Cannabis Caviar

Are you looking for the strongest smoke you’ve had in a while? Pick yourself up some “cannabis caviar” next time you’re refilling at the dispensary. If you’re a thoroughbred connoisseur, you can’t afford to miss out on this one.

Also known by the brand name “Moon Rocks,” cannabis caviar is something special for your next smoking session. It’s a heavy high that will leave you locked to the couch for hours, so don’t plan on doing anything that evening.

So, what’s the deal with cannabis caviar? Is it all hype or worth the cash? Let’s find out.

Cannabis Caviar? Is that a Thing?

No, we’re not talking about THC-infused fish eggs here. Take the stickiest, dank buds and soak them in high-quality oil. Finish them off with a dusting of premium kief, and that’s cannabis caviar.

Some cannabis caviar doesn’t feature the kief dusting, but “Moon Rocks” come rolled in the stuff. If you’re looking for something special to add to that birthday bong, pull out some cannabis caviar, and you’ll blast off to the moon.

Like all other cannabis products, Moon Rocks and cannabis caviar are available in different strains. Producers use different oils, flowers, and kief in their caviar or Moon Rocks, and the high differs between brands.

Regardless of the cannabis caviar brand, you’re smoking, you’re in for a quality high. Producers only use top-shelf strains when refining their caviar. You can make the caviar yourself using the three basic ingredients. Coat your dry buds in oil, roll them in kief or pollen and leave them to cure in a jar for a few months.

Who Invented Cannabis Caviar?

Legendary west coast rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak were the first to make Moon Rocks and brand the product under a registered trademark. The “Moon Rocks” brand debuted around 2014 at the same time as the “Moon Rocks Project” mixtape Volume 1, released by Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak.

The mixtape saw the artists collaborate with other famous rappers, including Snoop Dogg, who Kurupt knew from his years with the “Dogg Pound.” The Moon Rocks Project” saw Moon Rocks become a household name in cannabis culture, with every stoner in America trying to get their hands on it.

“Moon Rocks” have a claimed 60% THC volume and a reputation as one of the strongest cannabis products available. It wasn’t long till other cannabis brands started offering similar products labeled “cannabis caviar.”

It’s easy to see why it earned the moniker “caviar.” It’s the premium product at your dispensary, and you can’t get much better than it. Cannabis caviar combines the best of flower and bud in a winning combination that sends you higher than you’ve ever been before.

Who Invented Cannabis Caviar

How Do I Smoke Cannabis Caviar?

When smoking cannabis caviar, blast it through the bong or a hand pipe to get the most out of the experience. Without the kief dusting, the caviar feels slightly sticky to the touch. The oil never fully dries, and it feels somewhat tacky between your fingers.

Cannabis caviar isn’t ideal for rolling into a joint. The paper burns away before the oil in the cannabis caviar fully ignites. Oil also requires more heat to combust or vaporize fully.

Clip pieces of the caviar off using a pair of razor-sharp scissors. Breaking it off with your fingers will coat your fingertips in THC oil, wasting your high.

Lightly pack the bowl with the clippings. We recommend adding a little flower to line the bottom of the bowl, sitting the caviar on top of it. Tilt the bowl at an angle to keep it level when you spark. The oil stays on top of the flower instead of running into the downstem, clogging the bowl and pipe. For best results, use a blowtorch to light.

You can add cannabis caviar to your tabletop vape, like a Volcano. However, we don’t think it will work so well in an oil rig designed for dabbing. The flower in the cannabis caviar will leave ash and make a mess, clogging the rig.

How Does the High of Cannabis Caviar Compare to Smoking or Dabbing?

When it comes to smoking cannabis caviar, you’re not going to find stronger cannabis anywhere. It’s like taking your strongest strain and adding around half a gram to a gram of pollen or kief to the joint. It will knock you on your butt, guaranteed.

Smoking cannabis caviar is more like dabbing concentrates, and you can expect it to leave you just as high. But it’s a little different from dabs because the flower adds a totally unique edge to the smoking experience.

What are the Cannabis Strains Used in Cannabis Caviar?

Cannabis Caviar is available seasonally from different cannabis producers and dispensaries. You can find it under in-house dispensary brands and leading cannabis names in the industry. You’ll discover Moon Rocks at partner dispensaries across the United States, but it’s not available in Canada.

However, there are plenty of Canadian dispensaries offering cannabis caviar. Depending on the brand, you could be receiving a range of strains. However, regardless of the type of strain used in the cannabis caviar, you can rely on it to be a top-shelf product.

Typically, the flower used in cannabis caviar is in the 20%+ range, and the oils are around the 80% THC mark. You also have options for sativa and indica cannabis caviar products. Just ask the budtender what they have available.

Cannabis caviar sounds great, right? That’s until you see the price tag. Top-shelf cannabis caviar can cost up to $1,400 an ounce or more. If you ask us, that’s almost the price of a ticket to Mars with Elon Musk.

Why Try Cannabis Caviar

Why Try Cannabis Caviar?

If you’re looking for the strongest smoke available, then cannabis caviar is the dankest of the dank. The boosted THC profile in this product will have you blasting off to the moon. It’s a great use for medical users that need that additional pain relief, and if you have sleeping problems, you won’t have them anymore after an indica moon rock.

Cannabis caviar is for the discerned smoker, not the newbie. As a newbie, stick to flower products under 20% THC and don’t bother with oils for the first few months. However, if you’re a seasoned smoker or dabber, give cannabis caviar a try and experience a new level of enjoyment.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Caviar?

You can buy cannabis caviar from leading dispensaries in Canada and the United States.

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