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The Best Recipe To Make Weed Tea Using Cannabis Leaves

You’ve probably tried green tea, black tea, oolong tea, or white tea, but have you considered tasting weed tea? 

Not only is it favored for its hangover-free attributes, but marijuana tea is also an excellent remedy for people looking to alleviate symptoms of inflammation (and more!). 

In this comprehensive article on weed tea, we go through the benefits of marijuana tea, the effects of drinking weed tea, and how to make potent weed tea. 

Besides finding the answer to “how do you make weed tea?”, you’ll also get clarity on “how to make cannabis tea with leaves?”. If this sounds good, let’s see “can you make tea out of weed” and if so, what’s the best method.

Hint: Read until the end because we have the best weed tea recipe for you!  Can you make marijuana tea? By the end, you will!

What’s Marijuana Tea?Tea pots with cannabis leaves pouring out into a cup. How do you make Weed Tea?

If you’re new to the concept of weed tea, here are some crucial facts to introduce this exciting beverage to you. Marijuana tea or “weed tea” is a cold or warm beverage created mainly with water and cannabis. 

When you put weed in tea, your digestive tract absorbs it. 

According to many users and experts, weed tea consumption is similar to edibles. Why? Because the effects of drinking weed tea usually kick in slow, there is a good chance of overconsumption (compared to smoking cannabis).

Can you make tea out of weed? Yes, but you’ll need to use the best quality cannabis to reap maximum benefits. For example, we recommend choosing Blue Afghani AA (a sweet and pungent Indica-dominant strain) or Jungle Cake AAA (a sweet and fruity hybrid). 

Better yet, if you’re still unsure how to put weed in tea, you can buy pre-made concoctions (such as this premium tea with cannabis oil or this popular ice tea mix with 150mg of THC) and just add some water.

However, later in this article, we feature the best weed tea recipe for users who want to create a delicious beverage from scratch.

How Do You Make Weed Tea?weed tea concept with man making tea with a tea pot and cannabis buds. buy weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary and mail order weed online in Canada.

You can make weed tea from any part of the plant, including its stems. However, plenty of users prefer utilizing the leaves, as these will typically give you a fuller flavor. 

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Fortunately, the steps on how to make marijuana tea are simple. Below, we’ve included the best weed tea recipe on the internet and a bonus weed stem tea recipe that we make all the time! 

So, how do you make weed tea? Keep on scrolling and learn the art of boiling weed in water.

How to Make Cannabis Tea with Leaves

When learning how to make potent weed tea, you need to follow the steps carefully. For example, although the process of boiling weed in water may sound simple, you need to adhere to the steps to get amazing end results. 

With that in mind, here is how to make potent weed tea from cannabis leaves. First, if you’re planning to buy weed online in Canada, choose a trusted dispensary. This way, you’ll get the best products. 

Next, start with decarboxylation.Woman in kitchen at home baking. Order weed online from the best online dispensary in Canada West Coast Cannabis.

The reason why you want to do this is simple. With decarboxylation, you’ll reap all of the benefits of cannabis, compared to some or none when you just pour warm water over raw or dried cannabis. 

Raw cannabis doesn’t naturally have high amounts of THC or CBD, instead, it features cannabinoid acids, THCA and CBDA. These cannabinoid acids have possible health benefits, but they aren’t intoxicating (so, they won’t make you “high”). 

If you want to reap the health benefits of THCA and CBDA, you don’t need to do the decarboxylation process. However, if you want to experience the intoxicating effects of THC or CBD, you’ll need to decarboxylate the weed

For best results, you can decarboxylate weed slowly, at a low temperature. According to experts, 230-250°F is a good temperature to decarb weed. 

You can do this process easily in the oven with the help of a baking sheet. Rip the cannabis buds into small pieces, and place them into a preheated oven for up to 30 minutes. 

Alternatively, you can use a low temperature for a longer time to preserve added terpenes. When the 30 minutes are up, remove the baking tray and let the cannabis cool to room temperature. 

