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  • 69467
    Mix and Match – Kief Quarter Pound


    Really good quality kief

  • 62503
    Mikro Edibles – Mix and Match 3


    Delivery is fast, great savings too. Definitely my favorite now

  • 69461
    Mix and Match – Kief 7g


    really cheap. definitely ordering again!

  • 54967
    Hash – Ketama Gold Moroccan AAAA


    very relaxing and the smell is really strong. just by how it looks you know it is the real deal

  • 56932
    Mikro Edibles THC – 100MG


    one of the best candies I've had! delicious flavors, not too strong, and great balanced high

  • 56957
    Mikro Edibles – 1:1 100MG


    I never ran out of these in my bag. Whenever I feel stressed i just take some and i feel relaxed

  • 52727
    Hash – Tesla


    give you that perfect indica high if you know what i mean

  • 74284
    Hash – Notorious


    great high, very sociable. smell is good.

  • 74295
    Hash – Zig Zag


    great quality keep it up WCC

  • 68996
    Kief – Blueberry Kush (Indica)


    try using this to make some butter

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