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Vintage Gas grows into a huge plant, the leaves, the nuggs, and the high are all very big. It’s a great producer of dense, bright green nuggs. This Diesel-y smoke will leave you feeling like you’ve been bitten by a snake – get ready to really relax and snack your face off when you smoke this potent hybrid. It’s a moderate to heavy producing plant with extremely high THC levels averaging 29% and that gas that everyone loves.


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Vintage Gas is a 100% pure indica strain created by the famous breeder Loompa at the infamous Platinum Clouds farms in San Jose, California. This dank bud has unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy, although it is generally agreed that it is probably an OG Kush phenotype. Vintage Gas offers the user a moderately high THC level that ranges from 28-29% on average and a memorable smell and taste of lemony pine with a hint of diesel upon exhale. This bud has dense compact bright neon green nugs with gold patches and a spattering of fine fiery orange hairs and translucent trichomes. Users describe the Vintage Gas high as having an almost immediate hazy onset of a soothing warming relaxing body high that spreads from the back of the head and spine throughout the rest of the body in slow numbing waves. This body high leaves you completely relaxed, pain-free, and utterly sedated. Upon the come down, you’ll fall into a deep and peaceful pain-free sleep that lasts hours on end. Due to these potent effects, Vintage Gas is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as nausea, appetite loss, mild cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia and night terrors.


THC: 29%

Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, Stress

Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Sleepy

Weight N/A

1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

82 reviews for Vintage Gas AAAA+

  1. Ronaldo Lopez (verified owner)

    This was just simply amazing…got me feenin’ for munchies within minutes and the smoke was oh so super smooth! Im a big fan.

  2. Clark Skinner (verified owner)

    Straight fucking fire the smell on these buds are like no other straight top shelf shit no introduction needed. These people will take care of you. Dense nug sour aroma tastes amazing also

  3. James Blond (verified owner)

    That lemony pine smell is so addicting!bIve had the best sleeps in a long time after enjoying this!

  4. Ayana Lutz (verified owner)

    Vintage Gas is a excellent tasting bud.smooth and tasty

  5. Charlie Kulez (verified owner)

    Loved the dense sticky nugs. Smoke was very clean and smooth. Worth reordering for my next order.

  6. Hayden Weaver (verified owner)

    Terrific strain. Taste is on point and the ratio to head and body is what makes it a anytime strain.

  7. Ivy So (verified owner)

    SUPER relaxing and this WILL give you a good case of the munchies…so be prepared@!!!!

  8. Robbie450 (verified owner)

    Crystaly, sticky-icky goodness. Yum yum! It’s smelly and it’s after effect is equal to it. Love!

  9. Tom Dawson

    damn,,, if you guys dont try this flower.. missing out big time.
    smell and taste is perfect, burns white and super clean when smoking

  10. Mariah Yee (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of my most fav strains, just relaxes you over and washer away any stress or anxiety you may have. Also will give you the munchies so make sure youre stackked before enjoyng this!

  11. Lara Salami (verified owner)

    One of my favorite. Relax the deepest muscles, help my nerve pain and the taste is sweet!!!

  12. Cavan Betts (verified owner)

    Awesome bud…high THC, smooth burn, great before or after long day. I’ll order again!

  13. Shreya Hodge (verified owner)

    This is to die for, I am very high tolerance, this does it up right, this is not for beginners, take it slow, beautiful, tight hugs, look at those
    crystals, crystals everywhere, the taste is so smooth, a nice smooth smoke, delicious 😋 taste, grinds nicely, the feeling goes slow for me,
    I had energy and focus, and gave me relief from my anxiety. You did this one ☝️ up good and proper. Color was lovely ☺️ nice amber pistols,
    smell nice and fresh, packed well, only thing I would ask if the type is ticked off on the bag, the experience with this one was awesome 😎 I give
    this a 10/10 on Shreya’s scale.

  14. Oliver Lloyd (verified owner)

    Fantastic smoke. Great evening time strain for enjoying slow music and nature sound.

