Strain Review Black Widow

If you’re in the market for an exceptionally strong strain that’ll boost your mind yet eventually leave you thoroughly relaxed, then you’ll want to try Black Widow. While it’s surprisingly not a descendant of White Widow, it’s similarly bred from a Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica. As such, you’ll get sensational hybrid effects.

Black Widow is easily recognizable by its dark hairs and resinous buds. Not only does the strain have great bag appeal, but you’ll also be drawn in by the dank, earthy taste. It’s one of the most powerful strains out there and is even a past High Times Cannabis Cup champion. So what can you expect from this fascinating strain? Here’s our Black Widow strain review.

Effects of Black Widow

Black Widow is a hybrid strain that has a genetic makeup of around 70% sativa to 30% indica. The sativa-dominant genetics are easily noticeable thanks to the strong cerebral rush it gives you. However, with high THC levels of 24-26%, you might also experience some powerful and sedating physical effects.

The mental effects will hit you as soon as you smoke Black Widow. It’s fantastic for helping you snap out of a bad mood as it’ll give you a burst of happy and creative energy. You’ll feel extra euphoric and can enjoy all kinds of activities thanks to an increase in mental focus and curiosity.

While it initially gives you more of a head-focused high, the physical effects become stronger as time passes. At first, you’ll be treated to a wave of relaxation with subtle calming effects. You’ll feel a lot less tense as well as being free of pain. As the effects progress, you’ll begin to feel incredibly tranquil and may even end up being couch-locked.

With a mix of powerful mental effects and relaxing physical effects, Black Widow gives you a sensational experience every time. It can be quite hard-hitting and some beginner users may find the effects overwhelming. However, if you’re used to the effects of THC and want something strong, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this strain.

Effects of Black Widow

Medical Benefits of Black Widow

While many users enjoy the sensational effects of Black Widow purely for recreational purposes, it’s also useful for medical users. Whether you’re looking for something to counteract mood disorders or something to help relieve pain, inflammation, and tension, Black Widow can help in all regards.

The sativa effects are especially helpful for anyone suffering from issues such as chronic stress, anxiety or depression. While it shouldn’t be used as a cure, it can help significantly relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders by putting you in a more positive, stress-free mood.

Physically, it’s great for dealing with all kinds of pain. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain due to a condition, an injury or even just trying to deal with muscle aches and strains, the soothing effects of Black Widow will help significantly. It can also ward off nausea, headaches, and migraines.

Black Widow also increases mental focus and can improve your sleep. Overall, it’s a highly practical and versatile medical strain for both physical and mental symptoms. You may have to deal with a few side effects, though. It can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, and some mild dizziness, nausea, and paranoia in high doses.

Aroma and Taste of Black Widow

While some users enjoy strains with sweet, mild flavors, Black Widow is quite the opposite. The aroma of Black Widow is musky and earthy with hints of pine and skunk. If you enjoy the classic earthy marijuana smell, then you’ll enjoy this strain.

The taste is similar. While the smoke is highly skunk-like, you might also catch nutty and fruity notes, making it quite rich and flavorful. While the taste might not suit everybody, it’s not an unpleasant strain to smoke or vape by any means.

Where To Buy Black Widow

Black Widow isn’t quite as popular as White Widow, but it can still be found in various cannabis stores and dispensaries. With that said, buying marijuana physically isn’t an option for many users right now and you may prefer the convenience of buying online.

You can buy Black Widow online at WCCannabis. We offer high-quality buds at great prices so you can get the weed you want without any hassle. Every order is packaged safely and discreetly so it’ll make it to your doorstep without a hitch.

Alternatives To Black Widow

Alternatives To Black Widow

While there are many reasons to try Black Widow, you might also want to consider some other strains. Whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa or hybrid strains, we have plenty of high-quality strains available to buy. Here are some good alternatives to Black Widow.

White Widow – White Widow is another excellent hybrid strain that gives you a nice mix of energizing and soothing effects. Whether you’re looking for mental stimulation or a comforting physical buzz, White Widow is a great strain to try. It can also help with all kinds of ailments from chronic pain to anxiety disorders.

Strawberry Kush – Looking for an uplifting strain with a sweet, fruity taste? Strawberry Kush is perfect for you. This strain carries notes of fresh strawberries as well as citrus and pine. It’ll give you a clear-headed mental buzz that improves your focus, heightens your senses, and makes everything seem more enjoyable.

Super Nuken – Super Nuken is an intensely relaxing indica-dominant hybrid. If you’re looking for something to instantly take away any kind of pain, stress or tension and put you in a tranquil and happy state, then Super Nuken is a top choice. It’s ideal for using late at night when you just want to kick back and drift into a night of deep sleep.


Black Widow is a sensational hybrid strain with great bag appeal, an earthy aroma, and a mix of stimulating mental qualities and relaxing physical effects. If you want a strain that’ll perk you up before helping you relax, this is a great choice. It can also help with all kinds of medical issues. You can order Black Widow online for home delivery along with various other strains at WCCannabis.

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