What Are Rolling Trays And Why Do You Need One

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cannabis user, you’re probably familiar with rolling joints. A joint is great whether you’re smoking alone or with friends, and although you can buy pre-rolled joints, rolling them yourself is a handy skill that can come in handy for all kinds of situations. But to make it a little easier, you might want to invest in a rolling tray.

Using a rolling tray to roll your joints has many advantages. Not only does it help you keep all of your weed and accessories in one place, but it also gives you the perfect surface to focus on your joint rolling and allows you to roll a joint pretty much anywhere. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a guide to rolling trays and why you need one.

What Are Rolling Trays?

Rolling trays are small, flat surfaces with curved edges designed for rolling joints. Just like you might use a dinner tray to prepare and transport your food, a rolling tray is ideal for putting all of your weed and cannabis accessories in a single place, carrying them wherever you need them, and rolling your joints without any hassle.

Many cannabis smokers might not feel like they necessarily need a rolling tray. After all, you could roll a joint on the table and some smokers might even roll joints in their laps. However, after you start rolling joints with a rolling tray, you’ll realize just how convenient it is and you might never want to go back to other methods.

On top of that, rolling trays are affordable and come in handy for all kinds of situations. If you roll joints regularly, it’s a worthwhile investment and you’ll soon find yourself becoming attached to your rolling tray. Even if you’re not big on rolling joints, it can also be useful for other cannabis-related activities like dabbing.

They Offer The Perfect Surface For Rolling Joints

They Offer The Perfect Surface For Rolling Joints

One of the main reasons why many stoners buy rolling trays is that it offers the perfect surface for rolling a joint. When you’re trying to roll a joint in your lap, you might end up dropping some of your weed, or you might forget where you put your lighter or grinder. Using a table is better, but it’s much better to have a tray that keeps everything together.

It’s much easier to focus on rolling the perfect joint when you have everything you need in your rolling tray. You can then lay your rolling paper out, fill it with as much marijuana flower as you need, and roll a thick, tightly-packed joint within minutes.

There’s no risk of your weed falling off the table or you losing your lighter. Everything will be stored in your tray and this makes the whole experience of rolling and lighting your joints a whole lot more convenient. Even if it doesn’t seem like a huge advantage at first, you’ll soon realize just how helpful it is to use a rolling tray when you roll your joints.

Rolling Trays Keep Everything In One Place

In a way, rolling trays also provide a form of storage. Every time you roll a joint, you need to get your weed, your grinder, your lighter, your rolling papers, and anything else you might use to make your joints as satisfying as possible. While some people might keep these in a pouch or container, it’s much more helpful to have them all in one place on your rolling tray.

Whenever you need to roll a joint, you could simply grab your rolling tray out of the drawer and everything you need will be right there. Once you’ve finished rolling your joint (or joints), you can simply put the tray away again instead of having to stash all your weed and accessories in different places.

It’s like a little marijuana workshop that you can pick up and put away whenever you want to. Of course, it also makes it much easier to roll your joints. Even if you have no problem rolling a joint on your lap or the nearest table, it’s worth grabbing a rolling tray just so you have somewhere to store and transport all your accessories.

You Can Use A Rolling Tray On Your Lap

You Can Use A Rolling Tray On Your Lap

Another one of the great things about using a rolling tray is that you can use it pretty much anywhere. Many people need to find a flat surface when they roll a joint such as a table. Trying to roll a joint on your legs can have disastrous consequences – especially if you accidentally drop your weed.

Fortunately, a rolling tray solves these issues instantly. You don’t need a table to roll your joints anymore – you have a portable surface that you can place on your lap and easily roll a satisfying joint. Even if you’re on the go or camping, a rolling tray in your bag can save the day.

The entire experience of rolling joints becomes much more enjoyable when you use a rolling tray. It can also help store your equipment when you’re trying to take a dab hit, so it’s both convenient and versatile.

Where To Buy A Rolling Tray Online

A rolling tray is a handy accessory for any stoner. It’s also not hard to get your hands on one. You don’t need to visit a local head shop or even leave the house – you can simply buy a rolling tray online along with all the other accessories you need.

The WCC Rolling Tray boasts a simple yet effective design that can suit any cannabis user. This 12″ x 8″ metal tray offers the ideal portable surface for rolling your joints and storing your accessories. It’s also sturdy and bend-resistant, so it’ll last you for many years and smoking sessions.

You can also buy cannabis accessories online such as grinders, rolling papers, and other handy equipment you’ll need for rolling high-quality joints. You can also buy cannabis flower online – whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, there’s plenty of weed available to order.


Every weed smoker should buy a rolling tray. It keeps your weed and accessories in one place, stops you from losing cannabis, and makes the whole experience of rolling joints much more convenient and enjoyable. You can buy a rolling tray online along with all the weed and smoking accessories you need at West Coast Cannabis.

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