The Guide to Microdosing and Macrodosing Cannabis

There are many approaches to using cannabis. Not only can you choose between a wide range of cannabis strains, concentrates, and other products, but there are also various methods of consumption. And whether you choose to smoke, vape, eat, or drink your cannabis, you still need to decide whether microdosing or macrodosing is a better approach.

The dosage of cannabis you take will largely determine what kind of experience you have. Taking a large dose of cannabis, also known as macrodosing, will lead to all kinds of potent psychoactive effects, including powerful mental stimulation and deep physical relaxation. However, taking a lot can also lead to unwanted side effects.

In contrast, some users prefer to take very small doses of cannabis – an approach known as microdosing. While the effects of microdosing are more subtle, it can still enhance your mood, senses, and creativity without being too overwhelming. As such, it’s a good approach for various situations.

Fortunately, you’re not restricted to one or the other. Maybe you want to macrodose cannabis one day but microdose another day. Either way, there are many ways to effectively get the dosage you need. Here’s a guide to microdosing and macrodosing cannabis.

What Is Macrodosing Cannabis?

Many people use cannabis for its recreational perks and medical benefits. After all, it can stimulate your mind to heighten your senses, boost your mood, and enhance your creativity and sociability. It can also soothe your entire body with deeply relaxing physical effects, helping to relieve pain and inflammation.

However, the intensity of these effects largely depends on your cannabis dosage. Those who want to experience the full potential of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids usually take larger doses, also known as macrodosing. Macrodosing involves consuming enough THC to experience a potent psychoactive high.

When you macrodose cannabis, you’ll likely experience intense physical relaxation. Some strains may even make you feel sedated or “couch-locked”. Many strains can also stimulate your mind, making you feel social and giggly. They can even spur creative thoughts. Every strain is a little different, but when you macrodose cannabis, you’re much more likely to experience a range of noticeable physical and mental effects.

The right dosage for macrodosing cannabis varies for each user. For instance, some people might find that taking a few hits from a joint is enough to give them a powerful psychoactive high. Others might find that they need to smoke at least 1 gram of weed to get such potent effects. 

It can also vary with different types of cannabis products. For instance, 10mg of cannabis edibles or tinctures is recommended for a typical macrodose, but some users may need more or less. To find your ideal dosage, it’s a good idea to start with a low to moderate dose of cannabis before increasing it. 

What Is Macrodosing Cannabis

Advantages of Macrodosing Cannabis

The right approach to taking cannabis largely depends on your mood, situation, and what you’re using cannabis for. In some cases, taking a microdose of cannabis might be smarter. However, there are many advantages to macrodosing cannabis both for recreational users and medical marijuana users.

Macrodosing cannabis unleashes the fascinating effects of THC. While microdosing can give you some mild mental stimulation and physical relaxation, macrodosing makes these effects much more noticeable and impactful. As such, those who want deep relaxation after a long day or want to harness their creative energy should take a higher dose of cannabis.

It’s also helpful for medical purposes. For instance, if you’re suffering from chronic pain or nagging inflammation, a microdose of cannabis might not be enough to alleviate your symptoms. In these cases, it’s much better to macrodose cannabis to ensure you get the relief you need. It can also help with insomnia, nausea, headaches, migraines, and various other issues.

Macrodosing cannabis might feel overwhelming for first-time users. However, those who are used to the potent effects of THC become accustomed to the effects and don’t find it too overpowering. As such, macrodosing is a good way for frequent cannabis users to have an enjoyable and impactful cannabis high.

Disadvantages of Macrodosing Cannabis

While macrodosing can have many advantages, it isn’t always the best approach. As you increase your dosage, you also increase the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. As such, macrodosing cannabis can occasionally lead to negative experiences and unpleasant effects.

One of the biggest risks of macrodosing cannabis is that you might experience a bad high. This can involve anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and various other adverse effects. Although you can help weaken your high by drinking water, resting, and keeping yourself occupied, the experience can still be highly unpleasant.

In some cases, macrodosing cannabis can also leave you feeling high for too long. If you smoke or vape a lot of cannabis, you might feel too high to function for at least a few hours. Using cannabis edibles can result in even longer-lasting effects. After taking a high dosage of edibles, you might feel high for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. This can become a problem if you have responsibilities or tasks to complete.

Some users might simply find the effects of macrodosing cannabis too overwhelming. For instance, some strains can make you feel too lazy or tired to enjoy your high. Other strains might make your mind race and cause too much anxiety. Fortunately, those who respond negatively to macrodosing cannabis can benefit from microdosing instead.

Best Ways To Macrodose Cannabis

Best Ways To Macrodose Cannabis

Macrodosing cannabis involves taking a high enough dosage for a strong psychoactive high. However, there are many effective ways to do this. Some users may prefer smoking or vaping whereas others may prefer using cannabis-infused products such as edibles and tinctures. Here are some of the best ways to macrodose cannabis.

Smoking Cannabis – Smoking cannabis flower strains in a joint, bong, or pipe is a good way to macrodose cannabis. Simply take as many hits as you need until you’re satisfied with your high. Most users fill their joints with 0.5g to 1g of cannabis depending on their tolerance levels.

Vaping Cannabis – Vaping is another good option as it provides a similar experience to smoking but is much easier on your lungs. You can vape cannabis flower strains or even cannabis concentrates using compatible vape devices. You can also use disposable vapes. Simply take as many hits as you need until you’re happy with your high.

Cannabis Edibles – Eating cannabis edibles is one of the best ways to macrodose cannabis. Not only does it provide stronger effects than smoking or vaping, but the effects last much longer. A 10mg dosage is enough for most users to get a powerful and enjoyable high.

