Sativa Edibles vs Indica Edibles

Cannabis edibles are one of the most exciting products on the market. Although there are plenty of potent cannabis strains to smoke or vape, edibles give you even stronger effects and the high can last throughout the day. The effects of edibles are much like what you’d experience from other methods of consumption, only much stronger. You can also choose between sativa edibles and indica edibles.

Much like other cannabis products, you can find edibles in sativa or indica form depending on the kind of effects you prefer. If you want to make edibles yourself, you can also determine the kind of high you’ll get based on the weed you’ll use. So Sativa Edibles vs Indica Edibles: what is the difference and which should you use?

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are marijuana-infused food products that get you seriously high. Studies show that, while smoking weed gets you high pretty much instantly and lasts for around 2-3 hours, edibles can take 30-90 minutes to kick in and the effects can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. As such, it’s important to use these products with care and not take too much.

Many people enjoy edibles as they give you one of the most powerful psychoactive experiences. Not only is the high much more pronounced than other methods of consumption, but it can also last throughout the day. The effects are good both for recreational purposes and for medical users who need strong relief for pain, inflammation, stress, insomnia, and other issues.

Beginners usually take a dose of around 10mg of THC when using marijuana edibles. It doesn’t take much to get high and some users even prefer microdoses of 2.5-5mg to get milder and more manageable effects. You can expect to feel highly euphoric and relaxed, but the overall effects can often depend on the kind of edibles you use.

What Are Edibles

Sativa Edibles vs Indica Edibles: What is the Difference?

The distinction between sativa and indica isn’t made as often with edibles as it is with strains of cannabis flower. However, you can still find many edible products labeled as either indica or sativa based on the kind of weed they use.

Edibles are made by binding the THC in weed with butter, oil or other fats and infusing the resulting product into all kinds of tasty snacks. As such, indica strains of weed can be used to make indica edibles and sativa strains can be used to make sativa edibles.

These marijuana-infused food products will give you the same kind of effects as the strains they’re made with. That means that, if you use indica-infused edibles, you’re likely to feel incredibly relaxed, stoned, and sedated. Sativa edibles will most likely give you a more uplifting and cerebrally stimulating high.

You might also want to pick between indica or sativa edibles based on the kind of medical perks you want. Indica edibles are usually better for tackling physical ailments whereas sativa edibles can help with mental issues. Both types of edibles have a range of practical uses and the type you should use depends on what you’re looking for.

When Should You Use Sativa Edibles?

Sativa strains are generally considered to be the more mentally stimulating of the two. As such, if you’re looking to feel incredibly happy with heightened senses and increased focus, then sativa edibles are the ideal choice for you.

You should use these when you want to feel stimulated. Sativa edibles are often best for times when you want to remain relatively focused instead of feeling too lazy and couch-locked to do anything. They’ll still get you extremely high, but they often won’t be as physically overwhelming.

While sativa edibles can help with a range of medical issues. They’re better for mental ailments. For example, they can help with stress, anxiety, and depression by putting you in a happy and motivated state of mind. While sativa edibles can also provide physical relief, indica edibles are generally considered better for this.

When Should You Use Indica Edibles?

While sativa strains are known as the more stimulating type, indica edibles will make you extremely stoned. Indica strains are known for their deeply relaxing qualities, and you can expect these effects in full force when you use indica-infused marijuana edibles.

These strains are great for times when you simply want to kick back and relax. You’ll feel relaxing tingles throughout your body when you use indica edibles and you might also end up being couch-locked. They can relieve you of stress and physical tension and clear your mind of any worries.

Indica edibles are especially helpful when it comes to physical ailments. They’ll help relieve pain and inflammation along with alleviating all forms of physical tension. They can also help relieve chronic stress and ward off headaches and migraines. Due to their sedative effects, they’re also perfect for users looking to tackle insomnia and other sleep problems.

Where To Buy Edibles

Where To Buy Edibles

Whether you prefer indica edibles, sativa edibles or edibles that give you balanced effects, there are many options available at WCCannabis. We offer a range of delicious marijuana edibles in all forms so there’s something for everybody.

Baked Edibles such as brownies, cakes, and cookies are one of the best choices. These taste amazing and give you exceptional effects, although you may have to break them into small pieces to get a sensible dose.

Candies such as Gummies and Hard Candies are another great choice. These usually come in small servings of around 10mg of THC with multiple in each pack. As such, they make it extra easy to control your dosage.

Chocolates are also available from chocolate bars to delicious chocolate pieces. If you love chocolate and want some psychoactive effects, these are perfect for you. 

Drinks are perfect for users who would prefer to drink their THC instead of eating it. You can even get marijuana-infused Teas and Cocoa.


Sativa edibles are perfect for times when you want to feel mentally stimulated whereas indica edibles are better for times where you simply want to relax and feel relieved of all physical tension. Many edibles also come with a mix of indica and sativa qualities.

You can buy edibles online in all forms, so whether you want indica gummies, sativa chocolates or hybrid cookies, there’s a suitable option for you. You can also find various other marijuana products online at

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