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  • 26169
    Multi Pack – Oz – 4 x 7g


    Awesome buds to choose from, I was happy with all the buds I received. I'll be staying with wcc 🙂

  • 40620
    Sour Diesel AAAA


    Smells good and tastes good, I'd order again.

  • 3050
    Super Nuken AAAA


    SUPER KICK ... Hits fast & last. Very tasty. Great bag appeal. Very dense buds! Just enough sativa to keep it functional:-)

  • 42479
    Lemon Kush AA


    bang on for the price!

  • 12517
    Multi Pack – Half Oz – 4 x 3.5g


    I've gotten this pack a couple times I think. Like the variety and theres some great strains. I especially love the solid high from Gods Green crack....blastfuckery!! Lol good stuff.

  • 35115
    Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) AAAA


    Definetly hard to beat unique strain and flavor with a strong smell of terpenes top shelf quality deserve that AAAA certification You won't be dissapointed with the high

  • 45159
    Ghost OG AAAA


    Smells and taste great, I will get this again.

  • 45159
    Ghost OG AAAA


    Smells and taste great, I would get this again.

  • 44560
    High Voltage – Live Resin (1g)


    Clean extract, very terpy. The SLH is very lemony, the Hawaiian punch very fruity. The only milder one is the lsd, although it still has a distinct aroma. Very pleased with the strength, 2 relatively small dabs had me on my ass.Disolving a bit of the extract in 99% ISO show no trace of residual contaminant.

  • 37239
    Premium Shatter – Platinum Kush (Indica)

    Steven Rivard

    Good stuff, nice and clear

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