What Are CBD Rollers And How Do I Use One

CBD products have taken the world by storm. These products are infused with cannabidiol – a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s said to provide a wide range of therapeutic perks without the potential drawbacks of THC. As such, CBD-infused products have become the most popular alternative to cannabis for users who want to get the benefits of cannabinoids without getting high.

Many people are familiar with products like CBD tincture oils and CBD edibles. These popular products provide convenient and enjoyable ways to consume CBD. However, they’re far from the only options and you might also want to try out alternative methods of cannabidiol application. For instance, you can apply CBD directly to your skin using CBD rollers.

Also known as CBD roll-ons, CBD rollers are topical cannabidiol products that can make sense for a variety of purposes. You might want to use them when you’re dealing with pain, inflammation, or even wounds or burns. Even if you’re not suffering from any problems, they can also be used as helpful CBD skin care products. So what are CBD rollers and how do you use one? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is CBD?

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of CBD products in stores from CBD-infused gummies to CBD rollers and bath bombs. However, if you’ve never used CBD before or aren’t familiar with the term, you might be confused as to what exactly it is and why CBD-infused products have become so popular in recent times.

CBD is short for cannabidiol – one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Cannabinoids are naturally-occurring chemical compounds that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system when consumed. The endocannabinoid system has links to pain management, mood, sleep, and various other biological functions.

When most people think of cannabis, they think of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis known for making you high. However, in comparison to THC, the effects induced by CBD are much more subtle. It’s non-psychoactive and, as such, won’t deliver the intensely physically relaxing or mentally stimulating effects THC is known for.

However, this doesn’t mean that CBD isn’t worth using. On the contrary, many people prefer to use CBD products as they’re said to provide many of the same benefits as THC without any psychoactive effects. Research suggests that CBD can help with pain management, seizures, anxiety, sleep, and various other issues.

CBD is renowned for being very safe to use. Many people take high doses of CBD frequently and it can even be used daily without any serious issues. Plus, with the variety of CBD products available, users have many options when deciding how they want to use cannabidiol. Each type of CBD product has pros and cons, but CBD rollers are one of the best options for applying CBD directly to your skin.

What Are CBD Rollers

What Are CBD Rollers?

CBD rollers might not be quite as popular as products like CBD tinctures and gummies, but they’re one of the best options for those who want to apply CBD directly to their body. Also known as CBD roll-ons, these products allow you to roll CBD-infused oil wherever you want to apply the effects of cannabidiol.

Much like CBD creams, balms, and lotions, CBD rollers are a type of CBD topical. CBD topicals make it easy to absorb CBD into the skin. Not only do they contain a generous dose of cannabidiol, but they also contain other helpful ingredients that can improve absorption and help with issues such as chronic pain and skin problems.

While all types of CBD topicals can work well, CBD rollers are especially quick and convenient to use as you can simply open the top and rub the CBD into your body. The ingredients used in these products allow for fast absorption of cannabidiol into your skin, and you can use as much or as little as you need.

CBD rollers also come in various blends and scents. Some are targeted specifically at pain relief whereas others use ingredients that are better for tackling skin problems. Whichever way, CBD roll-ons are ideal for times when you need fast, targeted relief, especially if you only want to apply the effects of CBD to a specific part of the body.

How Do I Use A CBD Roller?

One of the biggest benefits of using a CBD roller is how easy they are to use. The experience of using a CBD roll-on is similar to using a pain relief stick or even a deodorant stick. Simply open the top, roll it into whatever part of your body you want, and reapply the top until you need to use it again.

Most CBD rollers can be applied to pretty much any part of your skin. For instance, if you’re experiencing pain in your chest, you can easily apply a generous dose of CBD roll-on to your chest. If you have joint pain in your knees, you can apply it to your knees. Some CBD rollers can even be applied to your face for skin benefits.

These products are made with ingredients designed to help CBD absorb effectively into your skin. Simply wait for a while after applying your CBD roll-on and your skin will soak up the benefits. What’s more, you can apply as much or as little as you feel you need – CBD is very safe to use even in high dosages.

How Do CBD Rollers Work?

If you’ve never used CBD topicals before, you might be confused as to how CBD rollers work. Many CBD products require you to ingest the CBD orally or sublingually to absorb the CBD into your system. However, topicals require you to simply apply the product to your body and wait for it to absorb into your skin.

CBD rollers are generally made using a CBD-infused gel or oil that you can roll directly onto your body. They’re also made using ingredients that help with absorption. As such, when you apply them to your body, your skin soaks up the cannabidiol and other beneficial ingredients.

When you absorb CBD into your skin, it interacts with cannabinoid receptors under the skin to provide its natural beneficial qualities. No further action is needed – simply wait for the roll-on to absorb and the cannabidiol will do the rest.

It’s worth noting that, although CBD rollers help CBD interact with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, they won’t reach the bloodstream. While they may help relieve pain or skin problems, they’re not the best choice if you’re looking for mental benefits such as relief for anxiety disorders.

