saying but it definitely packs a punch. I’m an everyday stoner and wanted something strong and this did the job. Smelled better when I grinder it up for sure. Bong hits are spicy with this guy, but quick indica high for sure and hits me decently hard. Definitely a strong strain, would highly recommend for experienced smokers!


  57. yanick-bl (verified owner)

    really good strong hit best i smoked in a whike

  58. Don Smoke (verified owner)

    1st batch i ordered, nugs were smaller than what i wanted, but wow did it smoke great! So good i ordered a 2nd batch. This time nugs were nice and big, same great smell, same great smoke. I highly recommend this one.

  59. -K- (verified owner)

    What a smooth smoke and what a great taste, I’ve been hearing about this train forever and finally tried it and so happy I did!! Gorgeous appearance and super tasty and so smooth each pull!!


  60. Francois Laperrier

    Bon goût, fort, sent bon. recommanderais

  61. Green Pill Theory (verified owner)

    This is everything good cannabis stands for.
    Looks good, smells good & tastes good.
    The effects are tremendous.
    Ladies & gentlemen, this is 5 star reefer.

  62. Marc Violette (verified owner)

    very good.
    very smooth.

    good fast effects
    feel very happy
    fun to play games with.

    a strong high, if you are use to it, go for it.
    if you trying it out, maybe go little amounts at first.

    but definitely recommend.

  63. Sky Jagger

    This is not too heavy but just enough to help kick with my chronic pains

  64. mrkd

    Got this as a sample, got to get more

  65. vincero (verified owner)

    Never tried this strain before and I’d say I love this strain already and it’s a great high

  66. honeyafro (verified owner)

    Solid indica, had it before but it was a bit drier this time; I still very much enjoyed it

  67. Youngwildfree (verified owner)

    Tasty and smooth smoke with the giggle fits and cheerfulness of indica. Had crazy deep thoughts and positive feelings.

  68. lakopeep (verified owner)

    Body lock high that’s immediate and a high quality strain. Hits fast.

  69. shinyapple (verified owner)

    Two hits and I’m stuck in place and mega happy about it 🙂

  70. StoneWalker (verified owner)

    These nugs are great. Delightfully smooth and relaxed high

  71. BlueJays (verified owner)

    I grabbed 8th of this and I was not disappointed. Nice dense nugs with a strong smell. You can definitely tell it’s a indica! My bf and I were done for the night after this stuff. Highly recommend if your looking for something to sleep or if you’re a heavy smoker

  72. Alex (verified owner)

    Really good stuff for the price, it’s covered in crystal and taste really good! Would definitely order this strain again

  73. Isaac Snyder (verified owner)

    Great strain, kills depression and stress. No real dry mouth for me but it can raise anxiety for be slightly.

  74. Darksoul (verified owner)

    Straight fire. Picked this strain up with the mix and match. Double down on the order. Very stoney day dream like high. Would highly recommend to try this one out.

  75. Kenny Polluck (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. I feel so alive right now and music is great. So relaxed too – great for unwinding without being overly sluggish after the come down.

  76. Matt Donnelly (verified owner)

    I tried this recently as well & I enjoyed the smell & the high..

  77. Gerardo Walsh (verified owner)

    It’s a staple strain that always seems to always pack a punch. The last batch I had hit you like a ton of bricks. Very mellow and relaxing after the initial rush.

  78. Gary Reeves (verified owner)

    This is the best strain. It helps me with stress, so much.

  79. Alma Boyle (verified owner)

    Great on pain, muscle spasm, insomnia. I use this last thing before sleep to keep muscle twitching and spasm at bay. Very relaxing.

  80. Kendrick Franco (verified owner)

    Very potent, and effective pain relief. A great indica after a long day of work.

  81. Hudson Wright (verified owner)

    Man I drop like a rock after a couple bowls of this. Straight fire

  82. Donovan Casey (verified owner)

    it’s great for helping you relax and sleep. leaves me feeling happy comfortable and of course sleepy

  83. Kendall B (verified owner)

    Personally I like to be in a full body relaxation and this strain get the job done for me to be in that relaxed state .

  84. Alana Quinn (verified owner)

    9.5 out of 10 got super high after first few hits which is rare with me. very powerful!

  85. Jan Fletcher (verified owner)

    This Strain really did something the very first time I smoked it. It is hard hitting with a good taste.

  86. Blake Golden (verified owner)

    Just tried some Super Nuken for the first time and WOW. The high was euphoric, relaxing and long lasting.

  87. Mehash (verified owner)

    Nice big fat buds super tight and crystally the smell is absolutely amazing very very fruity and it taste and burns amazing!!!! 10 stars will be ordering more 💯

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