The Best Cannabis Strains for Every Situation

Everyone’s reasons for using marijuana are different. Some people enjoy smoking weed recreationally, especially since its physically tranquilizing and mentally stimulating qualities can be exceptionally enjoyable. Others use marijuana for medical benefits, such as to relieve pain or reduce anxiety. Fortunately, you can find suitable cannabis strains for every situation.

Every weed strain is different. Some are more potent than others and they also offer different aromas and flavors. On top of that, the effects you get from each strain will vary. For example, some are great for boosting your creativity or enhancing social situations. Others are ideal for evening relaxation or improving your sleep.

Although your choice of cannabis strains might be limited when you visit a local dispensary, you can find tons of unique strains when you buy cannabis online. Since every product comes with a helpful description and customer reviews, you can find the best strain for every mood and purpose. You might even want to stock up on a few different strains.

But with so many choices, you might not know where to start. Here’s our helpful guide to the best cannabis strains for every situation.

Best Cannabis Strain For Relaxation

Sometimes, all you want to do is light a joint or bowl and sink into a state of deep relaxation. Maybe you want to destress after work, or perhaps you want to simply kick back and forget about your worries. While all cannabis strains provide soothing effects to some degree, some are better than others for mental and physical bliss.

Afghan Kush is perfect for relaxation. This classic indica strain is known for delivering a tranquilizing body high that’ll make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds. It’s also great for putting your mind at ease. Any stress will quickly fade away and you’ll find yourself in a hazy, euphoric mind state.

While you should avoid Afghan Kush during the day, it’s perfect for evenings and nights when you have no responsibilities and you’re ready to chill out. It also makes it exceptionally easy to fall asleep, meaning that cannabis users with insomnia will also benefit from this top-notch marijuana strain.

Best Cannabis Strain For Creativity

If you’re taking on a creative task such as writing, drawing, making music, or even handling your work, you might want a boost. In these situations, it’s usually best to avoid relaxing indica strains, especially as they can leave you in a mentally unfocused state. However, sativa strains are often great for helping you harness your creativity.

Jack Herer is the best marijuana strain for heightening your creativity. Aptly named after the cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, it’s no surprise that this strain is a top choice for writers. However, its stimulating cerebral effects can also help with various other creative tasks. It’ll also make you feel happy, giggly, and social.

Users often find that Jack Herer puts them in an incredibly focused and lucid state of mind. Not only will it help unleash your imagination, but it can also help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. It also provides a mild body buzz – enough to soothe aches and pain without making you feel lazy and couch-locked.

Best Cannabis Strain For Anxiety

Best Cannabis Strain For Anxiety

Many cannabis consumers use marijuana for anxiety. Although it shouldn’t be used as a sole treatment, research suggests that cannabis can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. When you choose the right strain, the effects can help combat typical anxiety symptoms and put you in a more optimistic state.

Island Sweet Skunk is a top strain for counteracting anxiety symptoms. With an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio, it’s largely an uplifting strain that’ll fill you with optimism and euphoria. However, its indica properties mean it’s also good for calming your mind, washing your worries, and making you feel more zen.

In addition to helping with anxiety, Island Sweet Skunk is a great strain for depression, chronic stress, pain, fatigue, ADD/ADHD, and anorexia. It can also enhance your focus and creativity, making it great to use as a wake-and-bake strain. Its sweet citrusy taste makes it even more enjoyable to use.

Best Cannabis Strain For ADHD

Using cannabis for ADD and ADHD is becoming increasingly common. Some users with ADD/ADHD look for strains that help calm their minds and counteract racing thoughts. Others find that certain cannabis strains help enhance their focus. Luckily, you can also find strains that help in both these ways.

Train Wreck is the best strain for ADHD and ADD. This potent sativa-dominant strain heightens your focus from the first hit, making it easier to handle all kinds of tasks. It’ll also unleash your creativity and fill you with happiness, meaning it’ll give you an exceptionally enjoyable and productive high.

While it’s mainly known for its uplifting sativa effects, it also provides soothing sensations that help relieve pain and inflammation. Its indica properties also help soothe your mind, making it an excellent strain for counteracting racing thoughts, stress, and anxiety. It’s also helpful for improving your sleep and relieving headaches and migraines. 

Best Cannabis Strain For Anger

The relaxing effects of marijuana can be great for counteracting anger. Whether you have recurring anger issues or just need to light a joint now and then when you have a particularly frustrating day, the right strain can help. Of course, it’s best to choose a strain that calms you down rather than one that overstimulates you.

Couch Lock is the best marijuana strain for anger due to its tranquilizing properties. Although it’s known to enhance your mood, you won’t be bouncing off the walls with energy. Instead, you’ll be kicking back on the couch in physical and mental bliss. It soothes your body throughout while also making you feel mentally euphoric.

