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  • 12521
    Multi Pack – Gold Quarter Pound – 4 x 28g

    Meghan Sherar

    Great selection and variety. I enjoy this for being able to sample strains and flavors. With the rotation of product it's rare to be able to get the same flavor again, but I am fine with that. Even with the price going up (by $50 only) within the last year it's still a great price!

  • 45159
    Ghost OG AAAA


    Nice nugs covered covered in crystals smokes and smells awesome. It’s delicious my gawd.

  • 48832
    Trainwreck AA


    Very good taste... very good high... very good price

  • 44320
    Purple Space Cookies AAAA


    I recently purchased this and I’ve gotta say, it’s mind blowing!! This strain is very potent and very delicious. It has a smooth smoke and sweet tones which put you in couchlock mode. A pleasure to be had. Will definitely be getting this again and again.

  • 13645
    Hindu Kush AAAA

    Ashley Brockway

    This stuff is really good. Hits you real nice I've smoked joints, bong hits, and vaporized and each time you can instantly feel that light switch turn on in your head and you're nice and high. Great cerebral effects and very relaxing. Tastes and smells amazing! Would definitely buy again!

  • 39278
    Hash – Diamond


    Good smoke. Good in bottle tokes. ? Buying more.

  • 34401
    Gorilla Bomb AAAA


    Deadly man

  • 39937
    Bubba Kush AAAA


    I bought again and it's just so dam good the best I've had on this site, it's all about the flavor with this stuff and it's super sticky the high is really strong too. I hope they keep it stocked up

  • 45159
    Ghost OG AAAA


    Love it! So good has the nice og kush high tastes good smells good I'm really happy with this strain will be definitely picking up more

  • 35115
    Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) AAAA

    Ashley Brockway

    This is my first time ordering from WCC and they now have themselves a loyal customer. Packaged to perfection and even loved that they stick in boveda pack! Super impressed with the quality of the weed definitely AAAA + smoke. Smells nice tastes amazing and found it really smooth on the throat! Really enjoying the high haven't smoked Alaskan thunder fuck since my trip to California back in 2009. This is my second time having it and it's just like I remembered did not disappoint! Excited to try the other 3 kinds I got!!! You guys are amazing keep up the great work!!!

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