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The Top 7 Tools You Need To Learn How To Dab Like A Pro

Learning how to dab may seem complicated at first, but it becomes easier and will be like second nature before you know it. Dabbing is an effective way to consume dabs and can also be a great ritual – like rolling a joint. And like cooking a tasty meal, the preparation process to take a perfect dab can be meditative and relaxing. 

To ensure your first time goes smoothly, we have prepared this step-by-step guide to teach you how to take a dab. 

But before we get into it, let’s talk about dabbing.

What Is Dabbing?woman exhaling after learning how to dab. buy weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary.

Dabbing is simply flash vaporizing cannabis concentrates and inhaling the vapour. The word “dabs” refers to several types of THC concentrates, especially those derived from butane hash oil (BHO), such as shatter, wax, oil, crumble, live resin, oil, wax, etc. 

Dabbing involves applying these concentrates to a hot surface; the heat vaporizes the dabs, producing vapour which you inhale into your lungs.

Dabbing is not for everyone because of high THC potency, especially if you haven’t used weed before. Dosing is more delicate, but after learning how to dab, you will get the hang of it. Ready to unlock new heights of cannabis highs? Here is how to take a dab like a pro.

What Do You Need To Start Dabbing?

There are several ways to dab. There is the traditional dab rig setup and the newer e-nail. Here is what the traditional dabbing setup consists of.

1. A Dab Rig

This device is closer to a bong, but unlike a bong, it will have a nail instead of a flower bowl. Dab rigs come in many designs, shapes and sizes, but they function similarly. 

2. Nail/bangerImage of nail/banger to use when learning how to dab. purchase weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary

A dab nail is long and slim, just like a common wire nail. This is the part you heat and apply your dabs. A nail feeds the vapour into the rig. And just as there are different types of dab rigs, nails come in different designs and are made of various materials, including ceramic, quartz and titanium.

The standard today is the quartz banger. This has a flat bottom and a swan-neck design. Many dabbers prefer a banger nail because of its large dabbing surface area. A dab banger can be made of quartz, glass, and titanium and can be used with or without a carb cap.

Be sure to get the correct size for your rig. If your dab rig has a 14mm stem, get a 14mm nail. If your rig is male, get a female nail and vice versa.

3. Dab Toolclose up image of a dab tool in use. order weed online in canada from west coast cannabis online dispensary

Also called a dabber. This is the tool you use to apply the concentrate to the nail. Dab tools are typically made of glass, metal or ceramic and come in various shapes such as spoon, scoop, etc. Ensure the shape of the dab tool works for the texture and consistency of your dabs.

4. Torch

Most people use the torches used for crème brûlée. But as e-nails become more common, more people are ditching torches for the safer electronic method.

5. Carb Cap

This helps regulate airflow and pressure inside the rig. Newer carb caps are designed to also work as a dab tool. A cab cap is optional, but we recommend getting one.

6. Timer

photo of stop watch used when dabbing cannabis concentrates. purchase weed online in canada from west coast cannabis online marijuana dispensary

Another optional tool. A timer helps you know when to apply the dab.

7. Cannabis Concentrate

This is the THC concentrate you will dab. The most common dabs are shatter, wax, crumble, resin and BHO. You can get these concentrates and more on West Coast Cannabis, the leading online dispensary in Canada. 

How To Dose Marijuana Concentrates

Knowing how much weed concentrate to dab can help you avoid overconsumption. Typically cannabis concentrates are more potent than flower, so it helps knowing how potent the product is before dabbing.

Experts recommend starting small and slowly increasing your dosage. So take the smallest dab your tool can allow. You can always take another dab. However, take up to 30 minutes to evaluate how you feel before taking another dab.

5 Steps On How To Take A Dab

Your rig is set up and ready, your concentrate is dosed and on the dab tool, how do you take a dab?

First, find a comfortable position (we recommend sitting) as this might be intense. Here are the next steps on how to take a dab using a traditional dab rig.

1. Turn On Your Torch And Heat The Nail

Aim the flame at the nail and heat it as evenly as possible. Most people heat the nail until it’s red hot. However, consider the material your nail is made of to avoid overheating.

2. Let The Nail Cool For Sometime

After you are satisfied that the nail is hot enough, turn off the torch and let the nail cool for about 45 seconds if it’s made of quartz and about 10 seconds if you are using a titanium nail. This ensures that the surface isn’t too hot as it can ruin the dabs.

3. Apply The Dab

Using the dab tool/dabber, apply the dab directly onto the nail as you slowly inhale. Rotate the dab tool on the nail to ensure you apply as much concentrate as possible to avoid wasting any dabs stuck to the tool.

4. Use The Carb Cap

Cover the banger nail with a carb cap and continue inhaling. This regulates the airflow into the rig and helps with heat retention. 

5. Enjoy

Exhale and enjoy your dabbing. Congratulations, you just have had your first dab!

How To Dab With An E-nail

If you have an electronic nail, connect it to a power source and set it to the recommended temperature for the type of dab you want to consume. Follow the other steps above as you apply the dab and inhale similarly to what you would do in a traditional dab rig.

How To Clean A Dab Rig

Always clean your banger nail after every dab for a smooth hit every time. One way to maintain a clean banger is to avoid dabbing at very high temperatures, as this can char the dab or produce residues that stick to your banger.

The easiest way to clean the nail is to heat it with the torch to burn off residues or reclaim oil. However, avoid exposing the nail to rapid temperature changes or risk stress fracture. After the nail cools down, carefully scrape off the buildup using a dab tool.

You can also soak the nail in 91% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes to wash it or loosen and remove stubborn spots.

Buy High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates Online And Get Your Dab On

Now that you know how to smoke dabs, where can you buy the best weed online? Where you purchase your concentrate matters and affects your dabbing experience. We recommend getting your dabs from a reputable online dispensary to ensure it’s safe and effective.

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