  15. Muskaan Whittaker (verified owner)

    Very good you really have to try this the taste is amazing and the buzz is good pizza

  16. Dean Tyler (verified owner)

    Amazing smell! Great high, great smoke & buds were tight and dense

  17. Bailey Robertson (verified owner)

    One word. Relaxation. All time favorite for sure. Use it for Bipolar,pain, insomnia,lack of appetite .Hard to find so going to try it my first time grow.

  18. Nuala Castillo (verified owner)

    This product delivered what I was looking for. It’s a strong one though folks, made me cough. But delivers that heavy heady high I like to cap off an evening. Strong herbal sent and taste. Will buy again.

  19. Kush Finnegan (verified owner)

    This product and many other products have always been great. I have no complaints and have been/would 100% recommend WCC to everyone! Being consistent is key to this industry!!!

  20. John King (verified owner)

    This is a very interesting strain cause wen your out of weed after a good toke you be sure to find this strain euphoric feelings and tense buds

  21. Kaden Naylor (verified owner)

    this bud is so awesome. it has that really deep danky smell and taste!! perfect for right before bed.

  22. Arkadiy Marjani (verified owner)

    Took a chance on this, wasn’t disappointed. I’ll look for it again

  23. Artee77 (verified owner)

    I rec’d mine today nice strain great high for night time very relaxing 👍

  24. Andrei Padureanu (verified owner)

    Nice smell & taste great, good buzz great for evening smoke

  25. Justin (verified owner)

    very caked out and super sticky, nice burn with great high!!! love the effects i get from it

  26. Ali Abdullah (verified owner)

    never tried this kind quality flower in my life and im so glad that i tried finally. thank you WCC

  27. Madchops82 (verified owner)

    Best, so far. Excellent.

  28. Harvey Nicholson (verified owner)

    Very good bud, excellent high and an incredible pain reliever.

  29. Thiago Pinheiro (verified owner)

    This was my favorite out of the last order I got. The gassy taste really comes through and the high had me deep in the couch loved it!

  30. wil.claeys (verified owner)

    Really loving the gas selections that keep popping up in the craft section! Killer bag appeal, excellent gassy nose! Definitely recommend this strain for a heavy indica that is excellent for late night chilling! Also good for pain. Keep these great strains coming 👌

  31. Marija-Ana💞AddicTHC (verified owner)

    Pure gassy goodness! Big chunky frosted nugs, nice cure, clean burn and great mellow buzzz

  32. 5/5 perfect (verified owner)

    Perfect bud for movie night with the bae <3

  33. Hydrahail (verified owner)

    🔥 fire🔥

  34. Ayden Lones (verified owner)

    much needed sleeper kush !

  35. Humpys (verified owner)

    Fully worthy of the AAAA+ rating. Amazing terpe profile and strong long lasting high. It’s very potent a little goes along way. Stinky and sticky just like I like it.

  36. Meg Standford (verified owner)

    body was flying high. loved it

  37. Ethan Matthews (verified owner)

    Great flower. It helped me greatly with sleep & some stomach pain. I guess I slept my pain away lo

  38. Gerald Marsden (verified owner)

    So glad I found a 100% indica that has a higher THC content. Nice sticky, dense and large buds. Super gassy strain too. Amazing quality stuff.

  39. Zavier Contreras (verified owner)

    Smoke this and pain and anxiety just disappear. Very relaxing buzz. One of the best hybrid/Indica leaning strains around.

  40. Becky Quiad (verified owner)

    What an amazing creation. I’m so ecstatic I got Vintage Gas as a sample! Smoked it right away and woww…. the high was out of this world. Now I understand the hype around craft cannabis. I’ve never experienced such a coma like inducing feeling, intense, nice tasting, and happy effect until this strain.

  41. Greni 98 (verified owner)

    Great value for the quality

  42. Xumi (verified owner)

    Immediately made me happy. Taste very good.

  43. Hugo (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend this to some of my friends, it’s got a great taste and long lasting high

  44. Eric (verified owner)

    Got this for the first time. Great smoke and flavor. comes on right away.

