Are you looking for a sativa-dominant strain that’ll unleash your creative energy, enhance your senses, and help you physically relax at the same time? If so, White Widow is an excellent choice. This marijuana strain is popular around the world due to its delicious flavor, enjoyable effects, and its coating of white, crystal-like trichomes – hence the name White Widow.

Whether you’re looking for an uplifting recreational high or a good medical marijuana strain, White Widow is suitable for you. With a 60 to 40 sativa to indica ratio, you can rely on it for uplifting effects along with relaxing undertones. Of course, it’s also a joy to smoke due to its aroma and taste. So what kind of effects will it give you, how does it taste, and how can you buy it? Here’s our strain review of White Widow.

Effects of White Widow

In terms of recreational effects, White Widow is arguably one of the most enjoyable cannabis strains out there. With a sativa to indica ratio of 60:40 and THC levels generally ranging from 18 to 25%, it offers a strong, pronounced high that’ll enliven your mind while simultaneously soothing your body.

The mental effects are particularly prominent. White Widow will lift your mood through the roof, making you feel joyous and euphoric. It’ll also enhance your creativity, making it a great strain to use before any kind of creative pursuit. White Widow can also make some users feel more social and talkative, so you might want to smoke it with friends.

As for the physical effects, White Widow delivers a gloriously relaxing body high. While these effects aren’t quite as hard-hitting as some pure indica strains, it gives you the perfect level of relaxation to take away any kind of pain or physical tension without making you feel lazy and sedated.

Due to its balanced effects, White Widow can be used throughout the day, although smoking too much might make you feel too lethargic. Keep in mind that smoking this potent strain might lead to coughing, dry mouth, and the munchies, so be prepared for these side effects.

Effects of White Widow

Medical Benefits of White Widow

While White Widow is an excellent strain for recreational purposes, it’s also a top-notch strain for medical users. Its mental effects are particularly helpful for dealing with mood disorders, but its physical effects can also help you ward off problems such as pain and inflammation without being too overpowering.

Many people use strong indica strains to tackle pain, but these strains can also leave users feeling too relaxed and sedated to walk. White Widow can help counteract symptoms of pain, inflammation, nausea, headaches, migraines, and other forms of physical and neuropathic distress while still making you feel alert and awake.

As for its mental benefits, White Widow will give you a huge boost in your mood and mental well-being. It’ll also give you a burst of motivation and optimism, especially if you smoke it early in the day. This makes it a great strain for tackling symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Medical users might also find White Widow helpful for counteracting fatigue issues. Whether you’re dealing with chronic fatigue or general daytime tiredness, its invigorating effects will help boost your alertness. It can also enhance your appetite, making it a useful strain for those dealing with appetite issues.

Aroma and Taste of White Widow

Not only is White Widow lauded for its sensational effects, but it’s also an exceptional strain in terms of its scent and flavor. If you’re a fan of citrusy strains with earthy and spicy undertones, then White Widow is sure to suit you.

Initially, you’ll notice a citrusy scent with hints of pepper emanating from its dense, trichome-coated buds. The flavor when you smoke or vape it is also similar to the scent – White Widow will tantalize your taste buds with a lemony yet spicy taste that’s sure to put you in a good mood.

Where To Buy White Widow

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable recreational strain or a strong medical strain, White Widow is always a good choice. Due to its popularity, White Widow can be found in many cannabis stores and dispensaries. However, the best way to get premium White Widow buds is to order your weed online.

You can buy White Widow online at West Coast Cannabis. We offer high-quality AAAA grade White Widow in various quantities. Whether you need a single gram to test it out, an eighth or quarter to enjoy multiple sessions, or even up to a full pound of White Widow, we have what you need.

Buying marijuana online is the best way to get top-notch weed with discreet home delivery. All orders are packaged to ensure your marijuana will make it to you safe and fresh, and not even the mailman will know what’s in your package.

Where To Buy White Widow

Alternatives To White Widow

While White Widow is a good choice for a range of purposes, you might also want to consider some other top marijuana strains. Whether you’re looking for something similar, something more relaxing, or even something more uplifting, we have a massive variety of strains to choose from. Here are some of the best alternatives to White Widow.

Black Widow – This White Widow descendant boasts an indica to sativa ratio of 70:30 and extra-high THC levels of 24 to 26%. As such, it offers a beautifully relaxing high along with a strong cerebral rush.

Blue Afghani – Blue Afghani is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines the genetics of Blueberry and Afghani. You can expect a delicious spicy berry flavor from this strain, along with soothing effects that’ll relieve all of your pain, stress, and anxiety.

Purple Gas – Purple Gas is an invigorating sativa-dominant hybrid that’ll lift your mood through the roof. It’ll also enhance your senses and creativity, making for an excellent time. As a cross between Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush, it also offers a tangy yet enjoyable fuel-like taste.


With long-lasting, uplifting effects and the ability to get rid of your bad mood in a couple of hits, White Widow is one of the greatest strains out there. Whether you want to try it for its zesty flavor or to heighten your creativity, you can buy White Widow along with many other top marijuana strains at West Coast Cannabis.

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