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Rockstar OG Strain Review: The Indica Hybrid That Will Rock Your Body And Mind

For the cannabis consumer with a taste for euphoria, hazy introspection and deep relaxation, only one strain is guaranteed to bring it all together – Rockstar OG. 

So, how does this strain make you feel, and does it have any medical benefits? 

This Rockstar OG strain review looks at one cannabis with a potent but well-balanced high guaranteed to rock your world.

Rockstar OG strain is a beloved cannabis flower by enthusiasts and connoisseurs who love this bud’s spicy, blueberry earth flavour and the mixed heady and full-body effects it provides. 

While it’s not the easiest to find at online dispensaries in Canada, Rockstar OG has managed to carve out a position in this market, standing out from thousands of strains.

But is Rockstar OG worth buying online? Is Rockstar strain an indica or sativa? 

This Rockstar OG strain review tells you all you need to know about this potent bud, how it makes you feel, its genetics and where to buy weed online in Canada

Also in this post are the best Rockstar OG strains and how to buy them from West Coast Cannabis online mail-order marijuana dispensary for the best prices and Canada-wide delivery. But first, what is Rockstar OG?

Rockstar OG Strain Review: OverviewCola part of a Rockstar OG strain cannabis plant. Mail order weed from online dispensary cannabis canada. Buy weed online.

Wondering what type of strain Rockstar OG strain is? Here is the lowdown on the rocker strain.

Rockstar OG, also known as Rockstar Kush or BC Rockstar, is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 75 to 25 indica to sativa ratio. 

This strain has gained massive publicity because of its desirable genetics and intense but well-balanced high that kicks off with cerebral stimulation and ends with intense couchlock or even a deep sleep that lasts for hours. But where is this strain from?

Rockstar OG hails from British Columbia and is a cross of two insanely famous and potent buds, Rockstar and Bubba Kush strains. But how does it compare to its much-beloved parent strains? 

Rockstar and Bubba Kush are some of Canada’s most popular cannabis strains today, known for their hard-hitting effects and other desirable qualities such as medical benefits, flavours, and aroma. 

Rockstar is an indica dominant hybrid with a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio. 

It’s a cross of the famous Sensi Star and Rock Bud strain. Compared to its parent, Rockstar OG is slightly more indica, but does that reflect in the effects?

Rockstar’s hard-hitting effects are powered by 14-19% THC, while its offspring is a bit more potent, typically falling between 22-25% THC on average. 

But does this mean its effects are more powerful? And which should you add to your “buy weed online” list, Rockstar or Rockstar OG?

Compared to its other parent, Bubba Kush, Rockstar OG is slightly less indica as BK is an indica hybrid with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio. 

Bubba Kush is a cross between Afghani and OG Kush and is known for being a breeder’s and consumer favourite. 

BK is closer to Rockstar regarding THC content as it falls between 14-and 25% on the available lab tests.

Fans of the Rockstar OG strain say that it carries on the best qualities of its parents, including the hard-hitting highs, delicious tastes and aroma and cannabinoid production. 

But how does it perform when it comes to taste and aroma? How does it make you feel? Here is more on the Rockstar OG strain review.

Rockstar OG Strain Review: Appearance, Flavour, AromaFresh blueberries and Rockstar OG buds in a grinder. Rockstar OG Strain Review Appearance, Flavour, Aroma

Rockstar OG is a special bud due to its prized genetics, but what does it taste and smell like?

Rockstar Kush plants produce medium-sized, spade-shaped nugs, but unlike the typical indica, they are super airy. 

The buds are lime green in colour and are covered in orange pistils that wrap around the buds. 

The icing on the cake is a fine crystalline coat of trichome that covers every part of the flower, giving it a frosty appearance indicative of its potency.

But what about its aroma and flavour? 

This strain touches all the right senses. Opening a jar of Rockstar OG buds gives off a sweet blueberries scent with a spicy, skunky earthiness that becomes more apparent when you break down the buds. 

The delicious classic aroma of earthy skunky blueberries is one of the favourite qualities of this popular bud. 

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The taste of Rockstar OG is similar to the aroma. 

This strain produces a smooth smoke that delivers a rich, earthy flavour of blueberries and a pungent skunky aftertaste that only intensifies on the exhale. 

The aftertaste also has a dash of sweetness. You may also taste some hints of pine, other berry flavours and diesel notes that remind you of this strain’s OG Kush heritage

Overall, the strain’s flavour is that of the classic marijuana, which may explain why it’s so popular with cannabis enthusiasts.

It’s smooth and generally welcoming, even for new consumers. But what does Rockstar OG make you feel?

OG Rockstar Strain Effects: How It Makes You FeelHappy man relaxed and chilling at home on sofa after buying weed online from mail order weed shop West Coast Cannabis Canada. Order weed online.

This is where the Rockstar OG strain shines – the effects. This strain’s effects will rock your body and mind in remarkable ways that will stay with you for a long time. 

A few tokes of a marijuana joint filled with Rockstar OG goodness will lift your mind with a rush of uplifting euphoria that will leave you in a happy and unfocused state. 

If you have any tasks to complete, you will have a few minutes as this bit of cerebral stimulation only lasts for a while. 

The main star of the show is the full-body relaxation that kicks in slowly, gradually evaporating all your anxiety and calming down racing thoughts. 

This warm feeling spreads slowly through your body, relaxing all your muscles from head to toe, relieving pains and aches and before you know it, you are in a state of slight sedation.

In higher doses, this slight sedative feeling turns into a heavy couch-lock that can be so intense that some consumers may experience paranoia and anxiety, so be careful with the dosage.

This strain’s relaxing and calming effects make it a particularly excellent strain for evening and late afternoon use when you are done with all your day’s tasks and want to relax and reflect on the day. 

This strain also leads to intense munchies, so you need to have your snacks nearby before the heavy couchlock sits in.

When the relaxing effects kick in, all you have to do is lift your legs onto the couch, put your favourite show on, and chew on the snacks. 

Rockstar OG is also known to put its consumers into a deep sleep. But does it have any medical benefits?

Rockstar OG Strain Review: Medical BenefitsMedical doctor holding a capsule bottle with marijuana leaf on it. buy weed online. buy vapes online canada. mail order weed.

The Rockstar OG strain has some effects that may be useful to patients with different health conditions. Its uplifting effects are said to help with stress, anxiety and depression. 

The relaxing benefits may also help manage pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Cannabis compounds, including terpenes and cannabinoids, have anti-inflammatory properties. 

When combined with the pain-relieving qualities of THC, it may help alleviate joint pains and back pain, among other symptoms.

Rockstar OG’s sedative effects may help with pain relief, insomnia and other sleep problems. 

It also causes intense munchies, a quality that may be beneficial if you are trying to increase your appetite or suffering from nausea. 

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