  45. Tony 45 (verified owner)

    If you need something to help make you sleep, this strain is perfect for that. Its a nice mellow body high that will put to sleep so fast

  46. Bruno Mars (verified owner)

    Great strain for a relaxing high

  47. Raymond (verified owner)

    The high had me feeling relaxed and feeling good

  48. Myrddin (verified owner)

    Perfect strain for mood and pain

  49. Bonita (verified owner)

    one of my favorite strains taste, smell, quality of the high have always treated me right.

  50. Kim (verified owner)

    such a fun strain put me in a positive mood

  51. Shawn Walmsley (verified owner)

    This stuff is no joke… I smoked more than I usually do and I could not leave my bed for hours. I guess you can call it the “couch lock effect”. It gave me bad munchies too so make sure you have tasty snacks nearby.

  52. JD 45 (verified owner)

    I Got well relaxed by deep sleeping.

  53. Vinnie McClusky (verified owner)

    Too good of a strain for people not to try. Bud quality is phenomenal and smokes like a dream. The high is pretty damn strong and will last a while.

  54. Ben Scott (verified owner)

    Great early afternoon smoke definitely can’t go wrong with this one

  55. Gary Johal (verified owner)

    the killzzzzzz im definetly gonna get this one again

  56. Emily (verified owner)

    Excellent quality!!! Perfect for this strain, highly recommend

  57. GustGravel (verified owner)

    Sedating high that will have you feeling free of anxiety and depression. Very Relaxing.

  58. michellestory1686 (verified owner)

    So far it has been a great help dealing with my stress and feels me feeling light, sparkly, and comfortable

  59. adrianram (verified owner)

    Strong and clean burning, very gassy , lots of trichomes. Classic indica!

  60. TheEternalTraveller88 (verified owner)


  61. Kenneth (verified owner)

    This strain put me in a positive mood, I really like it

  62. drgitgud (verified owner)

    Smell and aroma is other worldly

  63. MJTheGoat23 (verified owner)

    Great service, good quality, amazing variety and stock plus quick shipping!

  64. jsarguitar (verified owner)

    It’s got a perfect ratio between body and head highs. I’m a chronic smoker, others would say a stoner, I smoke maybe 8-10 grams a day, mainly for anxiety and stress. If you’re new to smoking I would only recommend you to load half a bowl, that’s how powerful this strain is

  65. Mary Thompson (verified owner)

    if your down in the dumps u need this I promise you.

  66. wildmarvels1 (verified owner)

    Overall the bud is great and I can’t wait to get through this batch to see what’s next.

  67. Balroj (verified owner)

    The high left me clear headed, I was able to respond well and carry on an intelligetnt conversation

  68. Troy Carland (verified owner)

    This strain is absolutely fire classic kush taste

  69. Jordan (verified owner)

    Absolutely in LOVE

  70. Tyson Ledger (verified owner)

    Citrusy smelled amazing and had a sticky but dense fell to the nugs aswell. for sure a craft

  71. Fredrick J (verified owner)

    love the craft has a nice lemony smell

  72. Derek (verified owner)

    PerfectAmazing stuff. Some of the best Indica Iv’e ever had

  73. Nicole Hauptmann (verified owner)

    You know the feeling of being so stress-free and happy on a vacation? This strain gives you exactly that feeling while being in the comfort of your home!

  74. Hayden

    holy shit this is potent. came back from a t break and this sent me to the moon. im def gonna stock up on this

  75. Lenny C (verified owner)

    slight citrusy flavour, clean ass smoke

  76. Jane Limas (verified owner)

    A perfect daytime strain to NOT induce feeling tired. I love this strain. It’s potent. The amnesia might hit a little harder. 😆

  77. Johnson (verified owner)

    This strain slowly put me in a relaxed state and was a very relaxing tingly experience before I fell in the sleep dimension

  78. Danyal (verified owner)

    Makes the constant state of outrage just slide away, so you can get on with your day

  79. Tyler (verified owner)

    great citrusy craft, tasted super good!

  80. Bobby G (verified owner)

    Good craft bud great price!!

  81. Bryson M (verified owner)

    Honestly so amazing my body releases all the tension and I can relax all night enjoying the munchies it comes with, Then I get the best sleep afterwards, its great.

  82. Perry K (verified owner)

    gave me munchies pretty quick, great high to chill and relax during the evening

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