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Hash vs Shatter: Which Cannabis Concentrate is Better?

The fundamental difference in the comparison of hash vs shatter cannabis concentrates is that of solvent and solventless extraction methods.

Shatter is generally made through a solvent method that uses chemicals such as ethanol, butane, or propane. One of the Canadian extractors’ most commonly used extraction methods is butane hash oil (BHO) extraction.

Alternatively, hash or hashish is made through a solventless method that uses different heating temperatures, ice, pressure, or fine sieving to separate trichomes from dried marijuana plants. But what does this mean when it comes to hash vs shatter?

Hash is also the original cannabis concentrate used worldwide for nearly 1000 years due to its therapeutic benefits.  

In the matchup of hash vs shatter, one thing in common: both cannabis concentrates are tremendously potent. 

Therefore, you must exercise caution when you consume them. 

Moreover, it is admissible to get or mail order them from a trustworthy land or online dispensary in Canada. 

West Coast Cannabis is a top-tier, award-winning weed store in Canada that offers cannabis in various forms, from budget buds to premium THC concentrates. Here’s the comprehensive hash vs shatter guide.

Hash vs Shatter: A Detailed Explainer of the Two Cannabis Concentrates

What Is Shatter

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Shatter weed is visually translucent, with colours ranging from dark yellow (much like olive oil) to shiny, honeyed amber. It has a stiff, brittle texture. It is also one of the many forms of hash oil. 

Due to its glimmering appearance, shatter is also labelled as the purest, and one of the most potent THC concentrates. It is made by processing marijuana plant materials through a solvent. 

Shatter can contain 60 to 80% THC, depending on the quality of the cannabis plant used. It is preferred mainly by cannabis users who are looking for a heavier-hitting high. But is this enough in a hash vs shatter comparison?

The Multiple Consistencies of Shatter Weed

The gooier, sappier shatter is run with decarboxylated tetrahydrocannabinol. It is in an oil shape at normal temperature. 

The sappier variety contains more terpenes and cannabidiol compared to the brittle version. The former also offers a better aroma and flavour when appropriately purged.

Many people have the misperception that the clearer a shatter is, the more THC volume it contains. However, it is not always true.

Tests conducted by a Seattle marijuana laboratory revealed that the clearest shatter is not more potent than its darker varieties. Moreover, the clearest ones also comparatively contain more solvent residues, making them slightly riskier to inhale. 

Yet, the same leftover solvents make the clearer shatter a goto favourite of the potheads. It is because the concentration of terpenes adds more richness to the flavour.

The harder composition of shatter makes it more suitable for vaping and dabbing. Now to the second contender of the hash vs shatter matchup: Hashish.

What Is Hash

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Hash or hashish is crafted from the trichome glands of a cannabis plant. Trichomes house resin glands that produce CBDA, THCA, flavonoids, terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids for which marijuana is known. So, how does it hold up in a hash vs shatter comparison?

The terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids of cannabis hash work interrelatedly and can offer medical benefits. Research indicates that terpenes can enhance the effects of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

A British Journal of Pharmacology study on the entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes revealed that the latter could elevate the marijuana experience.

Moreover, if you are looking for high-grade BC hash in Canada, head to West Coast Cannabis to safely mail order it now. 

Types of Hashish

1. Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is produced with ice water. It gets its name due to the way it bubbles when toked. 

It’s a type of hashish that combines ice water and marijuana buds in a layered filtration bag. The blend is then stirred robustly to separate the resin and the trichomes from the rest of the plant material. 

After filtering the resin and trichomes multiple times, they are dried and pressed into disks or blocks of hashish.

Lastly, the fundamental difference in the bubble hash vs shatter debate is that the former is made with ice water and the latter with a solvent.

2. Dry Ice Hash

Dry ice hash is made without water. As it melts, it converts into carbon dioxide and dissipates, which rules out the process of drying resin and the trichomes after separation. Simply put, dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Most hashish consumers report that dry ice hash gives them a more potent high than ice hash. But is it more potent than shatter in a hash vs shatter bout?

3. Dry Sift Hash

The dry sift hash requires no water or ice for resin and trichome extraction.

A collection of marijuana buds and trims are finely chopped. They are then sifted through multiple filters. The filtered resin and trichomes are then converted into hash using low heat and pressure.

