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Are These The Most Enjoyable Ways To Consume the Do-Si-Dos Strain?

The Federal Cannabis Act came into effect on 17th October 2018, making Canada the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is, therefore, legal to cultivate, possess, acquire and consume cannabis and any of its by-products in Canada. 

Now, more than three years later, marijuana dispensaries and online weed retailers have shroomed up all over the place. According to statistics, the Canadian marijuana industry was valued at 2.6 billion CAD in 2020 and is projected to reach 8.62 billion CAD by 2026. This has given the average marijuana consumer access to hundreds of different strains and high-quality weed products.

One of these is the Do-Si-Dos strain, a premium indica strain cultivated for beginners and OG stoners alike. 

We’ll do a Do-Si-Dos strain review in today’s feature and offer five tips to get the most out of this female at home texting on the couch after buying pot online in canada. online dispensary marijuana

The Do-Si-Dos Strain: The Glistening Friend

Also known as Dosi, Do-Si-Dos is a hybrid marijuana strain with elegant line green and lavender leaves. This strain is indica-dominant, making it the perfect companion on a lazy Sunday. It is a calming strain with a sweet, pungent and earthy aroma with cherry, floral undertones. 

The Do-Si-Dos strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, the powerful indica. It has 70% indica and 30% sativa and strikes the perfect balance between euphoric and calming.

Smoking Do-Si-Dos brings on a strong buzz that begins on your face and spreads down across your body. Thanks to its indica genetics, this strain will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace. It is perfect for an evening spent indoors after a long day at work. Enjoy the Do-Si-Dos strain!

That is not all though, Dosi relaxes the muscles and loosens up the tension, making it ideal after an intense workout session. 

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Do-Si-Dos Strain

There are many different ways to consume marijuana. The method you choose to consume your cannabis will determine the kind of experience you have. These are five methods you can use to enjoy your cherry Do-Si-Dos strain.

1. Smoking

The novelty of cracking your weed jar open and rolling a blunt will never wear off. Nothing beats the feeling of that first puff after a long, tedious day. 

Smoking marijuana brings on the effects faster than other methods. This is because active THC, which is present in the smoke, is absorbed into the bloodstream as soon as it gets into the lungs. When smoking weed, effects typically kick in within five minutes and will peak after about 15-30 minutes.

We have numerous cannabis strains to choose from, grown for their potency, taste and effects. Do-Si-Cake is one of these. If you’re looking to buy weed online, make your order today and we will deliver it right to your doorstep via mail. woman smoking weed and playing guitar. online mail order weed in canada

2. Vaping

Vaping is becoming a popular method of consuming marijuana globally. Vaping involves heating a THC-containing load, like dried flower, extracts, or Do-Si-Dos strain oil. The THC is converted to vapor, which is then inhaled into the lungs. Since the dried flower is vaporized and not burnt, vaping eliminates smoke from the equation. This is why many people consider vaping to be safer than smoking. 

We offer a variety of disposable vape pens, including one with Do-Si-Dos extract. This product, manufactured by So High Extracts, is sleek, light and portable, making it easier and more convenient to take a toke while on the go. 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a vaping kit, our Do-Si-Dos disposable vape pen would be great to start out with. woman smoking Do-Si-Dos weed outside. Buy pot edibles and weed online canada.

3. Using Live Resin

Made using fresh flower as opposed to dried and cured buds, this cannabis concentrate is quickly becoming a favorite of dabbers and vapers everywhere.

Because of how they are made (that is, using fresh flowers), these concentrates retain the cannabinoids and the terpenes that would otherwise have been lost during the drying and curing process. Talk of a perfect entourage experience! 

Live resin can be dabbed on a dab rig, vaped with a dab pen or topped off on a blunt, bowl, or pipe. 

Our Do-Si-Dos live resin is a favorite among our customers; it has received 5 stars and positive reviews from many. This wild indica resin contains 25%-28% THC and will give you a strong kick. 

It is available for purchase from as little as 1g. 

Once you receive your resin via mail, make sure to store it in an airtight glass jar, preferably in a refrigerator.  image of live resin from the Do-Si-Dos Strain. Buy weed strains like Do-Si-Dos online in Canada. Buy weed online.

4. Eat Your Do-Si-Dos

Edibles will always be a classic way of getting high—the high from an edible is different from that of smoking weed. 

Edibles take a bit longer to kick in than smoking and vaping do. This is because the edible goes through different processes before they become effective. 

They are first digested in the stomach; the THC is then metabolized by the liver and absorbed into the bloodstream. You should therefore expect to wait for thirty minutes to an hour to experience any effects. 

Fortunately, their effects last longer as the cannabinoid has to be fully eliminated from the body through metabolism. 

There are many different types of edibles: gummies, pastries, drinks, chocolates, food- the list is endless. Theoretically,  it’s possible to put weed into anything edible, provided carboxylation has occurred. We have a wild assortment of edibles in our catalog, each prepared using potent, premium quality cannabis. candy weed gummies and weed snacks for sale. buy marijuana online in canada.

5. Shatter

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that is prepared using cannabis extract. During the extraction process, essential cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from other impurities. This results in a highly potent and pure extract.

Shatter, unlike many other concentrates, is brittle and easy to break, hence the name. It has a striking dark golden color and is one of the purest forms of marijuana. Shatter contains a good number of terpenes, thus has a strong aroma profile. Like live resin, shatter can be consumed using a dab rig, vaporized, or topped off on a bong, pipe or blunt. 

Our Do-Si-Dos cannabis shatter is incredibly potent and kicks in in just a few minutes. If you’re looking for the best way to try out the Do-Si-Dos cookies strain, this shatter will be a great place to begin. image of shatter from marijuana. buy shatter weed and Do-Si-Dos weed strain online in Canada. But pot online dispensary.

Buy the Cherry Do-Si-Dos Strain Online

When buying your weed online, you need to ensure you’re buying from a licensed retailer. 

Considering how many different strains there are in the market today, you will also need to do some research. Knowing the type of strain you’re looking for will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when scrolling through a dispensary’s catalog. 

At West Coast Cannabis, we’re committed to providing premium quality products and excellent customer service. We ship orders via mail, which ensures all purchases arrive promptly, safely, and well-sealed. Live a little- try the Do-Si-Dos strain today. 


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