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Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).

The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed in 1000g slabs. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

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41 reviews for Hash – Tesla

  1. Stevo (verified owner)

    Very good afgan ….taste and high on point for the price.Texture soft and pliable…smell is choco mint gas!
    A must have of you like hash.
    Thanks WC…great job stocking products…and service is excellent as always.

  2. raphealnz

    Not really a fan of hash but this is something and will definitely start buying hash

  3. onyinyechif72

    give you that perfect indica high if you know what i mean

  4. demitri25

    delivery is fast, very skeptical especially this my first time ordering but this is only where i can find this hash so i took a risk and didn’t regret my decision.

  5. zuriel4

    easy to manipulate, i like that it is strong but not overpowering

  6. jamar8

    Great stuff you have here WCC

  7. nitin971

    really cheap but doesn’t sacrifice the quality

  8. Ken Martin

    Reminds me of the 80s Hash I smoked back then awesome taste terrific high, I love this hash, what is the best hash in the world and where do I get it lol I love trying different hash.

  9. melanie.hendrick

    Good taste

  10. dhoffme750 (verified owner)

    Nice hash. Helps to control pain. Doesn’t burn continuously in a bowl so hits can be controlled. CBD helps you remain clear headed, yet relaxed. No sedation effects noted.

  11. woolf.jordan (verified owner)

    This one was the best so far that I have tried, that took me back to the 1995 . It’s nice and soft , burns will , great high too

  12. Justin (verified owner)

    Nice looking, tasting and smelling hash, very enjoyable buzz, highly recommend.

  13. Grease Monkey (verified owner)

    Not my fav! Really harsh like beyond harsh. I couldn’t smoke this product wahwahwah. All other hash samples were smokable and I almost died smoking this 🙁

    My old dinosaur of an old man smoked it and chocked to death but I brought him back to life with the Grease Monkey Live Resin. That shit will get a freight train rolling ?

    I will give it a *** because WCC rocks.

    Thanks for the free Bentley sample ?

  14. Thomas L (verified owner)

    Good earthy flavor, steady burn, its easily malleable, and it leaves you with a very calm head high.

  15. Petra Kaemmer

    Amazing Smell, burns nice and tastes like real hash. I love this hash and will buy again. You can’t find hash like this made anywhere else and it feels like being back in the 80’s. One of the best hash on the market.

  16. frozenflame

    This is hands down the best hash I’ve smoked in my life, and I’ve smoke some awesome hash! I ordered the Tesla, Mazar and Citrus Haze and this one definitely takes the cake! They’re all great but this one has an incredible after taste.

  17. David bentitou

    Beautifull.taste as good as the effects.
    Recommand for the fans!

  18. SIRsmooth2019

    HhhhhOLLLLY …. SMOKES!! Magically delicious and makes chill in bed with U-TUBE …absolutely Magical. Wow, woke in the morning and remembered i still work 🙂

  19. jhareths

    This hash is very soft, you can easily mold it with your fingers. Great smell and flavour, really nice mellow, calming buzz. Its really clean so even if you don’t burn it to crumble it, you won’t get hot rocks. Very nice.

  20. adamshockwaveburton (verified owner)

    Nice high, tasty .Old school hash !!!

  21. Buds Finnigan

    Tried this as well as the Nepalese. The Nepalese wins out for the pleasant memories it brought back but this Tesla hash sure caught my interest. It usually takes a fairly potent smoke to get my attention. This did. Very nice indeed.

  22. david bentitou

    waiting for my order…but with a 5 star quota,knowing bmwo,surely it must be a beauty.

  23. Broccoli Rob

    Very good, tasty hash but the auto-pilot doesn’t seem to work so well.

  24. XXHellBig125XX (verified owner)

    Best I have had in a long time

  25. gurks (verified owner)

    this hash was the best one I got from the 4 different ones I got. High was.really nice smoked it in a bowl

  26. jf (verified owner)

    Very nice taste and potency, tend to clog up joints a bit but it’s Awesome in the bong.

  27. Mike Claeys (verified owner)

    great taste, I really enjoyed it.

  28. mapleneck99 (verified owner)

    very nice black hash..firm but workable..not gooey.Interesting taste,like someone earlier said chocolate..I’d say like unsweetened chocolate maybe,kinda earthy..not the greatest flavour but ok.
    I could almost feel my neck loosen as the back of my head tingled after 1 st hit..calming without making me feel tired – it will not overpower on small doses..but additional hits do add together 🙂
    I will try others here too..but I know this one is good.
    WCC has not disappointed on anything.excellent customer, and the samples have helped me find strains I like as well.

  29. Jeremy Johnson (verified owner)

    Nice tasting old school afghan style hash. Soft and gooey nice to work with. Definatly on my reorder list

  30. Rob Fillion (verified owner)

    This hash reminds me of the smoke I was introduced to in the 70’s. I recommend it.

  31. spezza-jason (verified owner)

    really was not up to the hype found it to be off tasting nothing like real hash and the consistency of it was a little crumbly the buzz was nicer than most of the other ones like Mercedes and Zig Zag but not for the cost at all in my opinion

  32. LuxxuryTax (verified owner)

    Great taste, burn, high and fast delivery . Quick and easy!

  33. E420 (verified owner)

    Great quality hash, it has a pungent earthy / woody taste and aroma. defiantly some hard hitting stuff !

  34. Brinagh (verified owner)

    Smooth and tasty but not too overwhelming.

  35. FeedTheWhales (verified owner)

    Nice buzz, helped with pain

  36. Matt Stetzel (verified owner)

    Good stuff, lasts a while and tasted nice too!

  37. E420 (verified owner)

    Good quality hash, it has a nice mint and piney taste. Smooth not too overwhelming, It’s usually my go to on here, can’t go wrong with the price!

  38. Phil (verified owner)

    Real Afghani and best bang for your buck here.

  39. Thomas (verified owner)

    tesla hash is smooth nice tasty i will be BACK THANKS WCC

  40. Small R (verified owner)

    one of my fav
    I tried it many times
    still love it so much

  41. Clint Kingshott (verified owner)

    very happy with this hash. it is incredibly smooth and taste great. Will definitely be a regular p7rchase form now on!

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