The 4 Best Hash & Shatter Concentrates From Our Online Dispensary

Now that you know the differences in the comparative debate of hash vs shatter let us talk about the four best shatter and hash products that you can order from West Coast Cannabis, A top Canadian online dispensary to buy mail order weed in Canada. 

1. Death Bubba Shatter by So High Extracts

To start the list in this hash vs shatter match-up is Death Bubba Shatter. Death Bubba shatter is not for the faint-hearted because it is power-packed with 80 to 90% THC. 

It is made from the famous Death Bubba marijuana strain, an offspring of the globally renowned Bubba Kush strain. 

The gorgeous golden-orange Death Bubba shatter tastes like a cocktail of lemon and spice with sweet and woody undertones. The 0.5 to 1.5% terpene profile has earthy and skunky tones. 

It is used to assist many chronic ailments such as cancer, ADHD, and spinal cord injury, apart from reducing depression, muscle pain, migraines, and stress. Therefore, it is admissible to use it before sleeping.

The Death Bubba shatter with a snap and pull consistency produces a euphoric and relaxed feel with leanings toward psychotropic experiences. It also makes you hungry and sleepy.

Your mind will go into deep introspection that may cause you to withdraw from social gatherings.

Many users of Death Bubba shatter have reported experiencing a powerful physical buzz in the head, which coach-locks them. 

2. Maui Wowie Shatter

The Maui Wowie shatter is a delight for users who prefer a high volume of THC

It is made from the Maui Wowie marijuana strain, a cross between a Hawaiian and an unknown cannabis plant. 

The yellow colour shatter perfectly snaps and contains 77 to 80% tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Your flavour is a potpourri of tropical fruits and sweet pineapple with citrus and earthy shades.

A few moments after consuming The Maui Wowie shatter, your body is filled with high-energy euphoria. At the same time, your mind wanders to creative escapes. 

You will observe an enhanced level of focus without any feelings of discomfort.

The shatter is known to assist you with stress, cramps, depression, chronic pain, PTSD, and ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Users who have consumed the Maui Wowie shatter have reported a strong taste and a unique and robust high for an extended duration. But how does it hold up against hash in hash vs shatter?

3. Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash

Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash is your ticket to a deeply relaxed psychedelic experience

The 100% India hashish originates from the small, rural town of Issaguen Ketama in Northern Morocco and packs a rich THC volume of 65%.

The aroma is powerfully minty because of all the bursting oil in the hashish. Your flavour is intense and pleasurable, which makes it hard to stop toking it. The Ketama hashish burns equally well in a reefer or a bowl.

After smoking Ketama Gold Moroccan hashish, your body will get sedated. 

At the same time, your mind will go on a rollercoaster ride of creative euphoria. It is also a fantastic tonic to reduce chronic pain.

It is admissible to keep water at arm’s length to keep yourself hydrated because the hashish will take away your motivation to move. 

People looking to try the powerful Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash from a trustworthy pot store in Canada can order it today from West Coast Cannabis.

4. Blueberry Hash

Say hello to a delicious toking experience that is easy on your throat and gives you a fantastic mellow high

Blueberry hash is delicate and pliable in texture and is loaded with a rich amount of THC. The aroma is a blend of blueberry and sweet pines with fruity undertones. 

The hashish will make you deeply relaxed while uplifting your mood and calming any mood swings. It stimulates appetite, assists with insomnia, and reduces anxiety and stress.

Blueberry hash is made with a sweet resin production and contains a THC volume of about 40%. 

Its malleable consistency makes it easy to manage, mainly after you apply heat. It is a fantastic way to unwind after a hard day of work or just before sleeping.

Takeaway on Shatter Vs Hash THC Concentrates

Both shatter and hash are cannabis concentrates, but shatter is more potent than hashish in a hash vs shatter comparison. 

In the matchup of hash vs shatter, the former is made through a solvent extraction method. In contrast, the latter is made without using any solvents. 

Butane hash oil extraction is one of the most commonly used methods to make shatter. 

On the other hand, hash is a low-tech cannabis concentrate made without lab-grade equipment. 

I am sure the hash vs shatter debate has excited the pothead in you. 

Therefore, elevate that excitement by heading over to West Coast Cannabis to mail order yourself some premium quality shatter, BC hash, and many other cannabis products. 

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