We Have The 5 Best Edibles for Female Arousal At Our Online Pot Shop

If you’re ready to spice up your love life and elevate your sexual experiences, you need to have these best edibles for female arousal in your collection. Yes, you read that right, edibles are incredible for increasing your sex drive and intensifying sexual sensations. 

However, finding the best edibles for female arousal can be tricky – with all the different brands out there claiming to be “the best”, choosing the right product for you (that does its job!) is challenging. 

Fortunately, that’s where these best edibles for female arousal come into play. We’ve compiled a list of the top five best edibles for female arousal to present the ultimate must-haves for a hotter 2022. 

As a bonus, you’ll also find out which products are the best edibles for male arousal (and much more). 

Before reading the reviews, we also highlight that choosing a reputable weed store or an online dispensary is key. Why? 

Because a premium-grade, well stocked-up pot store such as West Coast Cannabis will provide you with the best edibles for female arousal. 

That said, what are the best edibles for female arousal? What about the best edibles for male arousal? Find out below.

What are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles and gummy bears from online dispensary. best edibles for female arousal.

If you’ve purchased edibles online in the past, you know what these products offer. 

However, if you’re a beginner, understanding what weed edibles are is crucial. In short, weed edibles or cannabis edibles are any drink or food that contains THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. 

You’ll find a wide array of weed edibles with varying percentages of this high-inducing compound. A lot of products also contain cannabidiol or CBD, the compound that provides medical benefits.

Usually, manufacturers infuse cannabis into oil, butter, or another fat-soluble medium. For instance, this is the case with cannabis coconut oil, cannabutter, and cannabis-infused cooking oil.

Such infusions are used to create different foods such as cookies, brownies, and cakes. You can also create cannabis-infused alcohol, and the customer-favourite, weed gummies.

Whether you’re looking for the best edible strains for female arousal or higher energy levels, you want to be careful with dosages. Since edibles are potent, yet delicious, you can easily overconsume them. 

We always encourage responsible cannabis use, especially with yummy edibles such as gummy bears, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

The Effects of THC Edibles and Sexuality

Best edibles for female arousal.

THC edibles can boost your energy levels, and make you feel calmer, happier, and euphoric. On top of that, they can make you feel hornier.

According to some stoners, cannabis can boost sex by elevating blood flow levels to the erogenous zones. 

Moreover, since THC edibles can reduce anxiety and pain, they will make you feel more relaxed and ready to be intimate with your partner, or yourself! If you’re aiming to boost relaxation, we suggest choosing a potent Indica strain such as Godfather OG AAAA.

Since cannabis can enhance your senses and make you more sensitive to touch, you’ll likely have one of the best sexual experiences of your life while using edibles

Moreover, cannabis can alleviate desire inhibiting symptoms such as sleeplessness, aches, and anxiety. Although you can find some sources on the internet that claim that edibles may not be that effective for libido, we believe the effects vary from one person to the next. 

Remember, we are all different and unique. So, if edibles aren’t working for your friend, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make a difference for you. We suggest giving these best edibles for sex a chance. 

What are the Best Strains for Female Arousal?

Here are some buds that carry the reputation of the “best strains for female arousal”:

  • DJ Smoke
  • Candy Cake
  • Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies
  • Hulkamania
  • Snow Goddess
  • Dick Cheese
  • Pink Mango
  • Tahoe Dreamin’
  • Cashmere

Although these may be some of the best strains for female arousal, there are many other buds that are effective for sexuality. When looking for the best edible strains for female arousal, choose high-quality products from trusted sources. 

Additionally, the best strains for sex will also depend on your personal needs.

The Best Edibles for Arousal (In-Depth Reviews)

Below, you will find the best edibles for sex, carefully analysed and reviewed for you. We discuss the basic characteristics of each product, as well as the benefits and potential drawbacks you may encounter. 

Plus, you’ll also learn about the best edible strains for female arousal in 2022. 

1. Mary’s Medibles – Triple Chocolate Brownie 150mg Sativa

If you have an insane sweet tooth and you are on the hunt for the best edibles for sex, look no further than Mary’s Medibles. 

This chocolate lover’s dream is a delicious blend of quality cocoa, chocolate chips, and white chocolate that will provide you with 150mg of THC. 

