wccconcentrate sale
Happy Wednesday WCC Fam! We’re almost there! Just a few more days till the weekend! We’re doing a massive sale on concentrates! $10.00 – $15.00/Gram!

$15 prem shatter
Columbian gold
Cheese quake
Island Pink
Blue fin tuna
Blueberry cheesecake
Agent Orange

10$ prem shatter
Tom Ford
Laughing Buddha
Ice wreck
Pineapple Express
Dank Sinatra

15$ caviar
Of octane
Platinum rockstar
Cookie monster
El chapo
Bubba Kush
High octane
Khalifa Mintz
Skywalker OG
Bruce Banner
Do si do
Banana OG
Lemonade kush

10$ caviar
Vanilla ice
Peaches and cream
Green Congo
Atomic northern lights
White rhino
God’s green crack
Death Star

15$ Live Resin
White biscotti
Passionfruit kush
Mataro blue
Georgia pie
Funky charmz
Pink gas
Incredible hulk
Pineapple punch
El Diablo
fruit punch
King Louis XIII
Juicy fruit
La kush cake
Blue dream

10$ Live Resin
Vanilla ice
Black diamond
Mendo breath
Khalifa kush
Lemon meringue
Island kush
Death pink
Lemon sour Diesel
Galactic death Star
Chemo kush

$15 budder
Maui wowie
Orange haze
Northern lights
Lemonade kush

10$ budder
Pink kush

15$ Crumble
Pineapple punch
Blue fin tuna
Jack herer
Do si cake

10$ crumble
Bubba Kush
Pink bubba
Tom Ford
Thin Mint cookies

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