The Guide To Buying CBD Skin Care Products Online

While you might already be familiar with CBD oils, edibles, and vapes, CBD skin-care products are another popular type of CBD product. These products are infused with the natural benefits of CBD, along with plenty of other beneficial ingredients. If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to apply CBD directly to your skin, these are perfect for you.

Many people use CBD skin-care products due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol. It can help with cuts, wounds, and inflammation throughout your body. However, research also shows that CBD benefits skin health. Not only can it help with acne, dermatitis, and skin inflammation, but it’ll also naturally moisturize and improve your skin.

Even if you’re not dealing with any skin issues, introducing CBD skin products to your routine can help you enhance your skin health. Plus, with plenty of creams, balms, lotions, roll-ons, and even bath products to choose from, there are many great ways to apply CBD to your body. Here’s a guide to buying CBD skin-care products online and why you should use them.

What Are CBD Skin-Care Products?

CBD skin-care products are topical products that have been enhanced with cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in various cannabis plants and often extracted from hemp for use in a range of safe, effective, and helpful cannabidiol-infused products.

Many people already use CBD in the form of oils, edibles, and vape products, but CBD skin-care products allow you to absorb CBD directly into the skin, where it can interact with cannabinoid receptors to provide numerous benefits. Not only is CBD known for relieving pain, inflammation, and stress, but it can also improve your skin health.

CBD skin-care products come in all kinds of forms, including creams, balms, lotions, bath products, and pretty much any other skin-care or body care product. The difference is that, in addition to other natural ingredients, these products have been infused with a healthy dose of cannabidiol. 

You might also see these products referred to as CBD skin products, CBD body products, or simply CBD topicals. Whichever way, anyone can benefit from using these products to help with certain ailments or simply to enhance their daily routine. After all, CBD is very safe to use and, unless you’re allergic to the ingredients, you won’t experience any negative effects.

What Are CBD Skin-Care Products

Guide To Buying CBD Skin-Care Products Online

While CBD products are now widely available in health stores, hemp stores, cannabis stores, and even supermarkets, it’s best to buy your CBD products online. Buying online allows you to order high-quality products at great prices. Of course, you’ll also get these products conveniently delivered to your address.

West Coast Cannabis provides a wide range of CBD products, including CBD topicals. With a variety of CBD creams, balms, lotions, roll-ons, and other products to choose from, every user can find a suitable CBD skin product for their needs. 

These products are infused with safe and natural ingredients along with CBD to help tackle acne, dermatitis, pruritus, skin inflammation, and other skin ailments. They can also help moisturize your skin and enhance your skin health. On top of that, many are designed to help relieve pain, inflammation, aches, and physical distress, making them highly versatile.

Ordering these products is easy. First, you’ll need to sign up for an account. This process can be completed within minutes and your information will be kept securely. You can then visit the shop page or use the search feature to find the products you want. After adding your desired products to your cart, you can pay via e-Transfer or Bitcoin and your order will be sent discreetly to your chosen address.

What Kind Of CBD Skin-Care Products Can You Buy?

When it comes to buying CBD skin products online, you’ll be treated to a massive selection. CBD can be infused into all kinds of liquid and topical products, meaning you can find practically every kind of product you’d normally use in your daily skin-care routine, along with a few extras.

Creams, balms, and lotions are particularly popular. These can be applied throughout your body for quick and easy absorption. Roll-ons and sticks are good options for those who want to apply CBD to the body without getting their hands wet or sticky – they can also help you apply CBD to hard-to-reach areas.

You can even find CBD bath products. CBD bath bombs can be added to your bathtub to enhance the aroma while also giving you plenty of natural goodness to soak into your skin. CBD bath pucks and salts offer a similar experience.

Many of these products are designed to help users quickly relieve pain, inflammation, or other physical issues. With that said, these products will still give you the natural dermatological benefits of cannabidiol when you use them. As such, any of these can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Buy CBD Creams Online

Buy CBD Creams Online

If you’re looking for a straightforward CBD topical product to help with pain, inflammation, and skin issues, you might want to consider CBD creams. With CBD cream, it’s easy to simply take a scoop and rub it generously into your body. As such, you can use these products pretty much anywhere.

There are many options when it comes to CBD cream. For instance, you might want to use CBD Magic Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream or The Pain Killer Relief Cream Regular Strength. These products are targeted at helping with various forms of pain and inflammation, but you could also use them to counteract skin problems and improve your skin health.

Other great options include Wellness Pure CBD Natural Creme and MOTA Green Cream. These contain plenty of CBD along with other natural ingredients to help enhance your skin while also relieving a range of other issues.

Buy CBD Balms and Salves Online

While cream works well for a range of issues, some users may prefer to use topical products with thicker consistencies. In these cases, balms and salves make for excellent alternatives. Just like CBD cream, you can take a dab of these products and apply it pretty much anywhere on your body. However, balms and salves are thicker and often dry quicker, making them better in some cases.