Cannabis Oils – Cannabis tincture oils make it easy to measure and apply your desired dosage. Read the instructions on your bottle to see how much THC is in each drop. You can then measure your dosage with the dropper, apply it under your tongue, and hold it there for a minute. A 10mg dosage should be enough for most users, but you can increase this if you need to.

What Is Microdosing Cannabis?

Microdosing cannabis is the perfect alternative to macrodosing cannabis, especially for those who want milder and more manageable effects. Instead of taking enough cannabis to experience an intense psychoactive high, microdosing involves taking very small doses of cannabis. This helps you reap the benefits of cannabinoids without feeling too lazy, sedated, or unfocused.

Decreasing your cannabis dosage helps decrease the intensity of its effects. As such, microdosing is a good way to experience mild psychoactive effects without feeling too overwhelmed. This approach is especially helpful for those who don’t have the time for a long-lasting high or those who simply don’t enjoy getting extremely high.

Some users microdose cannabis to help subtly boost their mood, senses, and creativity throughout the day. Some even find that it helps improve their work performance, focus, and creative abilities. Others find microdosing helpful for relieving mild physical or mental symptoms without getting too high.

You can microdose cannabis in the same ways you’d usually macrodose cannabis – it just involves taking smaller doses. For instance, smokers can take one or two hits from a joint instead of multiple. With that said, using cannabis-infused products such as edibles, tinctures, and capsules is usually the best way to microdose cannabis.

What Is Microdosing Cannabis

Advantages of Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing is advantageous for various reasons. Although macrodosing cannabis can lead to an enjoyable high, you might find that you want a milder high sometimes. For instance, you might have things to do later in the day, meaning you can’t get too high. However, you can still take a microdose of cannabis to experience a range of subtle benefits without feeling tired or lazy.

Many people find that microdosing cannabis is particularly advantageous for improving your performance in certain tasks. For instance, some people microdose cannabis to improve their cognitive abilities and focus at work. Those who enjoy creative tasks, such as writing or making music, often find that microdosing helps enhance their creativity.

Microdosing can also be helpful for medical users. For instance, if you’re trying to deal with an ache or pain but don’t want to get overwhelmingly high, microdosing cannabis can help. Instead of making you feel lazy and sedated, microdosing can help soothe your body with subtle effects while allowing you to remain alert.

Some users also find that microdosing cannabis helps mitigate the risks of macrodosing cannabis. You’re much less likely to experience harsh side effects. What’s more, microdosing can help you get accustomed to the effects of cannabis before taking higher doses. Many users alternate between microdosing and macrodosing depending on their mood.

Disadvantages of Microdosing Cannabis

Compared to macrodosing, microdosing cannabis is much safer. By reducing your cannabis dosage, you’re significantly less likely to experience adverse effects such as anxiety, fear, paranoia, and nausea. However, while it’s a safer approach, it isn’t always the best approach for everyone.

Although microdosing reduces the risk of unwanted side effects, it doesn’t eliminate them. You might still experience mild side effects such as dry eyes, dry mouth, and increased hunger. Users who are sensitive to THC may even experience anxiety, nausea, and other harsh side effects even from small doses.

What’s more, some users may find the effects of microdosing too subtle. Many people use marijuana for its potent effects and, as such, are unlikely to get much joy out of microdosing cannabis. If you’re looking for a strong and noticeable psychoactive high, it’s better to take a higher dose of cannabis.

It’s also worth noting that those who don’t enjoy the powerful effects of THC might not enjoy microdosing cannabis either. If you’re sensitive to THC or don’t want any psychoactive effects whatsoever, you may prefer using CBD products. These provide many of the same benefits as THC without any psychoactive effects.

Best Ways To Microdose Cannabis

Best Ways To Microdose Cannabis

There are many effective ways to microdose cannabis. While taking a few hits of a joint or pipe can work, it’s easier to manage your dosage using cannabis-infused products such as edibles and tinctures. Here are some of the best ways to microdose cannabis.

Smoking or Vaping Cannabis – You can microdose cannabis while smoking or vaping simply by taking fewer hits. Taking one or two hits from a joint or cannabis vaporizer is often enough to induce mild yet noticeable effects. While this method is effective, it’s easier to manage your dosage with other methods of consumption.

Cannabis Edibles – Although macrodosing cannabis edibles will lead to an intense, long-lasting high, you can also microdose edibles for milder effects. Simply take around 2mg to 5mg of edibles for subtle yet enjoyable effects. You might want to slightly increase your dosage if you have a strong tolerance to THC.

Cannabis Oils – Cannabis oils make it easy to measure and manage your cannabis dosage. Simply apply as many drops as you need to get your desired dosage under your tongue and hold the oil there for around a minute. A 5mg dosage is enough for many users, but you can adjust your dosage depending on your tolerance.

Cannabis Topicals – Cannabis topicals provide a quick, easy, and effective way to absorb the benefits of cannabis via your skin. These products don’t get you high and, as such, are ideal for users who want pain relief without psychoactive effects.


Microdosing and macrodosing cannabis are both excellent approaches for those who want to benefit from the effects of cannabinoids. Macrodosing is ideal for times when you want a potent psychoactive high. Microdosing is better for situations where you want a subtle boost without feeling too overwhelmed.

Whether you want to microdose or macrodose cannabis, there are plenty of effective methods of consumption. You can smoke weed, vape cannabis concentrates, or use cannabis-infused products such as edibles and oils. You can find all of these products and more online at West Coast Cannabis.

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