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  • 1302205
    Rainbow Runtz AAAA


    I love this strain! Makes me giggly, happy, and relaxed.

  • 297296
    Banana Runtz AAAA


    This is a great strain for depression,it makes me feel happy and peaceful. I definitely recommend this to.

  • 568419
    Peanut Butter Breath AAAA


    Hands down my favorite flower. Provides an excellent body high and helps soothe any discomforts you may have

  • 729106
    Birthday Cake Kush AAAA


    Amazing stress/anxiety reliever. Incredibly aromatic and beautiful crystals.

  • 1084043
    Banana Sundae AAAA


    Strongest bud I’ve ever smoked, I definitely would recommend

  • 1267179
    Rainbow Cupcake AAAA


    Best I’ve had for sure. It’s extremely good if you wanna get just a passive- still functioning high.

  • 1266194
    Frosted Cherry Cake AAAA


    It totally alleviated my anxiety and soothed my back pain.

  • 36959
    Wedding Cake AAAA


    It’s amazing for anxiety and stress relief, while not making you too tired.

  • 1267193
    Wedding Pie AAAA


    Strong body high and an instantaneous high

  • 693614
    Purple Rose AAAA


    Good smoke for sure, definitely burns well

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