The CBD2HEAL CBD Skin Balm Cream is an excellent choice for users looking to moisturize dry skin. Of course, it can also help alleviate various issues, including skin inflammation, pain, and aches. MOTA Green Balm is another top choice for those who want a soothing, healing balm to apply to their body.

As for salves, you might want to try the CBD2HEAL CBD Healing Salve Original, a CBD-packed product made with beeswax to make it thick and easy to absorb into your skin. You can also try CBD2HEAL CBD Healing Salve Peppermint if you prefer a minty scent. The Daily Remedy Salve it All 1000mg CBD is another top choice that can provide all kinds of benefits.

Buy CBD Roll-Ons and Sticks Online

Ever find that using creams or balms leaves your hands wet and sticky? Or maybe you’re trying to reach your back with a healing salve but can’t quite get to it. In these cases, CBD roll-ons or rollers and sticks are an excellent solution. These offer a hassle-free way to apply CBD wherever you need it. It feels like applying a stick of deodorant, only you’ll be treated to the soothing benefits of cannabidiol. 

The Daily Remedy Uplift Relief Roller 200mg CBD, Daily Remedy Target Relief Roller 200mg CBD, and Daily Remedy Flow Relief Roller 200mg CBD are some of the best choices for users looking for a handy CBD roll-on. While they’re targeted at different issues, all will help you apply cannabidiol wherever you need it – even if it’s somewhere like your neck or back.

The VVS Balm Recovery Stick 300mg CBD is another top choice. This product has the same consistency and uses as a regular CBD balm, but comes in the form of a handy, easy-to-apply stick. You can twist the bottom to push the balm upwards then rub it generously into your body wherever you’re experiencing pain, inflammation, or skin problems.

Buy CBD Bath Products Online

Buy CBD Bath Products Online

Not all CBD skin-care products need to be rubbed into your skin. CBD bath products are one of the best alternatives for users who want all-over benefits. Just drop one of these into the tub as you’re running a bath and you’ll be treated to alluring scents. Meanwhile, they’ll infuse the water with plenty of cannabidiol to soak into your skin as you’re bathing.

The Vida Snow Bomb Bath Bomb, Vida Glitter Bear Bath Bomb, and Vida Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb are a few of the options you can find if you want a colorful and aromatic bath bomb. These are infused with both CBD and THC, giving you a wide gamut of benefits.

Other types of CBD bath products are also available. You could also use a Vanilla CBD Puck Drop or Lavender CBD Puck Drop if you prefer your bath products in the form of pucks. You can also find a variety of CBD bath salts, including VVS Naturally Flawless Bath Salts – Naturally Flawless and VVS Focal Points Bath Salts.

Buy CBD Lip Balm Online

Most CBD-infused topical products are designed for you to apply CBD wherever you need it on your body. However, some are targeted at specific parts of the body or specific issues. For instance, if you’re dealing with dry, chapped, or sore lips, CBD lip balms are perfect for you. 

These work just like regular lip balms but come with the soothing and moisturizing qualities of cannabidiol. You can carry one of these in your pocket and use them whenever you need them. Unlike some common brands of lip balms that end up drying out your lips, these will keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.

The MOTA CBD Lip Balm is an excellent choice for users who want to moisturize their lips or even relieve wounds and sores. Alternatively, you could use the MOTA THC Lip Balm – THC provides many of the same benefits as CBD. Both of these products also contain other helpful ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter.

Alternatives To CBD Skin Products

Alternatives To CBD Skin Products

While CBD skin-care products are great for certain users, you might also want to consider some of the various other CBD products out there. You might find some of these products better for dealing with certain issues or might even want to use them alongside CBD skin-care products.

CBD Tinctures – CBD tinctures or CBD oils are liquid products that you can absorb under your tongue. You can measure the amount of CBD you want using the dropper provided and apply it directly into your mouth for fast-acting benefits. You can also add drops of CBD tincture oils to foods or drinks.

CBD Edibles – From CBD gummies to CBD chocolates, these products are particularly popular as they make the process of taking CBD more enjoyable. Each serving comes with a helpful dose of CBD, making it easy to control your dosage simply by how much you eat. Not only do they make it easy to get a daily dose of CBD, but they also make for tasty snacks.

CBD Vapes – Vaping CBD is another popular option as it allows users to inhale the benefits of cannabidiol right into their system. You can find various delicious flavors of CBD vape oils, cartridges, and even disposable CBD vape pens.

CBD Isolate – Many types of products use CBD isolate extracts, meaning they give you CBD without any added extras. However, you can also buy CBD isolate powder. CBD isolate can be used sublingually or added to foods, drinks, and other products to enhance them with extra cannabidiol.


If you want to soothe and moisturize your skin while also alleviating pain, inflammation, wounds, and other issues, CBD skin-care products are ideal for you. From creams to roll-ons to bath bombs, these products are convenient, fun to use, and give you a helpful dose of cannabidiol.

Whether you’re looking for CBD skin products or other types of CBD products, you can find them online. With discreet delivery and tons of high-quality products to choose from, you can get everything you need from West Coast Cannabis.

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