The Best New Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2020

Not only can Canadians now buy weed online, but they can also grow cannabis right at home. Between all of the intensely relaxing indica strains, mentally stimulating sativa strains, and balanced hybrid strains, users have more choice than ever. However, if you enjoy growing marijuana at home, you might want to try growing some of the best new cannabis strains.

One of the great things about growing marijuana is you can grow strains that you wouldn’t usually find in stores. New strains are being bred all the time and you can find many new and lesser-known strains in cannabis seed banks. So what are the best new cannabis strains to grow in 2020? Here are some worth trying.

Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana is one of the newest cannabis strains out there. It was made by Barney’s Farms by crossing Tropicanna with Banana Kush, resulting in an incredible hybrid strain full of tropical flavor and balanced hybrid genetics. Growers looking for a strain that tastes great and gives you a versatile high will want to check out Tropicanna Banana seeds.

The strain has a ratio of 60:40 sativa to indica and THC levels of 22-25%. As such, you can expect a powerful, stimulating head rush followed by relaxing physical effects. It takes the tropical flavor and calming effects of Banana Kush and blends them with the uplifting effects of Tropicanna (a cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie).

It’s one of the best strains to grow and can produce massive yields in the right conditions. You can grow Tropicanna Banana indoors, where it can reach heights of 1.1 meters and has a flowering time of 65-70 days. It’s also capable of producing yields of up to 2kg per plant when grown outdoors.

Tropicanna Banana

Sweet Amnesia

Sweet Amnesia is a relatively new sativa-dominant strain created by G13 Labs. It’s a cross between two other sativa-dominant strains and the result is a fantastic strain with pronounced mental effects. If you’re looking for a sensationally stimulating high, then this is one of the best strains you can grow.

The strain is known for delivering a potent cerebral high. It’ll swiftly boost your mood and relieve you of stress while still keeping you mentally focused and productive. It’s also known for its interesting taste, giving you hints of lemon, cedar, and incense. It’s a fantastic pick for a wake-and-bake strain or general daytime use.

It’s one of the best new cannabis strains to grow, especially as it’s beginner-friendly. It’s a medium-sized strain with a flowering time of around 65 days. It’s easy to grow and produces strong yields. It’s great for indoor growers as it doesn’t take up too much space and can grow plenty of dense, resinous buds in the right conditions.

Rare Hindu

If you enjoy the soothing and tranquil effects of Hindu Kush and want to grow something new and exciting, then try out Rare Hindu. It’s an interesting cross between Hindu Kush and an OG #2 male, resulting in a phenomenal indica kush that’s perfect for evening relaxation or medical relief.

This strain is said to deliver a beautifully calming high. You’ll feel relaxed and enlightened as it relieves you of all your stress and worries and puts you in a dreamy and introspective state. Like most indicas, it’s a good choice of strain for when you need to unwind or for when you need to tackle issues such as pain, stress, and insomnia.

Rare Hindu seeds have a flowering time of around 60-75 days and can be grown indoors or outdoors. They produce medium to high yields, so you’ll get plenty of value out of growing this strain. If you enjoy indica cannabis strains with sweet yet earthy aromas, this is the strain for you.

Wedding Flowers

Another one of the best cannabis strains to grow in 2020 is Wedding Flowers, an offshoot of the popular Wedding Cake strain. Wedding Cake is a strain known for its deliciously sweet taste and calming indica-dominant effects while also providing a burst of cerebral stimulation. Wedding Flowers is similar, only with more of a floral aroma.

Wedding Flowers is a good strain to grow for beginners. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a flowering time of around 56 days. It grows to around 3-6 feet tall, although it can reach even taller heights when grown outdoors. You can also expect decent yields of around 500-700 grams per square meter.

You’ll get some satisfying yields from this new strain. It gives you a luxurious and enjoyable high as well as having an intoxicating aroma. If you enjoy Wedding Cake and want something different, this is a strain worth growing.

Quick Gorilla

Quick Gorilla

As you might guess from the name, Quick Gorilla is a new strain that’s a faster-growing alternative to the ever-popular Gorilla Glue strains. It mixes in the genetics of OG Kush, resulting in a strain that’s fantastic for growers with marijuana buds that are sure to give you a sensational high.

Quick Gorilla is a hybrid strain that’s around 65% indica. With THC levels of 22%, you can expect a strong high with a mix of cerebral stimulation and deep relaxation. The scent is earthy with hints of diesel, most likely due to its OG Kush heritage.

This strain is a great choice of growers as it offers a short growing time. Quick Gorilla seeds can flower in as little as 51-56 days when grown indoors. It’s also a good strain for growing outdoors around October-time. You can expect impressive yields in a short amount of time from this exceptional new cannabis strain.


If you want to try growing marijuana yourself, these are some of the best new cannabis strains to grow in 2020. Whether you’re looking for a strain that’s easy to grow or a strain that delivers sensational effects, these are some of the top choices out there right now. You can find cannabis seeds at seed banks and in some cannabis stores.

On the other hand, if growing marijuana isn’t for you, you can always simply buy some of the best cannabis strains online. offers a massive variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, along with various other cannabis and CBD products. All of these products are available for safe and discreet delivery all over Canada.

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