Not only is it great for taming your anger, but Couch Lock is an excellent strain for improving your sleep. After relishing in its relaxing effects, you’ll drift into a night of peaceful sleep. That way, you’ll wake up feeling happy, calm, and refreshed. It can also counteract chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

Best Cannabis Strain For Joint Pain

Best Cannabis Strain For Joint Pain

Nagging joint pain is a daily gripe for many people. Not only does it make you feel worse physically, but it can impact your mental state and make it hard to focus on anything but the physical distress you’re feeling. Pain meds often come with adverse effects, hence why many patients with joint pain now turn to cannabis to relieve their symptoms.

Godfather OG is an excellent weed strain for joint pain. This hybrid cross between XXX OG and Alpha OG boasts incredibly high THC levels of up 29% and a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio. As such, you can rely on it for intense physical and mental relaxation, even if you’re dealing with severe symptoms of pain and inflammation.

From the first hit, Godfather OG will send soothing waves around your body that take away all kinds of physical distress. Meanwhile, it’ll also lift your mood, making you feel happy and stress-free. Since it’s so strong, it doesn’t take much to get a powerful high, and you may even end up feeling couch-locked and sedated. With that said, it provides a comforting and warming high that makes it hard to worry about anything.

Best Cannabis Strain For Euphoria

While you might sometimes use cannabis to counteract some kind of mental or physical issue, sometimes you simply want a happy, euphoric high. THC is known to activate brain reward circuits to unleash a strong sense of euphoria. As such, many recreational cannabis users search for the best cannabis strains for euphoria.

Blue Cookies is a euphoric strain that’s sure to make you feel great. From the first hit you take, you’ll feel a rush of positivity and cerebral energy. Not only will it swiftly heighten your mood, but it’ll also enhance your creativity, boost your senses, and take away symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety.

It also provides a beautifully relaxing body high. Blue Cookies can help relieve all kinds of pain, inflammation, and physical distress, helping you to simply kick back and enjoy the euphoria. It can even help improve your sleep. Plus, its sweet, candy-like aroma and flavor make it a treat to smoke or vape.

Best Cannabis Strain For Social Situations

Cannabis can be excellent for enhancing social situations. You can have a great time by getting together with friends, sharing your favorite strains, and having deep conversations. However, some strains will leave you feeling too relaxed to partake in conversations. That’s why it’s important to pick a stimulating strain for social smoking sessions.

Wedding Crasher is the best social strain thanks to its physically energizing and mentally stimulating effects. It’ll fill you with happiness and motivation, allowing you to have deep discussions with your friends or even get up and start dancing. It’ll also make everything from music to movies seem more fascinating and enjoyable.

As a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most enjoyable sativa-dominant hybrid strains out there. Not only will it boost your social abilities, but it can also counteract symptoms of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Its mildly soothing effects can also help with pain and inflammation.

Best Cannabis Strain For Sleep

Best Cannabis Strain For Sleep

Many marijuana users smoke weed to help them sleep. After all, the physically relaxing effects of cannabis are ideal for soothing your body into slumber. The mentally calming effects can also help relax your mind and help you fall asleep easier. Many people even find that they sleep better after using the right cannabis strain.

Blue Dream is a top cannabis strain for sleep. This renowned sativa-dominant hybrid is known for enhancing your mood, relieving your stress, and giving you a tranquilizing body high. Many people find that they feel like they’re in a dream-like state while under the influence of Blue Dream, hence the name.

While you can remain focused and active after using Blue Dream, it can also help you easily relax and drift off into a refreshing nap or even a night full of dream-filled sleep. Either way, it’s excellent for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems. It’s also helpful for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and various other issues.

Best Cannabis Strain For Depression

Although cannabis shouldn’t be used as a crutch for depression, many users find that it helps counteract common depression symptoms. The mentally-uplifting properties of many cannabis strains can help bring you out of a bad mood and counteract negative thoughts. Certain strains can also enhance your motivation and focus, making it much easier to handle all kinds of daily tasks.

Strawberry Amnesia is a top-notch strain for counteracting depression symptoms. This uplifting sativa-dominant strain will fill you with euphoria and optimism. Instead of focusing on your anxiety, it’ll fill you with uplifting energy and prepare you to take on the day. It can also enhance your senses to make every activity seem more exciting and interesting.

Along with its mentally energizing effects, Strawberry Amnesia provides soothing tingles throughout your body. Not only can it help relieve pain and inflammation, but it can also help improve your sleep, which also has a positive effect on your mood and motivation. Strawberry Amnesia also offers a delicious strawberry-like taste which makes it particularly enjoyable to smoke or vape.


Whether you’re feeling sad, angry, lazy, or hyperactive, there’s a suitable cannabis strain for every situation. Some marijuana strains are perfect for relieving certain issues, such as pain or anxiety. Others are ideal for enhancing certain situations, such as a party or creative activity. Fortunately, all kinds of cannabis strains will give you a range of positive effects.

There’s no single strain that’s perfect for every situation. That’s why it’s best to stock up on multiple strains to suit every mood and purpose. Luckily, you can mix and match by buying a Half Oz Multi-Pack or even a 1 Oz Multi-Pack of numerous strains. You’ll also find a huge selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains online at West Coast Cannabis.

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