What Is A Cannabis Contact High

It’s no secret that smoking a joint, inhaling from a weed pipe, or hitting a bong will give you an intense psychoactive high. Marijuana smoke induces all kinds of effects from soothing your muscles to enhancing your mood to spurring creative thoughts. But what if you’re around other people that smoke? Can breathing in secondhand smoke from marijuana give you a cannabis contact high?

A cannabis contact high is when someone feels the effects of cannabis simply by being in contact with someone else that’s smoking. Naturally, breathing in secondhand smoke won’t give you the same intensity of effects as you’d get from smoking yourself. However, it’s still possible to get a contact high from weed smoke. Here’s a guide to marijuana contact highs.

What Is A Cannabis Contact High?

Marijuana is now used in a variety of forms – from tasty weed edibles to convenient cannabis tinctures that can be absorbed under the tongue. However, many people still use the tried-and-tested traditional method of smoking weed to get high. When you burn and inhale marijuana, either via a joint, pipe, bong, or other devices, your body absorbs the psychoactive chemical THC, swiftly inducing a range of physical and mental effects.

Most people get high voluntarily. However, in some cases, you may experience a contact high. A cannabis contact high occurs when you’re in close proximity to someone else smoking weed. Secondhand marijuana smoke still contains THC, so by breathing in too much, you might start to feel the physically relaxing and mentally stimulating effects of a marijuana high.

That doesn’t mean you’ll instantly feel out of it. The effects of a contact high are much milder than the effects you’d get from consuming cannabis yourself. With that said, some users may still want to look for ways to avoid inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke. On the other hand, some users may enjoy it.

How A Cannabis Contact High Happens

You’re not likely to get high simply by walking past someone smoking a joint on the street or in a park. Although you might inhale small traces of THC, it takes a fair amount for the effects to hit you. Generally, a contact high occurs when someone is in an enclosed environment with high amounts of weed smoke.

For example, if you’re attending a party where many people are smoking marijuana in the same room without any ventilation, it’s likely you’ll experience a contact high. The same can occur in some open-air areas, such as concert crowds where people are smoking weed. If you inhale enough marijuana smoke, you’ll start to feel the effects.

Some marijuana users intentionally increase the chances of getting a contact high by “hotboxing”. This involves smoking with their friends in a tight area – usually in a car or in a small room such as a bathroom. When the windows are closed, the area will fill up with marijuana smoke and breathing in this smoke will give them a much stronger high than usual.

Is A Cannabis Contact High Strong

Is A Cannabis Contact High Strong?

It’s possible to experience noticeable effects from inhaling THC via secondhand marijuana smoke. When people smoke marijuana, they only absorb a small amount of THC. Research suggests that the bioavailability of THC via smoking is only 30%. As such, there are still high amounts of THC in secondhand smoke, but you’re still not likely to absorb a lot of it.

Compared to intentionally smoking marijuana, a cannabis contact high generally isn’t too strong. In most cases, you’re only breathing in very small amounts of THC. Those who haven’t smoked before or those with low tolerance levels may begin to feel some mild physical and mental effects, but they shouldn’t be too overpowering or dangerous.

A contact high can become quite overwhelming if you spend a long time in an enclosed area with a lot of weed smoke. If you’re constantly breathing in marijuana smoke – for example, via hotboxing – the effects will build up and may become as noticeable as a regular weed high. You can avoid this by avoiding enclosed areas with lots of marijuana smoke.

Will A Cannabis Contact High Make You Fail A Drug Test?

While many users might not be too concerned about experiencing mild effects from secondhand marijuana smoke, some will have concerns about the possibility of failing a drug test. When you smoke marijuana, THC binds to metabolites in your system, causing you to fail certain tests for marijuana. But will a cannabis contact high make you fail a drug test?

It’s possible to fail a drug test for cannabis after inhaling secondhand smoke, but it’s fairly unlikely. A study found that THC was detected in the urine tests of subjects after they were placed in an enclosed room with marijuana smoke for an hour. However, the study found that after repeating the trial with a ventilated room, subjects passed their drug test.

In other words, you likely won’t need to worry about failing a drug test unless you’ve breathed in high amounts of secondhand smoke right before a drug test. Even if you’ve experienced a cannabis contact high recently, you’ll usually flush the THC out of your system swiftly and be clean in time for your drug test.

How To Avoid A Cannabis Contact High

Cannabis contact highs are generally harmless, but users who don’t enjoy the effects of THC may still want to avoid them. Fortunately, you’re very unlikely to experience a contact high simply by breathing in a small amount of secondhand marijuana smoke. Make sure you don’t inhale deeply and you should be fine.

You’ll also want to avoid enclosed areas with high amounts of marijuana smoke. Even if you don’t breathe too deeply, you can still end up inhaling a significant amount of THC from prolonged exposure. If you’re in an area where people are smoking, find a ventilated area away from the smoke such as a window or remove yourself until you feel alright.

Users can also avoid getting their friends or family members high by choosing alternative methods of consumption. For instance, instead of smoking weed, you could try edibles or cannabis oils. Users who don’t enjoy the effects of THC can also use CBD products instead.

How To Avoid A Cannabis Contact High


A cannabis contact high occurs when you inhale a high amount of secondhand marijuana smoke. In most cases, it’s harmless and the effects are mild – but you may experience a strong high if you’re in an enclosed area with lots of marijuana smoke.

You can avoid contact highs by avoiding unventilated areas where people are smoking. However, many marijuana lovers enjoy getting a contact high, especially via hotboxing. If you’re looking for a satisfying high, you can find all the marijuana products and supplies you need online at West Coast Cannabis.

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