Can You Use CBD Rollers For Pain

Can You Use CBD Rollers For Pain?

CBD is widely known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, one of the most common uses for CBD rollers is to counteract pain and inflammation. If you’re dealing with a painful condition and need something that can soothe your body and provide physical relief, a CBD roller is a good choice.

When you apply a CBD roller to your body, your skin soaks up the CBD. What’s more, CBD roll-ons designed for tackling pain also include a range of other beneficial natural ingredients to help alleviate pain and inflammation. As such, using one of these may feel similar to applying icy hot or pain cream to your body.

You can apply CBD rollers pretty much anywhere on your body to tackle pain. Many people use them for joint pain or to help heal wounds. However, you can also target neuropathic pain such as headaches and migraines by applying your CBD roll-on to your head, temples, and behind your ears.

Can You Use CBD Rollers For Anxiety?

Many people use CBD-infused products in an attempt to tackle anxiety. Research suggests that CBD can help reduce anxiety symptoms, as well as provide relief for associated issues such as depression, chronic stress, and insomnia. With that said, using a CBD roller for anxiety isn’t the best approach.

CBD topicals work differently from ingestible CBD products. When you apply a CBD cream, balm, or roll-on to your skin, the CBD is absorbed into your body and interacts with CBD receptors in your skin. While this can be helpful for issues such as pain and skin problems, it’s not the best approach for tackling mental issues.

That’s not to say that CBD rollers are useless for those suffering from anxiety symptoms. You might find that the physically soothing effects of a CBD roll-on help relax your mind as well as your body. However, most users prefer to use other CBD products such as CBD edibles or oils to counteract symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Can You Use CBD Rollers For Skin Health?

Interestingly, cannabidiol might also help improve your skin health. Various studies have highlighted the potential dermatological benefits of cannabidiol. For example, a 2014 study found that CBD could help reduce acne and a research review suggested that CBD could help counteract dermatitis, psoriasis, skin inflammation, and other skin problems.

Even if you’re not suffering from any skin issues, you might want to use a CBD roller as part of your daily skincare routine. Cannabidiol is known to possess antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, it can help ward off many potential skin problems while naturally moisturizing and helping your skin.

Many people use topical products such as CBD creams and balms to help with their skin, but you might find a CBD roller more convenient. Using a CBD roller makes it quick and easy to apply CBD directly to the area you want with no mess and no hassle.

Where To Buy CBD Rollers

Where To Buy CBD Rollers

You can buy CBD rollers online in Canada from West Coast Cannabis. We provide a range of CBD roll-ons offering unique scents and blends. You may want to choose based on what suits your needs the best or even try out a few CBD rollers to see which one works the best for you. Here are some of the best CBD rollers you can buy right now.

Daily Remedy Uplift Relief Roller – Looking for a soothing and relieving CBD roller from a reputable brand? The Daily Remedy Uplift Relief Roller is designed to soothe your body while lifting your mood. It’s recommended to be used around your head, temples, ears, and neck for invigorating effects, but you can apply it anywhere on your body.

Daily Remedy Target Relief Roller – The Target Relief Roller from Daily Remedy is designed to offer targeted relief for pain, inflammation, aches, sore joints, and other forms of physical distress. Apply it liberally to any affected area of your body and enjoy the mix of eucalyptus, rosemary, and other alluring scents.

Daily Remedy Override Relief Roller – CBD is often used to target chronic pain and inflammation, but it can also be used for neuropathic pain. The Override Relief Roller is designed to override headaches, migraines, and similar aches and pains. It contains a range of helpful ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary, and cajeput along with 200mg of CBD.

Daily Remedy Knock-Out Relief Roller – The Daily Remedy Knock-Out Relief Roller is designed to take away all kinds of pain and stress and leave you in a calm and relaxed state, making it easier to fall asleep. It includes natural sleep aids such as lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang along with 200mg of CBD.

Daily Remedy Flow Relief Roller – Need something to help with menstrual cramps and pains? The Daily Remedy Flow Relief Roller is designed to alleviate pain, stress, and inflammation during your period – although it can also help with general aches, pains, and physical distress. It contains a blend of helpful natural ingredients along with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD extract.

VVS Balm Recovery Stick – Want to use high-quality CBD balm in the form of a roll-on stick? The VVS Balm Recovery Stick is the perfect product for the job. Made with beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, and a blend of essential oils along with 300mg of CBD, simply rub this stick into any affected area of your body for soothing relief.


CBD rollers are handy CBD topical products that you can apply by rolling them onto your skin. Each roll-on contains a blend of cannabidiol and other natural ingredients designed to help with pain, inflammation, and various skin problems. Plus, using them is quick, easy, and mess-free. You can buy CBD rollers along with various other CBD products at West Coast Cannabis.

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