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Here Are The Best 10 Weed Concentrates For 2022

Weed concentrates are your best option if you are looking to level up your cannabis experience.  They are potent, flavourful, and can be consumed in several ways. If you are new to concentrates, here is our list of the 10 best cannabis concentrates you can buy online in Canada today.

But first, what are cannabis concentrates?

What Are Weed Concentrates And How To Choose Them

Cannabis concentrates are just what the name suggests – concentrated cannabis products. Weed concentrates can contain between 60-90% THC, which is 4 to 6 times the THC found in cannabis buds.

This means smoking a small piece of a marijuana oil concentrate can deliver the same amount of THC as a full joint in just one puff. While THC potency isn’t the only consideration when choosing the top dab concentrate to buy online, it is a big piece of the equation.

High-concentrated THC oil or concentrates also contain more terpenes than other products, making them more flavorful. 

In addition to the taste and strength of the product, you should also consider how it is made. The most popular way of extracting concentrates from cannabis plants is through butane solvent extraction (BHO). Using solvents to extract concentrates is a delicate process that should only be carried out in a controlled lab environment.

All the solvent residues have to be purged for the concentrate to be safe. That’s why we recommend getting your concentrates from reputable producers to ensure the product is safe for human consumption, effective and of the highest quality possible.

The most popular concentrates include caviar, kief, live resin, moon rocks, shatter, budder, diamonds, hash, crumble, distillates, HTFSE, terp sauce, and wax. Wax and shatter are some of the top weed concentrates to buy online in Canada. So what are the top 10 weed concentrates you should buy online?

Top 10 THC Concentrates To Buy Online In Canada

1. Pineapple Express Live Resin (Sativa)

Experience a long-lasting energetic high using this high-quality Pineapple Express live resin weed concentrate. Extracted from a premium strain, this concentrate is guaranteed to impress.

Pineapple Express is a sativa dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. This being a live resin concentrate, you will experience unmatched flavour as the terpenes are well preserved.

This concentrate delivers long-lasting energetic effects that kick in right away, leaving you buzzy, alert and creatively inspired. Get this Pineapple Express live resin today from West Coast Cannabis website.

2. Ketama Gold Afghan Hash (AAAA)

Hashish or hash is a premium cannabis concentrate made using the age-old tradition of hand-pressing cannabis trichomes. 

This original Ketama Gold Afghan Hash is graded AAAA meaning it is the highest quality. This high-quality hash is pressed by hand and worked on until it is highly elastic with a strong aromatic scent before being tightly pressed into a slab.

This Ketama Gold Afghan Hash is available on the West Coast Cannabis website. Get some and get the authentic hashish experience every stoner aspires to have.

3. So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Alaskan Thunder Fuck

This premium shatter strikes you with an intense, immediate high. This shatter is extracted from the sativa dominant strain known as Alaskan Thunder Fuck or ATF. 

ATF is known for its high, which is quite different from anything else you may have encountered before. The strain has a very strong banana, pine and citrus taste that lingers in your mouth for hours.

Buy this high-quality Alaskan Thunder Fuck shatter online at the West Coast Cannabis website, and we’ll deliver anywhere in Canada.

4. Blue Dream Kief (Sativa)

Looking to add some potency to your joints, blunts or bong? This premium kief is one of your best options. Kief is cannabis concentrate made by accumulating weed trichomes in a container or sifting dry nugs with a mesh screen or sieve.

This leaves behind a smooth powdery substance called kief that can be pressed into cakes of hashish but can be smoked or vaporized in either form.

This kief is made from Blue Dream, a sativa dominant strain known for its stellar flavour and buzzy cerebral high. Buy Blue Dream kief online from the West Coast Cannabis website today.

5. High Voltage HTFSE/Sauce (1g)

This High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) from High Voltage Extracts in BC is one of the most high-end weed concentrates you can buy online today. This HTFSE concentrate preserves all the available terpenes from harvest to vaporization, delivering a highly sought-after flavourful experience.

HTFSEs typically contain 50% cannabinoids, 20 – 30% terpenes and 20-30% other cannabis biomolecules. This High Voltage is available in a wide range of sativa, indica and hybrid strains, so there is something for everyone and every purpose. Get this HTFSE today at West Coast Cannabis.

6. Death Bubba Caviar (Indica)

Longing for some indica goodness? This Death Bubba caviar will please your palate with its tasty spicy lemon pine before pulling you into a deep undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours. 

This caviar is ultra-potent and should be dosed with care. Order this cannabis concentrate today and level up your weed experience.

7. Mataro Blue Budder (Indica)

Elevate your high with this extra potent Mataro Blue budder concentrate. This budder is made from Mataro Blue, a rare indica dominant hybrid created through a three-way cross of the classic Black Domina, Mazar I Sharif and Blue Monster strains.

This budder has a smooth butter-like consistency, making it easier to dose with a dabber. Mataro Blue budder has a sweet and fruity flavour and produces a buzzed, oddly relaxing high that leaves you sedated and hungry.

Get this premium budder today at the WCC online store.

8. So High Premium Syringes – Blue Raspberry

Looking for high concentrated THC oil? This So High Blue Raspberry THC distillate will make any weed product you add it to to be better and more potent. You can dab it, add it to a joint or blunt, or add a few drops to a refillable vape cartridge.

Each syringe contains 1g THC distillate that is 95.79% pure THC + terpenes. This distillate is derived from Blue Raspberry or Blue Razz, a strain popular for its uplifting and enjoyable effects.

Order this premium So High Blue Raspberry syringe online today.

9. Maui Wowie Crumble (Sativa)

Looking for a dab concentrate to use in the morning or during the day? Get this Maui Wowie crumble from West Coast Cannabis and get that boost of energy your body needs to get through the day. 

This crumble is made from Maui Wowie, a sativa dominant strain known for its energizing, creative high. Its effects are all you need to get outside and remain active throughout the day. Buy this Maui Wowie weed concentrate online today.

10. So High God’s Green Crack Shatter (Hybrid)

This So High Extracts premium shatter delivers balanced cerebral and body effects that lift the mood and leave you relaxed at the same time. This shatter is derived from God’s Green Crack strain, a well-balanced hybrid strain known for its head and body effects.

This shatter is very potent with great smoke and taste. Buy God’s Green Crack shatter today at West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s best online dispensary.

Where To Buy The Top 10 Weed Concentrates Online In Canada

Now that you know the top 10 best weed concentrates, where can you buy them? Cannabis concentrates are very potent and flavorful, but they can’t provide the desirable connoisseur-level experience if you don’t buy the best quality products.

West Coast Cannabis is Canada’s leading mail order dispensary that stocks all types of weed concentrates at the lowest prices. Each concentrate is tested by our team member, so you can rest assured that we only sell what we use. Order weed concentrates online from us today, and we’ll deliver them to you anywhere in Canada.

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