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The Supreme Gelato is a hybrid strain that has a royally sweet taste that may remind you of candy and fresh dough. For good reason, this notorious strain has become a favorite among creatives and cannasseurs alike for its potentially euphoric highs. The Supreme Gelato shows off deep hues of forest green tufts that are accentuated by vibrant orange pistils. Additionally, purple is hinted on the foliage with a nice layer of frosty trichomes, amplifying the beauty of the flower.

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The Supreme Gelato strain contains around 29% total cannabinoids. As a result, the strain is incredibly potent. The Supreme Gelato shows off deep hues of forest green tufts that are accentuated by vibrant orange pistils. Additionally, purple is hinted on the foliage with a nice layer of frosty trichomes, amplifying the beauty of the flower. The Supreme Gelato strain has a high that may feel both physically and cerebrally stimulating. It’s great strain to consume in the afternoon because it may provide a relaxing, tension relieving smoke after work or before bed. According to the graph above, the strain reportedly might provide feelings of inspiration, comfort, relaxation, and a little bit of energy and calmness.

Indica Dominant Hybrid: 55% Indica/45% Sativa

THC: 29%

Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress

Effects: Inspired, Euphoria, Comfortable, Relaxed, Energized and Calm


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

38 reviews for Supreme Gelato AAAA+

  1. Joel Nicholson (verified owner)

    One of the best strains for insomnia I have ever smoked. Great long lasting body high and calming effect.

  2. Claude Barrette

    Damn good smell! Get the smell on your fingers and you want to keep smelling it! 🤭 awesome lift! Very good for gaming!! Lol no complaints on this strain

  3. Rose Elliott

    Stuck to the couch but have an energetic buzz going on!

  4. GustGravel (verified owner)

    Loved this flavor and the calmness it brings me.. I’m so thankful it’s a hybrid 🥰

  5. Marlon Nixon (verified owner)

    strong lemon scent. very easy to smoke. great for stress relief

  6. SUPREMEDEATHBUBBA (verified owner)

    Fucking amazing. Great head high and gets the sex drive going. Tastes like vanilla icing. Need I say more

  7. Kate Crowther (verified owner)

    Its a strain that makes me really chill I would buy again. It’s an active mind high for sure

  8. Belle T (verified owner)

    tough buzz, slight sweet taste loved it

  9. Sal_

    Smoking this strain makes me sleepy and relaxed. Tastes good. Moderate hunger levels. No anxiety. Body high is nice.

  10. MaltWatchguard (verified owner)

    It’s top notch! Chilled and brain silenced from the noises, voices and depression monster. Yeh, I seriously get the munchies but I sleep through the night, so be prepared! If you can balance it right, it’s the bomb.

  11. Fred (verified owner)

    This strain gave off a straight body buzz. No head high at all. Gave you that tired eyes feeling as well. Deff recommend this strain for indica lovers

  12. SmileyEnergizer (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this strain, this knocked out my pain. A very relaxing flower, I would definitely purchase again.

  13. ArmedKnight (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable. Kinda sneaks up on you a few minutes after you smoke this awesome strain. Love the mind and peacefulness this brings.

  14. luca (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain only good things to say about this one its very pungent and super dense with all the desired effects love it!

  15. ReintgenKool (verified owner)

    Excellent strain that can push some really high THC figures.

  16. Mckayla R (verified owner)

    super pungent, tasted great!

  17. beatrix (verified owner)

    This is a great daytime medication. I agree with everyone else in that this bud tastes amazing both in and out. Bag appeal is amazing. Just a great morning/day med for all that ails you. Enjoy

  18. Lawson (verified owner)

    a pretty decent appetite stimulant

  19. Ryan A (verified owner)

    super citrusy aroma. Such a amazing high

  20. Remmingernium (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds! Taste wonderful best used in the evening

  21. Annalise (verified owner)

    I love this strain!!! Great for my PTSD

  22. Nick Monzon (verified owner)

    This was some of the most enjoyable flower I’ve had in a long time. Very potent and aromatic.

  23. Zane L (verified owner)

    smelt amazing, tasted amazing, everything about this strain was gassss

  24. Rachel Y (verified owner)

    chill high to have in the evening when u just want to vibe on the couch, great hybrid overall

  25. AgileDuty (verified owner)

    This is a good-tasting smoke with a very pleasant high. Wish I could find this strain again…

  26. Bobby G (verified owner)

    Very smooth Long lasting effects Relaxing You may get Hungry keep some Snacks around!!

  27. Karl Marquand (verified owner)

    It makes me feel great during the 3 hour period. Even after it wears off, I still feel great no sign of tiredness either

  28. SwiftCandy (verified owner)

    What a beauty. A relaxing soothing and euphoric body high. Pleasant apple flavor on the palate what a delight! Its already sold out cant wait toll its back!!

  29. RunnerMuddier (verified owner)

    Experienced medical user. Really nice buzz. Starts at forehead and goes to toes. Good for pain. Nice head high. Smoke its if you got it. Recommend

  30. Raymond (verified owner)

    great pain reliever, long lasting high

  31. Katie Y (verified owner)

    nice long lasting body high, slowly got me tired after 3 hours i was out

  32. Alyssa Bailor (verified owner)

    I become so giggly when I use this. Also, so productive too. Its a weird combo for me but it works!

  33. Joshua L (verified owner)

    great flavour profile with a citrusy scent. loved it

  34. Paul (verified owner)

    Great for snapping small bowls and relaxing, just a few and you’re good.

  35. Mandy (verified owner)

    just chilled on the couch for hours after smoking this! soo mellow all night

  36. Arla (verified owner)

    gave me a good energy boost, then started crashing nicely after 6-8 hours, loved it

  37. Alex (verified owner)

    Very good medicine for helping my fibromyalgia. The best I’ve had so far for my flare ups

  38. Grant (verified owner)

    helped me with my insomnia like no other, Be sure to have food, games, and plenty of water nearby!

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