You can expect the color of the cannabis to be light brown. After this step, transfer the decarb weed into an air-tight container and store it in a cool and dark place. 

When prepared this way, your decarbed cannabis is good for up to 6 months.

How to Make Marijuana Tea from Cannabis Leaves?Cannabis leaves in a wood bowl to be used to make weed tea. layer cake strain weed, super pink strain, blue god weed strain, and island pink weed.

If you want to put weed in your tea and specifically want to use the leaves, this is the right recipe

Mild Weed Leaf Tea Recipe

The ingredients include:

  • 2-gram marijuana leaves
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of half and half
  • 1 tsp of honey or a sweetener of choice

Method:Woman cooking on her stove at home. Order weed online. Buy strawberries and cream strain, dolato weed, black mango cannabis, and jelly breath marijuana from this online dispensary

Grab the highest quality weed online from a trusted online dispensary. Next, you’ll want to start making weed tea from the grinder. First, grind the leaves to extract added THC from them. 

When you’ve finished with the weed tea from the grinder, add water to a big pot and bring it to a mild boil. At this point, you can begin boiling the cannabis leaves. As you’ve placed the boiling weed in the water, you can add a healthy dose of half and half to make the mixture creamy. 

An alternative to boiling weed in water is to use the stems instead of the leaves.

During this step, you’ll want to keep stirring the mixture for at least five minutes or seven.

Finally, strain the half and half mixture and the boiling weed in the water. Remove any bigger chunks and serve the marijuana tea in a teacup. 

If you find the taste of boiling cannabis leaves bland, you can sweeten your tea with honey, sugar, stevia, or any other sweetener of your choice. Start boiling cannabis leaves today.

Delicious Weed Stem Tea RecipeClose up of cannabis plant stems to make marijuana tea at home. Buy weed online. cannabis canada.

Although it can be tempting to throw the stems in the trash can, the truth is, you can make a yummy weed stem tea. You can either choose to grind the stems or leave them whole. 

As mentioned before, you’ll want to begin with the decarboxylation process. An easy way to prepare weed stem tea is to add the stems to a metal tea ball infuser or a pre-made teabag. 

After this, you can steep the stems in the tea with any extra additives such as Stevia, honey, or agave.

Ingredients for weed stem tea:

  • 1 gram of ground weed stems (alternatively, leave them whole)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or unsalted butter
  • 4 cups of water
  • Sweeteners such as sugar or honey
  • Optional: Cinnamon or milk
  • Fine strainer or cheesecloth


Follow the same steps as you would with the cannabis leaf recipe. You might need to use a fine strainer or a cheesecloth to catch any large chunks.

Hint: Always use a fat source such as coconut oil, half and half, or unsalted butter.

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are lipophilic, which means that they attract fat molecules. So, they won’t dissolve in water without a fat source. Moreover, the added fat can aid in cannabinoid absorption

Effects of Drinking Weed Tea

Now that we’ve answered, “can you make tea out of weed”, let’s jump straight into the effects of drinking weed tea. 

Here are two key reasons why you want to start boiling cannabis leaves today.

1. Weed Tea Can Relieve Depression and AnxietyStressed woman at home. Marijuana Tea Can Relieve Depression and Anxiety.

Infusing medicinal cannabis into tea form can help in symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Brain inflammation is the number one cause of anxiety and depression, a condition the antioxidants in cannabis can heal. 

By reducing inflammation levels in the brain, cannabis aids in healing the brain and overcoming damage related to stress.

2. Weed Tea is Good for Your HeartWeed Tea is Good for Your Heart. Buy weed online. Order cannabis canada.

According to a study, cannabinoids boost circulation in human tissue and lower blood pressure. The benefits are mild and gentle as long as you stay within daily recommended doses. 

Before you mail order marijuana and self-medicate, make sure to consult with a healthcare specialist. 

Also, can you make marijuana tea if you have other health conditions?

Other effects of drinking weed tea include: 

  • Eases nausea symptoms
  • Alleviates bowel issues
  • May prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Enhances mood

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