What Are Moon Rocks And How Are They Made

When you think of cannabis concentrates, you might think of popular products like Shatter, Hash, and Live Resin.

However, another interesting product you might want to check out is Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks are the result of coating weed with hash oil and kief, resulting in a powerful THC-packed concentrate that looks something like a cannabis truffle.

If you want something stronger than weed then Moon Rocks are one of the many products worth trying. They’re an ultra-strong type of cannabis that can get you very high very fast. You can even make Moon Rocks yourself if you’re feeling adventurous.

So what exactly are Moon Rocks and how are they made? Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Moon Rocks?

Marijuana comes in many interesting forms today. While many users simply stick to cannabis flower or “weed”, some users might want something more potent. Cannabis concentrates are a great alternative for those who want products that pack more THC than weed. They’re often mixed with weed for smoking and can also be used for vaping or dabbing.

What Are Moon Rocks

Concentrates can be made in many ways. For instance, Hash is made by pressing resin or kief together whereas Shatter is made using solvents. However, Moon Rocks are another type of concentrated cannabis product made using an interesting process. In basic terms, Moon Rocks are made by covering weed in hash oil and coating it in kief, resulting in an extra-strong product.

Like other concentrates, you can break Moon Rocks apart for smoking. You can also vaporize them using a vaporizer. Moon Rocks are much thicker than other products and it’s best to use them with weed to ensure that they stay lit. However, with THC levels of 50% or higher, Moon Rocks can give you a fantastic high that lasts for hours.

How Are Moon Rocks Made?

Moon Rocks are made by coating weed in hash oil and kief. While store-bought Moon Rocks are usually made using advanced equipment, you can make Moon Rocks yourself at home provided that you have some weed, hash oil, and a few basic pieces of equipment.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is the most commonly used strain for creating Moon Rocks. However, you can use any strain you’d like. You can even use one strain of weed and another strain of Hash Oil for a unique experience.

Take a couple of dense nugs of your weed and coat it in your Hash Oil. You can use concentrates such as Shatter to create Hash Oil- just heat it until it’s soft and pliable enough to cover your nugs of weed. You may want to use a liquid dropper to apply the oil to your weed.

Next, pick up your oil-coated bud with some tongs and roll it in kief. Many users collect kief using a grinder, but you can also buy kief online if you want a high quantity. Roll your ball of weed and concentrate in kief until it’s fully covered. You now have a potent marijuana Moon Rock.

How To Use Moon Rocks

You can use Moon Rocks the same ways you can use other concentrates, although they can be a little harder to handle. Moon Rocks are often greasy and hard to light. As such, it’s important to use weed as a base before adding Moon Rocks to a joint, bowl or vape.

You’ll need to break Moon Rocks down before using them. However, you must not use a grinder as this can ruin the Moon Rocks. Instead, break them down into small pieces by hand. You can now use them for smoking.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks

To use Moon Rocks in a joint, simply add some pieces on top of some cannabis flower and roll. If you want to use Moon Rocks in a pipe, bong or vaporizer, add some weed as a base first and add some pieces of Moon Rock on top.

Remember that Moon Rocks are very potent and it doesn’t take too much to give you an intense high.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks

Compared to other concentrates like Shatter, Hash, and Wax, Moon Rocks are harder to find and many cannabis stores don’t sell Moon Rocks. However, if you’re looking for high-quality Moon Rocks and don’t want to make them yourself, you can buy Moon Rocks online.

West Coast Cannabis sells top-notch Moon Rocks available for delivery all over Canada. You can buy Moon Rocks in various delicious flavors such as Blueberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon. You can also mix and match if you want to try out multiple flavors.

Buying online is a great option for any consumer. You can get premium readymade Moon Rocks delivered directly to your address. All products are packaged safely and discreetly so you’ll get what you order without any hassle.

Alternatives To Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are worth trying for any cannabis enthusiast. However, there are other cannabis concentrates you might want to try. Some of these are easier and more convenient to use than Moon Rocks. Here are some of the best alternatives to Moon Rocks.

  1. Shatter is a thin, amber, glass-like cannabis extract that packs extra-high levels of THC. It’s great for heating and applying to joints or bowls. It’s also fantastic for vaping and dabbing. Shatter is one of the most popular concentrates, especially as it’s widely available in many great strains.
  2. Hash is another supremely popular kind of cannabis concentrate. It comes in a solid, brown, brick-like form. However, heating it makes it easy to bend and crumble into small pieces for use in a joint, bowl or vaporizer.
  3. Live Resin is a somewhat rare type of cannabis concentrate. It’s made using a complex extraction process that involves freezing weed before extraction, resulting in a product that retains almost all of its terpenoid and cannabinoid content. As such, it’s one of the strongest and most flavorful cannabis products you can buy.


Moon Rocks are perfect for occasions where you want something that packs a harder punch than weed. By coating weed in Hash Oil and Kief, you’ll experience powerful effects that can make you feel as high as the moon. Whether you’re looking to buy Moon Rocks or other cannabis concentrates, you can find everything you need online at West Coast Cannabis.

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