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Read This Before You Try The Sour Patch Kids Strain

Canada is one of the few countries to have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes and the sales of weed and other cannabis products by mail order officially began in 2018. 

Since then, the marijuana industry has seen a big boom and continues to grow rapidly. 

The sour patch kids strain is one of the favourite weed strains in online dispensaries. It is sometimes referred to as ‘sour patch’, SPK, or Sour patch kids weed. 

Sour patch kids weed was created by crossing Candyland and Sour diesel. This strain is popular for its energetic head high, beautiful looks, and delicious taste. 

It creates a very potent, long-lasting high that will keep you feeling uplifted for many hours. It appeals to both medical and recreational weed users with its sweet candy flavour and premium feel. 

SPK has deep purple and green hues that make it look a lot more like Candyland than Sour diesel. 

It is covered in golden hairs and has a sweet smell that comes with a diesel undertone. The sour patch kids strain was first bred by the Dark heart nursery, a popular marijuana cross breeder in California.

The Sour Patch Kids Strain ExperienceHappy woman enjoying her balcony. buy online weeds cannabis canada. buy weed vapes canada.

The sour patch kids strain is a rapid action strain that kicks in immediately after the first puff. Strain will give you a strong sensation of euphoria that comes with a lot of energy. 

The sour patch kids strain gives a boost to one’s mood and makes them want to get chatty and socialize. 

The energy and creativity that comes with this strain make it very good for daytime use. This strain has a THC potency that ranges from 13% to 25%.

Sour patch kids strain puts users in a good mood and it is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. It is especially known to alleviate anxiety and depression. 

Sour patch kids weed is the marijuana strain to take when you want to rid your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. 

The Sour patch kids strain first gives an exciting head high then users usually feel a light body high that calms them afterward. 

This calming body buzz makes SPK a suitable choice for consumption in the evening. It comes in many forms and can be consumed as edibles in situations where it is inappropriate to smoke.

Sour patch kids weed gives users a stable, peaceful mental state and can provide instant relief to people who have PTSD, mental distress, and other severe mental states. 

Sour patch kids strain also helps to comfort users that have backache, joint pains, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia. The sour patch strain can make users feel focused and happy for so many hours. 

But, consuming a lot of it can make a sensation of sleepiness and relaxation come over you. 

You can use the Sour Patch Kids strain to improve your meditation experience because it helps you stay relaxed and focused.

Growing The Sour Patch Kids StrainMan's hand with cannabis plant. Sour Patch Kids Strain. online dispensary. buy online weeds.

This strain is not very easy to grow and usually requires a lot of knowledge and experience from growers. It needs a lot of close monitoring during the production process and is quite vulnerable to diseases. 

It can sometimes produce average yields under good growing conditions and is not a very popular choice among marijuana growers. This strain may not be easy to find in online dispensaries because of its difficult growing process. 

It has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks and its harvest is markedly larger when cultivated outdoors than when it is cultivated indoors. 

If you have what it takes to grow the Sour patch kids strain, you can buy the cannabis seeds by mail order in Canada.

Similar Strains

The sour patch kid’s weed strain can be scarce in places where the weather is not conducive for growth. It frequently goes out of stock in some online dispensaries in Canada. 

If the sour patch is out of stock the next time you want to buy weed online in Canada, you can buy some of the weed strains described below to get a similar high.

1. Jack HererBuy Weed Jack Herer bud from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary in Canada for weed online.

This weed strain was named after the weed activist who wrote “The emperor wears no clothes.” The Jack Herer strain gives a very energetic high that makes it even more popular than the person it was named after. 

It is frequently referred to as, Premium Jack, Platinum Jack, or simply called ‘The Jack’. 

From a genetic viewpoint, Jack Herer is a nearly balanced Sativa dominant strain as it is 55% Sativa. 

However, the high from Jack Herer is akin to that of a pure Sativa. It has a pine, woody taste which has a touch of spiciness.

This strain was developed in the Netherlands in the 90s. It was later recognized and distributed as a medical strain by Dutch pharmacies. 

It has won a lot of awards for its quality, medical effects, and potency. Just like the Sour Patch Kids strain, it will give you an energetic high that comes with a high level of creativity. 

It is an ideal daytime strain and it will help you to stay alert for long periods when you are busy. 

Jack Herer reduces users’ depression, anxiety, and stress. It is one of the favourite cannabis strains in online dispensaries in Canada. 

Some of the side effects of this strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia.

2. Purple Silver HazePurple Silver Haze weed buds from West Coast Cannabis mail order marijuana weed dispensary.

This strain was bred by greenhouse seeds. It was the first prize winner of the High times cannabis cup. It was created by a crossing of skunk, Northern lights, and Haze. 

This strain has beautiful sticky nugs that have a citrus flavor with spicy and ammonia undertones. Purple Silver Haze gives users a strong, long-lasting high. 

It increases users’ creativity and makes them feel uplifted and energized. It can comfort people who feel stress or nausea. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

The Purple Silver Haze is very strong, it has 20% THC potency and is not recommended for people who have a low THC tolerance. 

Some of the side effects of consuming Purple silver haze are dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia.

3. Durban PoisonDurban Poison weed bud from the best online dispensary for mail order marijuana in Canada.

This pure Sativa strain was created in Durban, a city in South Africa. It became popular among cannabis users for its sweet smell and uplifting effect. 

It gives a high that is even more energetic than the Sour patch kids strain. A lot of cannabis users say that Durban poison is the most energizing marijuana strain they have ever used.

 You can easily buy this energy booster in online dispensaries and use it instead of SPK. It helps users to focus more easily and can be very useful to people who need to focus for long hours or have ADHD. 

Because it helps users to focus for longer periods, Durban poison is even more suitable for daytime consumption than SPK. 

Durban poison alleviates stress and depression. Some of its side effects are dry mouth, anxiety, and paranoia.

4. Mango SapphireMango Sapphire weed bud in a man's palm. buy weed online canada. mail order marijuana. mail order weed canada.

The mango sapphire weed strain gives off a fruity smell and a high that makes users happy and relaxed. 

Like SPK, Mango sapphire will also make users sleepy if they consume large amounts of it. Sounds like the effect of Sour patch kids right? 

The mango sapphire was bred by the Humboldt Seed Organization, a company that grows and breeds marijuana strains in California. 

Mango Sapphire was created by crossing Bubba’s Gift, OG Kush, and Afghan genetics. Its Delicious fruity smell and flavors feel like a combination of mango, coconut, and citrus. 

It helps users get rid of anxiety, depression, and stress. The mango sapphire is very much like the sour patch, but it is not the best substitute if you want to use this weed for pain relief or if you want to experience the alertness and creativity that comes with SPK.

Mango sapphire has a 24% THC potency and should be consumed in moderate amounts. 

It does not have many side effects and is only known to cause dry mouth and dry eyes. 

This strain will give you the munchies so you should have some of your favourite snacks at hand before hitting it. 


You should make it a habit to check the THC potency for every unfamiliar brand of sour patch kids weed when you buy weed online because the potency varies over a wide range of 13% to 25%. 

You should also take short breaks between every two or three puffs so that you do not end up consuming too much of it and sleeping off. 

If the Sour patch kids weed is too potent for your liking, you can use it to make some DIY edibles that will have lower potency to match your preference.

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