WCC Fam, 5 More Sleeps till the Big Day! We will be doing a 3 day sale starting today till the 22nd!

Save 10% off store wide (Excluding Pounds


The BC Children’s Raffle has now sold out. Thank you all for supporting to a great cause. The winners will be announced on Christmas day. (Email and Winner will also be announced on Discord)

Once the donation is made we will also send a screenshot of the donation! Thank you all

Please leave us a review on Trust Index, as our Trust Pilot was taken down. <3

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Please add our new Instagram account as our old one got taken down. _WestCoastCannabis_ please share with your friends and family WCC Fam!

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Our previous Instagram got taken down =( Please add us at _westcoastcannabis_ or click on the link below


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Happy Holidays WCC Fam! Please share the love


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