The Real Difference Between Body Highs and Head Highs

Marijuana is known for producing all kinds of interesting effects when you smoke it, vape it or consume it in any other way. Most users will feel happy and euphoric as well as being incredibly physically relaxed. However, there are two kinds of highs you get from marijuana- a head high and a body high. So what’s the real difference between body highs and head highs?

Some marijuana strains give you stronger physical effects whereas others give you more powerful mental effects. These are known as body highs and head highs, and most strains give you both to differing extents. So how do you differentiate these kinds of highs and what impacts whether you get a body or head high? Here’s a guide.

What’s a Body High?

A body high refers to the powerful physical effects brought on by marijuana. When you smoke weed, you’ll often notice your body swiftly becoming more calm and relaxed. This is due to the effects cannabinoids have on receptors in your body, affecting how you experience pain and physical tension as well as providing enjoyable tingly physical effects.

This kind of high is perfect for users who want to relax. Many recreational marijuana users look for strains with more body-focused effects to help them unwind at the end of a stressful day. These kinds of strains soothe your body all over and can also make you feel lazy and glued to the couch. They can also give you an incredibly refreshing night of sleep.

Body highs are also fantastic for many medical users. Cannabinoids have been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation in many cases. As such, many people suffering from severe or chronic pain use marijuana purely for the relieving body high it produces. It can also be useful for relieving nausea, headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

What’s a Head High

What’s a Head High?

While some users enjoy marijuana for the body high, others enjoy the cerebral rush it can give you. This is known as a head high. A head high refers to the mental effects of marijuana, including the swift boost in your mood, mental focus, and creativity it can often produce. Research shows that marijuana can activate reward circuits in the brain, hence these potent mental effects.

Users who want to experience a euphoric rush often use marijuana for the head high. It can snap you out of a bad mood fast and make you feel more positive and focused. Many users also report feeling giggly, social, and creative after smoking weed. What’s more, it can also heighten your senses. This can make everything from music to visual patterns seem much more interesting.

Of course, the head high brought on by marijuana can also be useful for medical users. For instance, one study found that marijuana reduces stress, depression, and anxiety in just two puffs. It can also help users who need to improve their mental focus and energy. Some research even suggests cannabinoids have neurological benefits and can help with various brain-related issues.

Body Highs or Head Highs: Which Is Best For You?

Whether you should go for a more body-focused or head-focused high largely depends on what you’re using marijuana for. Medical users often pick which strain they’d rather use based on whether it’s primed for helping with physical or mental issues. When it comes to recreational use, the type you should use often depends on your mood or even the time of the day.

A body high is perfect for users looking to relieve issues such as pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and insomnia. The physical effects of marijuana help relax your body all over and relieve you of any physical tension. It can also be useful for unwinding at the end of the day and relieving yourself of daily stress.

However, when you want to perk yourself up in the morning or energize your mind throughout the day, you’ll most likely prefer a head high. The cerebral rush brought on by certain strains is great for social situations as well as helping creative-types focus on their work. Plus, it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and more, especially in users suffering from mental health issues.

Real Difference Between Body Highs and Head Highs

The Real Difference Between Body Highs and Head Highs

Usually, indica strains are recommended for body highs and sativa strains are recommended for head highs. Many strains follow this general rule and you might want to choose strains based on the kind of high you want. However, there’s a lot more that impacts the effects than whether they’re indica or sativa.

The cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles of individual strains can also have an impact on whether the high will be more body-focused or head-focused. For instance, strains that are high in CBD are often recommended for relieving pain and inflammation. Strains high in CBN can help with sleep. Different terpenes can also have various physical and mental impacts.

You can also determine the kind of high you’ll get depending on the method of consumption you use. Generally, smoking or vaping is better for producing a strong head high. When you inhale THC, it goes straight to your brain and gives you a cerebral rush. However, when you use Edibles, THC is converted by your liver and produces a much stronger body high.

Plus, most marijuana strains and products give you a mix of effects. Some may lean more towards a body high or head high, but in most cases, you’ll experience both to different extents. You can also use hybrid strains, many of which give you a good balance between mental and physical effects.


Depending on the kind of product you use, you may experience more of a physically relaxing body high or a mentally stimulating head high. The kind of high you get can depend on the cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles of each product, as well as how you use them. With that said, you’ll often experience a mix of both.

Indica strains are considered best for body highs while sativa strains are considered best for head highs. You may also want to use Edibles for a strong physical high or Vape Products for a fast-acting head high. No matter what kind of high you’re looking for, there are plenty of products available for you at

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