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Violator Kush Strain: The Bud With Superior Genetic Makeup, Rich Flavor Profile & A Unique Smoking Sensation

From pop culture influence to the pure brilliance of expert tenders, cannabis flowers are ever-evolving with new strains springing up from different parts of the world like the Violator Kush Strain, which traces its origins back to the Netherlands. 

Despite the variants of strains across the world, there are three main classifications of cannabis flowers -and their various products. 

All cannabis products are classified according to their Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid compositions. 

Sativa marijuana strains give users a head high that is more appropriate for daytime use while Indica strains give strong body buzzes that make them ideal for nighttime consumption. 

Hybrids provide the features of both Sativa and Indica weed strains to varying extents. 

The subject of this review, Violator Kush strain, is a pure Indica strain that was created by Barney’s farm, an old-school breeder located in Amsterdam. 

And here’s all the Violator Kush strain info you need to know before you try it out. 

Violator Kush Strain – Origin & CultivationCannabis grower clipping marijuana plant. Violator Kush Strain Review. Buy weed online in Canada.

The violator strain was produced by crossing Malana and Hindu Kush variants. 

Both parent strains of the Violator Kush are Indica dominant strains. This short and bushy marijuana strain produces bountiful yields of pretty buds that are heavily covered in resin. 

Violator Kush is not too difficult to grow, it gives bountiful harvests when successfully grown indoors or outdoors. 

Because it is easy to grow, it rarely goes out of stock in our online weed dispensary.

What Type of High/Experience Does the Violator Kush Strain Give?Smiling woman relaxing on her couch at home after smoking violator kush weed from West Coast Cannabis mail order marijuana weed dispensary.

Like all Indica-dominant strains, the Violator Kush is an intense ‘body high’ strain. Violator Kush, or Violator as it is commonly referred to, is well-known for its strong body high, smooth smoke, and classical taste. 

Violator gives users such an intense body high that typically leaves them feeling weightless and uninhibited. 

It can make users feel tingly while they experience true couchlock. Most people like this strain because it makes them feel deeply relaxed. 

But it also has medicinal benefits as it helps users to manage anxiety, pain, and stress. 

Effects & Benefits of Violator Kush  StrainWoman stretching in her bed at home. buy online weeds cannabis canada. buy weed vapes canada.

The Violator Kush effects kick in real fast and users usually feel a lazy body buzz only a few seconds after the first puff. The buzz is accompanied by a peaceful feeling of euphoria. 

It is a social strain that makes users chatty. Users typically have a lot of trippy conversations when they consume the violator in groups. 

Online reviews of the violator strain always mention its smooth, heavy smoke. It will rarely choke you or leave you coughing uncontrollably. 

The violator makes the user’s eyes feel heavy after a few puffs and is best consumed at night. After using Violator Kush, you literally become one with your couch. 

Violator strain will make you tingly with a full-body high as you gradually fall asleep. It is ideal for night use and insomnia does not stand a chance against the violator. 

It helps users to cure low appetite. The violator strain has a high THC potency so consuming large amounts of it can make it difficult to focus on anything. Its body buzz is so strong that it almost feels narcotic.

It is comforting to cannabis users who suffer chronic pain, arthritis, or muscle spasms. It will also relieve the mind from stress and anxiety and put you in a good mood like these strains

Violator is the strain to use when you want to take your mind off your worries for a while. The Violator Kush strain helps with digestive issues, having a low appetite, and nausea. 

To experience the creativity that comes with Violator Kush, we recommend that you consume it in small amounts, or sleepiness will set in and overshadow the creative rush.

Violator Kush Strain – Components & Terpene Profile

Violator is an Indica-dominant strain with 80% India and 20% Sativa genetic components. It has a dank earthy smell infused with a touch of spiciness and a hint of woody flavors thanks to its terpene profile of Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. 

With its THC potency typically ranging between 18% and 24%, and CBD counts that are as high as 1.5%, Violator Kush is an amazing couch-lock strain for a slow relaxing high. 

Similar Strains

If you want to buy weed online in Canada and you cannot find the violator strain, or you want to experience something similar with a different taste, here are some interesting substitute strains for the Violator Kush.

1. Grape Apegrape ape disposable vape pen cartridge from west coast cannabis mail order marijuana weed online.

This marijuana strain was created by the same breeder that created Violator, Barney’s farm. This strain is mostly Indica and has flavors that are much like that of Violator Kush. 

It will also make you feel relaxed and sleepy with an increased appetite, so have your munchies ready. 

The grape ape strain is a good substitute if you like the high that comes from Violator Kush but do not like its smell and flavor. 

Grape Ape has an average THC potency of 18%, which is lower than the violator’s average potency so you may need to take a higher amount of Grape Ape to get the same high as you would with your regular Violator quantity. 

Grape Ape gives its users a sensation of deep relaxation while relieving pain, anxiety, and stress just like the Violator. 

The CBD count of the grape ape is 0%, which is significantly less than the CBD in Violator Kush, and it may feel like an entirely different strain to people who are sensitive to CBD content. 

Grape Ape is available in vape pens and other cannabis products on our mail order dispensary for easy purchase and delivery anywhere in Canada.

2. Purple KushCannabis concentrate purple kush caviar. buy weed online canada. mail order marijuana. mail order weed canada.

The purple Kush strain is a sweet and earthy variant created in Oakland, California. It was created by crossing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains. 

With a THC potency of 19% and 0% CBD, this strain gives users a blissful high that permeates their minds with euphoria. Just like the violator, purple kush will make your whole body tingly. 

It will give you a large appetite while making you want to giggle at every little thing. The Purple Kush strain gives a high that lasts longer than the average marijuana strain. 

When used to cure insomnia, Purple Kush is even more effective than Violator Kush. It also helps users to relieve stress and pain. 

Like most Indicas, Purple Kush makes users feel sleepy and is best consumed at night. But, you can consume small amounts of this weed in the daytime to brighten up your day. 

The side effects that are sometimes experienced with purple Kush are paranoia, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

3. Googoo weed berry red. buy weed. weed online. buy edibles canada. order weed online canada.

Goo weed is an 80% Indica strain that was produced by crossing the sweet-smelling Berry blue strain with the Hindu Kush. 

Like the violator, Goo gives you a deeply relaxed experience however it comes with a little more euphoria than the violator. 

It has a sweet blueberry smell and a sour flavor that Violator Kush does not possess so it is significantly more flavorful. 

Goo has sedating effects and is suitable for medicinal use. It relieves pain, anxiety, and boosts the user’s appetite. 

Goo makes users feel sleepy, hungry, and relaxed. Side effects of Goo include paranoia, cottonmouth, and dizziness.


Due to its high potency, Violator Kush strain is not suitable for beginners and people who have a low THC tolerance

On the other hand, adventurous beginners should try this strain just to know how a good stoned experience can feel. 

You will enjoy Violator Kush strain if you want classic tastes, strong body highs, and deep relaxation. 

Some of the side effects that come from consuming large amounts of Violator Kush strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. It can cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia on rare occasions. 

If you are looking to entertain experienced cannabis users, you cannot go wrong with Violator Kush strain. 

The Violator Kush strain and some of its substitutes can be bought at a 10% discount rate from our online dispensary during the weekend.

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