girl smoking weed. Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Rolling Papers.

5 Best Ways To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Rolling Papers

We have all been there before. Preparing yourself mentally on how high you will get once you get home, only to realize that you have no rolling papers left or finding out that you broke your bong the last time you got super high. 

Assuming you can’t get rolling papers or a bong or pipe on time, is it possible to smoke weed without a pipe or papers?

Before bongs and pipes became the preferred way of consuming weed, people used to make do with materials available at home. 

All you need is the weed and a little elbow grease. So, how can you smoke without a pipe or papers?

How To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Rolling Papers

What do you smoke out of when you have nothing else? Here are the top 5 methods to smoke marijuana without the traditional mediums. 

1. Water Bottle Gravity Bong

What you need – A plastic water bottle – preferably one that you won’t need again: water, lighter, weed bud, aluminum foil and a nail or something pointy to make a hole. 

Start by poking a hole at the bottom that you can cover with your finger. Now remove the bottle cap and carve a hole. Using the aluminum foil, make a bowl and fit it in the bottle cap. 

Fill the bowl fitted in the cap with weed and put it aside. Cover the hole at the bottom of the bottle with your finger and fill the bottle with water. Ensure you do this over a sink or bathtub where you can spill water.

Put the cap on and light the weed as you let go of the hole at the bottom, allowing the water to spill. The space left by the water will be filled with thick clouds of weed smoke. When the water drains, remove the cap and inhale the smoke.

You can also make a gravity bong by cutting the bottom part of the bottle – about an inch or two from the bottom and putting it in a bucket of water. Prepare the cap as described above. Light the weed as you slowly lift the bottle. The top part will be filled with smoke. Don’t wholly lift the bottle out of the water as the smoke will escape.

Remove the cap and inhale the smoke.

2. Soda Can Pipealuminum soda can.

You will need an empty, clean soda or beer can, lighter, weed and nail, or something to poke holes with for this method.

All you have to do is dent the can on the side near the bottom, so it forms a shallow bowl-shaped depression, so your product doesn’t fall off.

Poke about five tiny holes in the depression to allow the smoke into the can and poke another hole that will function as a carb.

Now place the weed in the depression and light it. Inhale through the opening on the top – where you drink the soda or beer from, with your finger plugging the other hole to regulate airflow.

And that’s all you need to get high on weed without rolling papers or a pipe.

3. Fruits And Veggies

That is right. You can make a weed-smoking pipe of just about anything. Here are some organic materials you can use to smoke weed without a pipe or rolling papers, especially if you don’t feel comfortable using metals or plastics.

• Apple Pipefresh apples. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

Apples make pretty sweet pipes and are easy to work with. All you need is a fresh crispy apple, a pen or something skinny and solid.

To use, remove the apple fruit stem and use a pen or any skinny solid thing to drill a hole where the stem was. Move the pen down to the center of the apple. 

Now jab another hole from the side to connect to the first one. You can also create a third hole to join at the middle; this will function as the cab. Pack the top hole with weed and boom, an apple pipe!

Light the weed and inhale. Enjoy the smooth and flavoured smoke.

• Carrot Steamrollercarrot. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

This is another easy way to smoke weed without papers or a pipe. All you need is a carrot, screwdriver, a knife and a lighter.

Pick a thick enough carrot that you can effortlessly bore through with a screwdriver or something similar. Using the knife, cut the top end of the carrot and drill a hole through, from one side to the other.

In the middle, poke another hole that will be the bowl or “push.” 

Fill the bowl with the weed and cover one end with your finger and the other with your mouth. Light it up and inhale. Once you feel like you have inhaled enough, let go of the other hole and inhale the smoke straight into your lungs.

• Watermelon Bong

This will take more work than the other two methods. All you need to do is hollow out the watermelon and poke two holes – one diagonal to make a downstem and a bowl and the other for the mouthpiece. The top hole should be large enough to pour water into but small enough that you can wrap your lips around it.

Pour water into the watermelon, put your weed into the bowl and light it. Inhale through the top hole and enjoy smooth, filtered smoke. You will also get some sweet watermelon flavours.

4. Hollow Out A Cigarettehollowing out a cigarette. Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Rolling Papers.

Many weed smokers don’t like thinking about this method, but any smoke is better than no smoke. If anyone around you smokes, you may repurpose one of their cigarettes for your high-seeking endeavours.

Take the cigarette and hollow out all the tobacco without causing any tears in the paper. If you are not into spliffs, ensure you get out all the tobacco to minimize the chances of getting nicotine hits and tobacco flavours.

Fill the empty tube with weed, and you have an inconspicuous way to smoke weed – well, not really discreet as people will still smell weed, but it may help.

5. Smoke The Whole Bud

If you can’t get any of the items to replicate the methods described above, don’t stress. As long as you have your whole nug and a lighter, you can easily get your smoke on!

Just grab the bud by the stem and hold the tip to the flame. Eventually, the nug will stay lit, and you can start puffing at the unlit end – near the stem. If this doesn’t work, you can make a mouthpiece by poking the bud from the unlit end.

However, this method will waste a lot of good smoke and should only be used as a last resort.

Don’t Let The Absence Of A Pipe Or Rolling Papers Stand On Your Way!

You don’t need to have a bong, pipe or rolling papers to smoke weed. If you ever find yourself without the traditional implements, use the above methods. Alternatively, you can seek substitute rolling papers. 

Thin papers are your best friend. Although it may seem inappropriate, the Bible pages are a perfect example. 

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can buy these affordable rolling papers from West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s top online dispensary.

Remember, even without rolling papers or a pipe, you can get high as long as you have your weed and a lighter. So it helps to have some good weed. Buy high-quality weed buds from West Coast Cannabis Canada’s top mail-order online marijuana dispensary that delivers anywhere in the country. Enjoy!

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