According to stoners, if you want to choose the best edible strains for female arousal, go for a Sativa cookie, like Mary’s Tripple Chocolate Brownie.

Your creative juices won’t be the only “juices” flowing. These libido-enhancing cookies will also enhance your senses and make you feel happy. 

That said, if you’re looking for the perfect cookies to regulate mood levels and ease chronic pain, Mary’s Medibles has got you covered. 

If you’re vegan, we recommend checking out the Mary’s Medibles Plant-Based Chocolate Chip 150mg Indica, an equally delicious cannabis-infused baked good.

2. Rice Krispyz Treats 500mg THC

The best edibles for arousal don’t have to be plain and boring. These sex-enhancing Rice Krispyz Treats will contain a whopping 500mg of THC per piece (one treat per bag). The only downside to these chewy edibles is that they’re easy to overconsume. 

They’re so good that you’ll want to reach for another bag! However, start with a single serving and check how you feel. Sometimes, edibles may take up to two hours or longer to kick in, so patience is key. 

According to edible enthusiasts, these Rice Krispyz Treats taste excellent and they’re perfect for sharing with a friend (or a love interest).

3. Stoneo – Chocolate Creme Oreo’s 500MG THC

Meet Oreo’s hornier cousin, Stoneo. Each package of these mouthwatering edibles contains two cannabis-infused cookies with 250mg of THC per serving. 

If you want to consume less than 500mg of the psychoactive compound, you can make the sexual experience even hotter by offering one Chocolate Creme Oreo to your partner. 

Since these cookies are absolutely delish, you’ll find it hard to stop at just one piece. However, remember to start with low doses and single servings, and notice how you feel. 

Calorie-conscious people will also be delighted to hear that these canna cookies won’t wreck your diet. Namely, for only 140 calories, they make an excellent snack. 

Best of all, you can find these arousal-E cookies in different flavours, including peanut butter, double stuffed, and birthday cake.

4. Ganja Edibles – Ganja Bears 150MG Mix and Match 3

Finally, we present to you the Ganja Edibles Ganja Bears, the best sex gummies in Canada. These adorable THC powerhouses deliver a total of 150mg of THC per pack, and you get ten pieces per 15mg. 

Thanks to the full spectrum formula, you’ll get all the beneficial terpenes and compounds found in the cannabis plant. 

Not only are these the best sex gummies in Canada due to their superb ingredients (did we mention they’re also laboratory tested for safety?), but these edibles also taste amazing. 

You can get these ultra-cute gummies in several flavours, including strawberry, black cherry, orange, watermelon, blue raspberry, apple, and lemon.

5. Canna Butter – Chocolate 500mg THC

We all know ladies love chocolate, so it’s no surprise the Canna Butter Chocolate 500mg THC made the list of best edibles for female arousal. 

According to customers, the dark chocolate flavour melts in your mouth and it is sweet without being overpowering. Unlike other dark chocolate products, this flavour isn’t bitter. Canna Butter Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate are fantastic choices too.

On the downside, due to its popularity, the dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavours might be sold out. So, grab it as soon as it’s restocked!

What Are The Best Edibles for Male Arousal?

Based on customer reviews and testimonials, the best edibles for male arousal are the Doritos Cool Ranch – 500mg THC and the “appropriately-named” Herbivore Edibles Dong Kong

Both products deserve to be called the best edibles for male arousal due to their efficacy in boosting male sexual function. They deliver a powerful dose of THC to boost libido and get you energized in bed.


• What are the best edibles for sex?

The best edibles for sex are the ones that give you results. Some of our favourite picks include the Rice Krispyz Treats, Mary’s Medibles cookies, Stoneos, Ganja Edibles, and the Canna Butter chocolate. 

• Is trying out the best strains for sex worth it?

Yes, opting for the best strains for sex can save your love life and enhance sexual pleasure. Although more research is needed on the effects of edibles on libido levels, the countless customer reviews say it all.

• Where can I find quality sex gummies in Canada?

You want to buy weed online, but you don’t know where to look. We get it, finding high-quality edibles online can be time-consuming.

Here’s a solution for you. Check out West Coast Cannabis, the number one online dispensary in Canada. You’ll find many lux cannabis products, including flowers, vapes, CBD, concentrates, and more. Treat yourself and buy edibles online today.

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