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Different Types Of Hash Oil: What Is The Best Cannabis Concentrate To Buy Online In Canada?

The cannabis space is filled with hundreds of different types of hash oil and products to choose from which may cause confusion to new users. In this article, we discuss the different types of hash oil, where to buy weed online in Canada, and the best products in the market. Read on! 

What Is Hash OilCannabis oil with cannabis leaves. Different Types Of Hash Oil for sale online in Canada from online dispensary West Coast Cannabis.

Hash oil is a cannabis concentrate that is typically dabbed, smoked, vaped, eaten, or applied topically. Hash oil is a slight misnomer as it can refer to a couple of resin extracts that can be derived from the cannabis plant. 

With the different types of cannabis extracts in the market, naming can be an issue as different consumers and dispensaries may use one term to refer to different products. So what are the different types of hash oil?

Like most cannabis concentrates, hash oil contains more THC content than the plant from which the extract is derived. Hash oil can be up to six times more potent than the actual cannabis flower, containing up to 90% THC levels. 

However, different types of hash oil can contain varying THC levels depending on the extraction method, the plant/strain, and the part of the plant used. Cannabis concentrates can be made using several methods, although the term hash oil is used primarily to refer to extracts made using solvent extraction. 

Among the different types of hash oil, BHO or butane hash oil which uses butane as the solvent is the most popular. However, it may also include other extracts derived from the cannabis plant using CO2 and other solvent extraction methods. Below are the different types of hash oil and how they are extracted from the weed plant.

Different Types Of Hash Oil To Buy Online In Canada

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)BHO being made in a lab. Different Types Of Hash Oil. Buy weed online in Canada.

On top of our list for the different types of hash oil is butane hash oil. The term BHO refers to the cannabis concentrates created using butane as the solvent.  As such, making butane hash oil is not complicated, but it is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at home.

To create butane hash oil, liquid butane is passed through a tube/cylinder filled with cannabis plant material. The butane dissolves the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other plant compounds, creating a mixture that is then filtered to remove all the plant matter.

The butane is then purged, leaving behind a concentrated cannabis extract. This process is dangerous as butane can easily ignite, causing an explosion or a fire. Also, if done incorrectly, the final extract can contain solvent residues which can be dangerous if inhaled. That’s why you should always buy hash online from reputable stores that take extreme precautions when it comes to the safety of their products.

Butane hash oil is very popular with consumers looking for high THC and terpene concentrates. Hash oil also has a slightly harsher taste depending on the production process. While all butane hash oils are created using a similar process, varying factors such as temperature and agitation during production can create different types of hash oil.

The most popular butane hash oil concentrates include shatter, crumble, hash wax, pull and snap, and distillate. These products may have the same hash oil potency of between 60-90% THC, but they may have slight differences in shape and consistency. So what are the most common forms of butane hash oil?

5 Different Types Of Butane Hash OilImage of shatter a type of hash oil for sale from west coast cannabis online dispensary in Canada.

1. Shatter

Shatter is a glass-like cannabis concentrate that typically “shatters” when handled using a dab tool. Shatter is usually smooth, transparent to amber in colour and solid, although some types may be slightly sticky.

Shatter is considered one of the best types of concentrates. To get high-quality shatter, ensure you buy weed online from West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s top mail-order cannabis dispensary.

2. Hash Wax

As the name suggests, hash wax is probably the stickiest cannabis extract in the market. As a result, this type of hash oil is best handled with a dab tool. Wax is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to come by and is one of the most popular dabs.Hash wax from online dispensary wccannabis in BC. Buy weed. mail order marijuana canada. order weed canada.

3. Budder

This is another sought-after concentrate. This concentrate gets its name from the fact that it’s close to regular butter in consistency. It is made through the same process as shatter, but the end product is vigorously whipped during the purging process. It is also very potent and can contain well above 90% THC.

Looking for a high-quality budder? This Blue Dream budder from West Coast Cannabis is made from the classic sativa dominant hybrid – Blue Dream. This strain is known for its cerebral invigoration, sweet berry taste, aroma, and medical benefits. Buy Blue Dream budder online from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary.

4. Caviar

Caviar is a supercharged full spectrum extract created through a BHO process that reintroduces terpenes into the end product, creating ball-shaped products that look like: you guessed it, caviar! Caviar is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy weed concentrates online in Canada and only want the best.Caviar cannabis concentrate to buy online from west coast cannabis mail order marijuana cannabis canada.

5. Live Resin

Live resin is a form of BHO that requires a slightly different preparation method, making it stand out from the rest of weed concentrates online. How do you make live resin hash oil? 

Live resin is a concentrate created from frozen cannabis flower. The plant materials are flash-frozen immediately they are harvested and sent to the processing facility for extraction. This process skips the trimming, drying and curing processes.

As a result, live resin contains high terpene amounts, most of which would otherwise be lost during the drying process. Looking to buy the tastiest weed concentrate available in an online dispensary? Buy this Cotton Candy live resin from West Coast Cannabis online weed dispensary today!

CO2 Extraction Hash Oildisposable vape cartridge for sale in canada from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

Hash oil extracted using CO2 extraction is typically sold as cannabis oil or in the form of distillates. So how does supercritical CO2 extraction work?  CO2 gas is forced through a container that contains cannabis plant material in it.

As the CO2 passes through the plant, it liquefies the cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a potent residue. This process is solvent-free and mess-free but very expensive as it has to be done in a lab using specialized equipment. This process is the best for consumers looking for hash oil made without butane.

Propane Hash Oil

As the name suggests, this cannabis concentrate is made using propane instead of butane. The extraction process is very similar, with the main difference being the solvent choice. Propane hash oil can also be made into varying consistencies with slight changes in the extraction process.

Buy Different Types Of Hash Oil Online In Canada

Hash oil is a form of marijuana concentrate with higher THC and terpene content than the typical cannabis flower. There are different types of hash oil products today, categorized by consistency, method of extraction or even the part of the plant used.

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